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This story is a sequel to The Titans' Orb

Now a third of the way into their quest, Callum and the Mane Six are well on their way to collecting the next fragment of the Titans' Orb, but after their mission is discovered by Nah'Lek the Defiler, they are now in a race against time. Can they find the remaining shards, before Nah'Lek finds them?

As the dark path ahead becomes even more treacherous, friendships are pushed to the limits and tensions begin to rise, and not just between Callum and Twilight. Will the group be able to stick together as a unit, as they continue along their increasingly dangerous mission?
And will they all be able to make it to the end, alive?

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Well someone has a revenge complex.

Dear god. That is going to need a lot of help if he want to live!

I like the cover art.

And so begins the adventure!...If only I could be more excited about this...stupid exams! I should probably be studying...but this does look promising. I await the next chapter...

Also, cover art is pretty cool.

Thanks, while I love writing, being an artist is most definitely my strong-point, hence why I strive to put pictures inside the story. :twilightblush:

7157937 Something Im having a problem with is that I hate over powered villains, especially ones that "gain" power. I know this isnt fair but I jsut find it really annoying that these guys come out of no where, get a serious revenge complex and then get some shift do dad sparkles and they can survive explosives and bullets and control time and I m just like ok even if you could control a speeding bullet, there is no way to process a bullet before it hits you, it is physically and biologically impossible. As soon as a bullet is fired your dead. Anyway, this is just me ranting and ill try to continue to enjoy this story.

Your writing is awesome none the less.

Thank you for your feedback, honestly I LOVE comments like this.
No stupid hate-rants. Just an honest opinion on villains; and I will take this comment into account.
Fans like yourself help shape the story.

I will make sure that Nah'Lek, while INCREDIBLY powerful, will also have weaknesses. :twilightsmile:

If you put something Mirror's Edge related. I will cry tears of joy

I suggest you get your tissues at the ready.

This just got interesting... Activating the tracking beacon!

7215739 I do like to keep an eye out for those goodies... :rainbowlaugh:

If that vision was anything to go by.... The group will need to find that next orb piece before that.... thing does....

why are you making twilight an ass to even her friends?:rainbowhuh:

7274882 I agree I'm really getting fed up with it, can you just have him kill her or something please just end my damn suffering. She's become a bitch to Callum and her friends. She's endangering the damn mission by doing what she does. Your really making it seem like you are stretching this farther than it should go, twilight can hate him but she would not endanger the entire mission.

7280278 I can see how the Twilight situation is getting on everyone's nerves.
I assure you, it is VERY soon to be resolved. :raritywink:

I still ship Twilight with Callum

On the other note, This was a great chapter. Hope to see more!

I will repeat what I said to the last story. Your Twilight Sparkle in this story is slowing the team down and the rest of the team should at this point fed up with her attitude and confronted her once and for all. Don't beat it around the bush anymore. It is time the Mane 5 and Callum confront her and end this attitude once and for all.

What I am trying to say is that Twilight Sparkle at this point is a burden and a danger to the team and they cannot continue anymore like this.

7275857 well you had best update soon. I can't handle this cliff hanger

As the others have mentioned before you should not delay that final confrontation any longer. Twilight at this point has done enough to the rest of the team in order for them to say enough is enough and if those weren't enough endangering the Mission was the last straw. Either they will confront her in the next chapter or they sent her back cause at this point she is slowing them down.

While I understand your frustration, I am not going to change the entire course of the story to please 2 of my many followers.
It will be over soon, I assure you. :raritywink:

That Nalek Character? Is he Sargeras? What about that Hellscream? Is it Grom or Garrosh?

7315422 He's not Sargeras.
As for Hellscream, you'll need to wait and see... :rainbowwild:

Ok from your answer I assume this Nalek conquered the Orcish Horde and made either Grom or Garrosh his second in command. I hope it's Grom and not Garrosh because I really hate Garrosh with a passion.

I've checked the First chapter again and I can definately regognise the Orcish Horde and their Warchief Grom Hellscream. Only he would be corrupted by promise of power two times. Seems that you are bringing Warcraft to the story. Also Nalek the Defiler. Sounds like another Defiler from the Burning Legion.

7316549 I'm glad you've paid attention, hehe
You're almost there about Hellscream, so well done, I'll explain it more into the story.

As for Nah'Lek, you're stone cold.
He's not to do with the Burning Legion at all, nor is he a demon at all.
I've tried to add a lot of mystery to this story at the beginning, so it keeps you guessing.
It seems to have paid off, so, YAY!

But as the story goes on, more and more will be explained and answered.
Including Twilight's corrup-AHEM!
I mean, Twilight's bad mood.

I know that something is off with Twilight. That she is not really herself and I hope they mend their relationship once this all clears out.

Hah, I get the reference with the title! Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

7343164 hehe, like 60% of my book is made up of hidden references :rainbowwild:

Finally. Seems that in the next chapter the group will confront Twilight once and for all.

Okay, Twilight's officially jumped the shark here:

1. She's abruptly null-and-voided any and all seeming character-development regarding her treatment of Callum.

2. She's actually kneecapped her and her friends' chances of saving their home world, just out of personal spite toward one guy -- whom, BTW, has proven her wrong about him over and over again.

I'm just about ready to officially enter her into the Scrappy section of TV Tropes.

Twilight stop ruining my dreams

This was a great chapter, and it seems Callum's made a new friend. I don't have much to write down but, all I can say is this was honestly good.


In this chapter alone, Bunnie seems like such a sweet character! I hope she stays in the story and isn't just a temporal character.
I ship them! I SHIP THEM I SAY!

Well. Then. Im going to ponder and think now...

Oh man. Its about to get FUBAR up in here.:pinkiecrazy:

Hope in the next chapter we can see what is happening with the mane 6. I want to see Twilight get destroyed by the others for what she did to poor Callum. Seriously, what did Celestia show to her to cause that hatred towards humans? Although, that is probably the last straw for her and she will finally have to change her ways once she realizes what she's done.

Anyways, loving Bunnie's character so far and I cant wait for the next chapter. Its going to be intense thats for sure :).

Welp... crap... And awesome Dawn of the dinosaurs reference!

When I saw the text from Twi, I mentally facehoofed. I've heard of wanting someone dead, but this is ridiculous!

I like this story still, but Twilight's hatred of Callum is unjustifiable and unreasonable to me, not to mention out-of-character--this is one of my least favorite iterations of her I've ever read, ever. If I was in Callum's situation, I probably would have replied with something like "fuck you, now go home, you're endangering the mission needlessly".

I have less patience and I get angry more easily than Callum does...I hope they resolve this soon.

What if that is not Twilight Sparkle but an imposter or a Twilight Sparkle that has been corrupted by something?

Sigh... Fuck you Twilight!!! Do the others even know about this yet? If not then I hope they find out soon because she is just terrible in this series. She is literally the only thing I dont like in these stories. Still though, great chapter.

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