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WARNING! This story is a spinoff of my surprisingly successful story Refined Starlight in a Broken Vessel!
If you are not familiar with it, please read it here

Anthony is going home! Or is he? Not if Anthony has anything to say about it! Instead, he takes his chance to give Twilight and Rarity the experience of a lifetime as he takes them to a world of danger, a world of friendship, and a world of excitement.

The world... of Pokémon!

Read on as Anthony and his unicorn companions travel through a strange new region and meet many Pokémon, both glorious and hideous, as they go on an epic journey through a world greater than their dreams... or, their nightmares.

Credit goes to Catfire13, who bugged me with the idea until I admitted it was too good an idea to pass up!

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The world... of Pokémon!

annnnnnd I'm out

4764810 Nobody told you to stay. I'm not forcing you.

Oh, man! This I GOTTA see. :pinkiecrazy:

I'll admit, when I saw that this was a Pokemon crossover, and a crossover with THIS fic to boot, I was about as giddy as Anthony up there! :pinkiehappy::yay:

I'm already loving this so far! It'll certainly be interesting to see how things go from here.:twilightsmile:

So, since this is apparently an original region you've come up with, I gotta ask. Have you already decided what the Gyms and Elite 4 for are gonna specialize in? Provided the story even goes through all of them, that is. If not, PLEASE use Dark for a gym. Official games never gave it any love...:fluttershysad:

Also, is this story's update schedule going to be similar to the parent fic, or will they be alternating or something?

Lastly... Redshift? I don't get it.

4768042 Okay, yes there will be a Dark gym, and the Elite four will use VARIED Pokemon, not just one type. why does the champion get all the fun?

but I may not end up getting there.

It's updating will be a bit sporadic, as I will be working on it, Broken Vessel, and my life.

Finally, redshift is a double joke.
for one, it's the term used when light starts falling into the 'red' spectrum and becomes weaker (him losing his powers)

the other meaning is that, if the light is visible, it becomes more red. Get it? He's the protagonist in a Pokemon story? He's Red?

Well I thought it was clever.


The youtube and the link buttons aren't working for me on mobile. 3;

All I can say from reading the descriotion is. OH GOD WHY!?

4768878 Because I wanted to write it.

meh. Its good so far.

Uh, the 'redshifting' effect is when the light source is traveling away from the observer, not becoming weaker. It causes the light waves to get stretched based on how quickly the source and observer are separating, making the light look red.

What, that's it? Man, as the Editor, I feel mildly insulted.
Only mildly, because it's not really all that insulting of a comment.


You better raise that Feebas well Rarity. You'll be happy you did.:pinkiehappy:

On another note: friggin Feebas, why u so rare!?:flutterrage:

Because, in spite of them being able to live virtually anywhere, they have very specific patterns that tend to make little to no sense whatsoever to anyone else.

A proud geodude. Yay.

Anthony must be having a gay old time in his childhood dreamworld. On another note: Can't wait until the nest chapter, pieman.

4779335 You used the word 'gay' correctly. For that, you have my respect.

Poor geodude. At least twilight gained from it.

4780524 Well, you can't win every fight. At least Geodude got some experience from beating a Charmeleon

... I really should have played one of the games after red

4780875 it's hard when they were all for get and all I had was a color up untill last year


4767860 yea you dont really see too many pokemon fics that update that often

4780894 English. Does U spek it?

4782306 Eh, I just update when I finish chapters. I don't really control how often it updates. it depends on if I have something planned or not.

The difference between this fic and the main story is that I have tons of stuff planned for it, but I haven't posted much yet. This one, I have no idea and just making it up as I go.

4780453 There's an ice cream cone brand where I live called gaytime cones. Of course I know the correct meaning of the word.

4783032 Regardless, I am glad you understand it.
I hope you continue to enjoy this spinoff.:moustache:

4784799 Have a random french animation I stumbled across on youtube.

4784812 Nice! I'd watch this show/read the comic.

Unfortunately this is horribly off-topic

4784851 It'd technically be on topic in starlight in a broken vessel on account of it pertains to spontaneous superpowers.

There's an error:

Today was certainly interesting. But at least it’s not boring.

Yeah, it just sorta cuts off here. Is there more that you forgot to put in? :trollestia:

4826396 No. The story isn't over, you just have to wait for the next chapter.


Comment posted by catfire13 deleted Nov 10th, 2014

“I know, what a Riolu looks like, damnit!”


*gasp* more cute skitties!!!!

Comment posted by catfire13 deleted Nov 10th, 2014

and instead simply pancakes poor Twilight.
amazing spelling error though. not the best I've seen though

4910301 Spelling error? I don't see one. 'Pancakes' is spelled right, as well as the others. I don't understand.

one problem with this is that pokemon eggs do not have yolks, the pokemon are basically fully formed inside when they are laid, they supposedly act more like cradles than eggs according to the data in the games, the egg basically works like a marsupial's pouch.

If it doesn't like something, it responds with a wild tantrum.


4910606 And when you write your fanfiction where you can add/change rules however you like, feel free to do that.

I think I am entitled to this one little change as so far I have done nothing else that would be out of place or strange in this world's context. Also, you're the only one complaining.

You are fully entitled to voice your opinions, I'm just saying.

Point of order: That's your headcanon, this story runs on the idea that not all pokemon lay eggs and that the eggs are just the mechanic shown int he games to make it worthwhile and not force the programmers to make a bajillion different species differences based on who the parents are.
Also, these eggs have yolks, because they were newly laid. Eggs have yolks, because that's the part that becomes a living thing. With a few exceptions, such as Togepi, which literally IS its egg.

Your view of this subject would have more weight if the idea had been explored in-depth int eh show, but we're only treated to seeing Exeggcute and Togepi as eggs in the show. And one of those is always a collection of eggs, and therefore doesn't count.

4994058 HONENN!!! TRUMPETS!!!

Lay off the amphetamines, dude, you're yelling in your comments again.

But seriously, what are you talking about? The region isn't Hoenn.

In the arena’s moat is Feebas, a huge smile on her face as she waggles back and forth on her fins... her tailfin being the only one in the water,


5012310 You have a question?

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