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Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment. The universe is full of hope, as it is with despair.

Far too often will the desperate fools of the universe lay their hands upon the key to their salvation...only to have it snatched away.

So when Ahzek Ahriman of the Thousand Sons encounters such salvation, he does respond with hope, but with determination. He will restore his lost brothers, he will right his ancient wrongs, and he cut down anyone who dares to stand in his way.

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I used up my Author's Note for a disclaimer, so consider this my after-chapter Author's Note.

Hey all! I'm back! And I'm done being stuck in this rut. I'm sure of my long time readers noticed that I'm using the same Solitaire from my Grimdark 6 series. And that's because the reason I couldn't do anything more with that fic is because I couldn't get over how cringe the first Volume is to me.

Now don't get me wrong, it looked good at the time. But now that I know more about 40k than I did back then, I just feel trying to press on without fixing my lore inaccuracies is going to hurt the story more and more with each volume.

So yeah, this is me redoing Grimdark 6 Vol 1. And when I finish this story, I am going to rewrite Vol 2 to fit it. (I'm keeping Greenskin god damnit)

That's all I got for now, and I'll see you all next time.

"It is the will of the Laughing God. Only he knows how the Final Jest will play out. The rest of us have to wait and see." Declared the Solitaire as he pulled a small trinket from his person. A blue crystal in a shape unfamiliar to any of his race...but would be recognized by humans as balloon of all things.

cut to black

My Little Pony intro plays

Well well you had my curiosity but now you have my invested interest :duck:

Care to elaborate? I assume you don't approve of something?

Seems interesting, eldar are as cryptic assholes like always. Bit odd that Eldrad of all of the eldar would risk trying to negotiate with someone like Ahriman. Eldrads track record to negotiate is not that great. Like that time when he tried to convince Ferrus to kill his favorite brother, or with Fulgrim to kill Horus.

Eldrad wasn't involved in negotiations. The Solitaire just needed him and 30 other Farseers to make sure Ahriman went down easy.

Who do you think would win between Eldrad and Ahriman anyway?

It is a close call, but in the end i would say Ahriman would come out as a winner. Because Eldrad would need to make only one mistake and his eldar body would crumble. While Ahriman can take a hit and still keep going. Even in the 9th edition rules Ahriman is slightly better. He can cast as much as Eldrad but can denie psychic powers 3 to Eldrads 2. But it would be a close battle.

Outstanding story so far, can't wait to see the next chapter.

Why does Ahzek Ahriman look so much like a Necron if he's suppose to be a Space Marine?

Thousand Sons and Necrons both share an Egyptian theme. (Magnus already sent the Cease & Desist, they're just being ancient primordial dicks about it)

Even if a dragon could take a normal bolter round and survive. Rubrics and those of thousand sons, don't use normal bolter rounds. But warp infused inferno rounds. Which have better penetration when compared to boltrounds. Even power armor is weak against those.

Hey question if we consider everything in the series where would Twilight scale as a psyker

Huh, didn't know that.

However, Equestrian Dragons do bathe in lava as a pass time, so I'm going to retain Smoulder's resistance and say they can survive all of two seconds when exposed to Warp Fire.

Hmm, well I don't know too much about psyker scales on 40k. But I've always seen as on par with Darth Sideous from Star Wars. How does that scale on 40k?

Then in that case she should definitely be more powerful then Ahriman

...no. I don't see that happening at all. She might be able to hold a beam struggle with him. But 40k psykers are notorious for popping your skull if you can't block them out, and we've established that Equestrians in general are too open minded to even register a mind probe.

I'm sorry sir but are you forgetting that Twilight can move the freaking sun and moon at this point🤣 and let's not forget she has more versatile spells she can fire rapidly

Comment posted by Mr Lore miser deleted Apr 3rd, 2023

But on the mind probe thing are we forgetting that Luna she has over thousands of years of experience entering somebody's mind in the dreamscape

True, I might do something with that.

Question dragons are casually able to eat diamonds so do you think the bigger dragons could bite through space marine armor

Another question once your stance on the chaos gods,

I pity them for they were born without free will and suffer just as much as their victims.

If they ever did slay the Emperor, destroy the Imperium, kill or subjugate all life in the galaxy and the Universe itself...they would remain unfulfilled and die.

Nurgle would accept this, as is his nature. Tzeentch is the only one who is exempt from this as by his very nature, he can change his nature.

But for Khorne and Slaanesh, they were born of suffering and suffering is all they know. Khorne would likely attack Slaanesh as his final for, and Slaanesh would welcome the end, as his/her destruction is the only way he/she will ever end the insatiable desire that defines him/her.

That's my take on it.

A very good take . And I'm glad you also see that the chaos gods cannot be good because of how they were born and what they choose to feed on

They don't even choose it. It's like raising newborns on crack and then saying they choose to feed their addiction.

Yeah that's true, but which of the main six do you think the chaos gods would want because I'm pretty sure slanish would want rainbow dash

Slaanesh would go after Pinkie Pie and twist her desire to spread joy and laughter. Or Rarity for her generosity.

Nurgle would target Fluttershy (because she's like Isha) or Applejack (because of her resilient nature and stubbornness)

Tzeentch would target Twilight (for obvious reasons)

I don't think Khorne would be interested in any of them beyond slaughtering them.

True but the reason why I think rainbow dash because one she is a daredevil she loves performing extreme stunts and also she has a massive ego and loves getting praised, and I think khorne might also be interested because she's also a trained fighter and also she has a short temper

Another question how fast do boaters fire again

Bolters...and it varies from Author to Author.

Okay so which speed is the most consistent

Okay rainbows average speed is Mark 5 her top speed is mach 10 will she be able to dodge a boater

Oh, I thought you meant RATE of fire. Yeah, I'd say she could. The problem is Astartes have faster reaction speed.

I'm gonna have a segment about this soon.

They do🤔 I know space Marines are fast but I'm just guessing since rainbow dash movies around Mark 5 to 10 her reaction speed could also be that fast I'm just guessing here

Question, will there be Chaos Ponies later in the story?

Hey my guy what do you think would happen if by some miracle angron managed to get free from korn and have the butcher's nails removed

It all depends. He still hates Big E for every justifiable reason you can think of.

He would either form his own faction or, Throne Forbid, side with the Tau.

Him siding with the Tau definitely won't be a good look, but him and Commander farsight that would be interesting to see

Comment posted by Mr Lore miser deleted Jun 15th, 2023

Oh and also with angron empathic abilities I think he would be the biggest threat to chaos because before he got the nails he was able to take away pain from others and that was just when he's ability just started manifesting what if it was allowed to grow, would would he have been able to take away like the ridge of a korn berserker

If Ahriman cures his mistake, he has to convince the space wolves that he is no longer a threat

Hey bud what's your opinion on Equestria at war stories

Eh, there's good ones and bad ones.

Currently, I'm reading a really good one written by an active Marine.

First of all thanks for the recommendation I'll check it out as well, but in all honestly I think 🤔 they don't reach their full potential I mean come on we have creatures with magical abilities and you're just giving them guns

Ain't no way a bunch of colorful ponies can beat the Thousand Suns

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