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This story is a sequel to Forged Anew

Twilight has earned the trust and loyalty of both Hesperos, a former Rubricae of the Thousand Sons, and Te'kan of the Salamanders. In the idyllic realm of Equestria, the need for such mighty warriors is nonexistant. However, outside Equestria's borders are lands wild and dangerous. Worse, the galaxy the astartes call home has not forgotten them. Together they face the final fate planned for them deep within the maelstrom of the warp.

A Warhammer 40,000 crossover.

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Wait wait wait, since when has Te'kan been this"tamed"? Did it happen offscreen or did I miss it in last story?

Either way, curious beginning, anxiously awaiting for more :twilightsmile:

Te'kan of the Slamanders

I'm giggling at the pro-wrestling-ness of this typo. :pinkiehappy:

whoops! at least it's a hilarious, memorable one! XD

for now, it's an offscreen event. Might touch on it, might not, but given I was mostly writing these for fun rather than for a heavy-duty fantasy epic, it seemed more effective to get to the good stuff (which is what this story is for)

Finally coughs up to where the story is .

Why was she beginning to share Hesperos’s sense of foreboding?

Because she lives in ponyville. There's no such thing as "just another day in ponyville", there's the slight different shades of insanity that precede big disasters. Getting a feel for those is a given for someone with the awareness of a marine... Or some years living there.

They really should know by now. Is it looking peaceful? RUN.

*in caveman voice* You write. update story. *proceeds to make ape noises*

Here's hoping there's ever an update.

Wonderful work. Truly blessed. I Just spent the last 7 hours bingeing this series instead of sleeping and I am in love and yearning for more. I yearn to see how a soldier such as Te’kan takes to Discord, side stories going into detail about finding camaraderie in a life-long enemy, interactions between the ponies and other, non-astartes Imperial factions. Gray Knights? Mechanicus? Tallarn? Custodies?
The possibilities are leaving me absolutely giddy, and that’s not even taking into account the possible approaching father. I do hope you find yourself well, and keep up the good work! The emperor protects.

Man, I love this series. Easily one of my favorite crossovers. Here's hoping for more someday, it was just getting good.


Or fallout from a certain message from Terra, of Man-Emperor personally issuing a conditional pardon to Thousand Sons still loyal to Magnus :D

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