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WARNING! This story is a spinoff of my surprisingly successful story Refined Starlight in a Broken Vessel!

If you are not familiar with it, please read it here

From whole 'nother world comes three new vault hunters, six new areas, four new vehicles, and hours of bonus quests!

Explore the derilect Weastton Drilling Rig, rumored to be haunted!
Check out the Hyperion Ultimate Racetrack!
Take to the skies in a Buzzard or a Condor!
Take the new Grinder vehicle, which is heavily armored and slow, but crushes enemies under its spiked wheels, for a spin!
Zip across the dunes of the Dust or the snow of the Highlands in the new Nightmare vehicle, a speedy bike with a front-mounted minigun!
Sass back against Handsome Jack!

Play as any of the three new classes:
The loyal Speed Demon, Rainbow Dash!
The crazed Reveler, Pinkie Pie!
Or the cosmic Starborne, Anthony!

Three new Legendary items are also scattered about, in the hands of dangerous new Bosses:
The high-capacity Vladof Insurgency Supreme is an assault rifle with over 200 magazine capacity!
The super-durable Pangolin Alpha-Series shield unit, that looses a blinding flash when depleted!
And the insane Maliwan Dreamwalker, an SMG with every elemental type in one gun!

Buy the pack, plunder Pandora, and throw Handsome Jack a party he won't ever forget!

Includes a new theme tune to go with the new Vault Hunters.

Second Warning! Contains spoilers for Borderlands 2.

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It's even better that I could've imagined.

Ehehehehehehe!!! It BEGINS!!!:pinkiecrazy:

You forgot the levels at the end of the chapter.

welp i need to play borderlands again to the game cave :pinkiehappy:
also pinkies gonna go cupcakes ain't she :pinkiecrazy:

6822798 Nope, there's no fighting, they're all level one. No level ups yet.

If the turns out ad good as red it Will be worth reading. P.s his humor will match borderlands perfectly. Looking forward to the new story.

The stories clash perfectly

And enter Handsome Jack... Welp, it was a nice run! On to the next story, nothing to see here, watch your step and ignore the corpses!:pinkiecrazy:


Heheheheee!!! Yesss, ponies... Embrace the madness that is Pandora! :pinkiecrazy:

*sigh* ...Kinda wishing I'd actually PLAYED some of these games now. It wasn't for lack of trying that I didn't, just never had a strong enough computer.:ajsleepy:

Is that so? Well, where can I find these skill sheets? :trixieshiftright:

So... Do we vote HERE, or on your blog post? :rainbowhuh: Eh, I'll just put my picks here. :pinkiesmile:

For Anthony, I'd say start with his Ain't No Hero skill on the Survivor tree. They need all the EXP and money they can get at this point.

For Dash, the John Wu Special. As with the above, they need every little advantage they can get early on, and occasional instant reloads would be VERY useful.

For Pinkie, I'd go with Elemental Laughter. Increased survivability and healing abilities will come in VERY handy in the long run.

In fact, pretty much everything I voted for here is meant for long term gain and helping their early odds. So there ya go!:pinkiehappy:

"With this, I can become the real me, the old me."
-Father Rodin, the infinite one.

6844247 You apparently don't know how Borderlands skill trees work. They start at the top and head down.

And you vote here, for discussion on the trees themselves, go to my blog.

6844256 Your vote for their skills?

6844295 Huh... Well that's odd. Most Skill trees in games would start on a linear progression before branching out, so I assumed the same here. :twilightblush: Like I said a couple chapters ago, I've never actually played any of the Borderlands games. :ajsleepy:

Well, with that in mind, lemme change this up real quick.

For Anthony, I'd say start with Sleight of Hands, bring that reload speed down a bit.

For Dash, I'd go with Not Enough Kill. The larger clip sizes for everyone will compound nicely with Anthony's faster reloads.

For Pinkie, Tricky Treats. A bit of healing items on occasion can work wonders.

Alright, hope I got it right this time!:twilightsmile:

6844355 You did, though the candies do more than heal. Some give a temporary movement sped (and reload speed) boost, some refill ammunition, and another boosts gun damage. The fourth type is the healing one which adds a health regeneration effect for as long as the candy effect lasts.

Anthony: Sleight of Hands
Rainbow: Not Enough Kill
Pinkie: Cool Shades/Speedy Setup

These are my picks.

This is by far one of the best fims I have read in ages

You should have them come across the mine craft easter egg

6846716 sure, if they get the skills to reach the Caustic Caverns. Hey! You could help with that! What are your votes for how they spend their points?

And in doing research into Borderlands 2 to see if it'd be good to pick up now even after 4 years, I've just realized WHY you made Gaige so crazy over the ponies. Several of her skills are named after MLP quotes! :rainbowderp:

6848392 Buy it. But wait for the steam summer sale so you can get all the DLC.

6847177 hot hands, high octane, and tricky treats.

6851022 Noted. They will be incorporated in new chapters.

Like for the theme song alone. :rainbowlaugh:

I can't decide. Oh well...

Soo... Are those 2 points in ADDITION to the one from earlier due to being spent, or are they the one plus a new one from having been saved?

...Perhaps I could have worded that better. I mean, I made a vote for their first skill point earlier, do I have 2 more now, or just one?:rainbowhuh:

6848715 Sadly, I've run some checks and my PC just BARELY doesn't meet the minimum requirements to play it. I got this thing shortly after Portal 2 was released and never got anything better due to lack of funds.:derpytongue2:

As for the game itself, I DID recently see a used Xbox 360 GOTY Edition for sale at my local GameStop for 25 dollars... And the base game by itself for 5 dollars. Problem is, I DESPISE aiming with a controller. Also, I don't have anyone to play the Xbox version WITH. So, as a question for you, what do YOU personally feel works better, keyboard or controller? Also, do you think the game is still enjoyable even without other people to play it with?

6874108 I play the PC version but use an Xbox controller to play with. It's the best fit for me but I'm not sure about your own personal preferences. It sucks your computer can't run it. I'd certainly play with you if given the chance.

6874042 none actually. I just noticed my mistake. We (Quantum and I) already allocated the first four points based on all votes. There are chapters written but not posted yet after all. Sorry for the confusion.

Are you going to incorporate stuff from the presequel?
And my picks are the same as last time hot hands, high octane, and tricky treats.

6876019 No, pre-sequel is canon to the story but since that game came out after Starlight in a Broken Vessel started, Anthony wouldn't have had a chance to play it and has no knowledge of its existence, much less its events. As such, all "bonus content" that isn't found in the game (BL2) itself, will be entirely custom, made specifically for this fic by myself and my editor Quantum_Shift.

And on top of that, we WILL be using information from the presequel... Just not as things that Anthony knows.

Got it. Thanks guys

6878909 Just don't forget to ask questions in the future. We like hearing from you guys, and it's kind of saddening how my stories get upwards of eighty-one views per chapter but only one or two comments.

Nice to see this story is back in action.:pinkiehappy:

6883217 My editor is in great pain at the moment so it's been slow, sorry for the wait. All my stories have the same editor, I'm just uploading the backlog until he gets better.

Sorry about that everyone.



6874760 Okay, you know what? The GOTY Edition just went on sale for about $8.50 on Steam for the weekend, and while I SUSPECT my computer MAY not be able to run it, I'm not CERTAIN of that. I'll grab it now, and if it works, great! If not, I can just as easily refund it. Worst case scenario, I'm only out about 9 dollars. :rainbowdetermined2:

6886762 And if it does work, heck I'll play with you. You got skype so we can voice chat?

6887669 AHAHAHA!!! I don't believe it! It WORKS! It actually f:yay:king WORKS! And it runs SMOOTHLY! Granted, it's on the absolute LOWEST graphical settings, but still! :pinkiehappy:

*happy sigh* This is a good day... Also, starting as Zer0. What can I say, I love stealthy, assassin type characters in videogames. :trixieshiftright:

Now... to try and keep the comments relevant to the story, I gotta ask. Are you gonna update the skill tree spreadsheet over time as it's filled out? It'd make it a lot easier to figure out where to put point votes.

6889653 yes I will. Anyways, as I said, we could play together some time if you like. my steam name is

:rainbowderp: ...Have I ever mentioned that you write AMAZING battle scenes? Because you do.

6894013 Thanks. Anyway, add me on steam and maybe we could tag team sometime. If your computer can handle singleplayer it should be able to handle multiplayer, and I'd love to play a game or something with my fans. :raritywink:

6894047 Alright then. My Steam name is different than what I got here. You get a request from Naryx, that's me.

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