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WARNING! This story is a spinoff of my surprisingly successful story Refined Starlight in a Broken Vessel!

If you are not familiar with it, please read it here

A simple midday meal with his friends on a bright, sunny day, leaves Anthony somewhat bored and ends with him getting his wish for excitement, but when an unruly king from another world plans to use him for his own nefarious purposes, two ponies must band together to get their friend back and save several worlds, while traversing territory entirely foreign to them.

What can Anthony do when he's no longer the main character, and is already in the clutches of a beastly and power-hungry monarch, bent on total domination? Only time will tell.

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WARNING! This story is a spinoff of my surprisingly successful story Refined Starlight in a Broken Vessel!

If you are not familiar with it, please read it here

From whole 'nother world comes three new vault hunters, six new areas, four new vehicles, and hours of bonus quests!

Explore the derilect Weastton Drilling Rig, rumored to be haunted!
Check out the Hyperion Ultimate Racetrack!
Take to the skies in a Buzzard or a Condor!
Take the new Grinder vehicle, which is heavily armored and slow, but crushes enemies under its spiked wheels, for a spin!
Zip across the dunes of the Dust or the snow of the Highlands in the new Nightmare vehicle, a speedy bike with a front-mounted minigun!
Sass back against Handsome Jack!

Play as any of the three new classes:
The loyal Speed Demon, Rainbow Dash!
The crazed Reveler, Pinkie Pie!
Or the cosmic Starborne, Anthony!

Three new Legendary items are also scattered about, in the hands of dangerous new Bosses:
The high-capacity Vladof Insurgency Supreme is an assault rifle with over 200 magazine capacity!
The super-durable Pangolin Alpha-Series shield unit, that looses a blinding flash when depleted!
And the insane Maliwan Dreamwalker, an SMG with every elemental type in one gun!

Buy the pack, plunder Pandora, and throw Handsome Jack a party he won't ever forget!

Includes a new theme tune to go with the new Vault Hunters.

Second Warning! Contains spoilers for Borderlands 2.

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THIS IS NOT A DISPLACED FIC Please do not add it to the Displaced group, or I'll have Witching Hour put you in a time out!

A few years ago, a human arrived in Ponyville which is a small town in the land of Equestria, a mere country on the gigantic, magical, and dangerous planet known as Terra. That human came to the new world through unknown means, and was granted fantastic powers. Introducing himself as "Anthony" he began a brand new life on this brand new world... but after a while, things started to go sour. As a last resort, Anthony uses a cosmic 'reset button' to start over again from the very beginning, hoping things go differently this time.

Character tags will change as the story progresses.

Ever since I took down my story Starlight in a Broken Vessel, people have been clamoring for me to bring it back which I have, better than ever, starting the entire thing over and putting my best foot forward from beginning to eventual end. Refined Starlight in a Broken Vessel (or just Refined Starlight for short) is an improved version of my original story. To all new readers, welcome, and to old fans, please enjoy and thank you for waiting.

There is also a Discord server for people to ask myself and my editor questions

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WARNING! This story is a spinoff of my surprisingly successful story Refined Starlight in a Broken Vessel!
If you are not familiar with it, please read it here

Anthony is going home! Or is he? Not if Anthony has anything to say about it! Instead, he takes his chance to give Twilight and Rarity the experience of a lifetime as he takes them to a world of danger, a world of friendship, and a world of excitement.

The world... of Pokémon!

Read on as Anthony and his unicorn companions travel through a strange new region and meet many Pokémon, both glorious and hideous, as they go on an epic journey through a world greater than their dreams... or, their nightmares.

Credit goes to Catfire13, who bugged me with the idea until I admitted it was too good an idea to pass up!

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This story starts out weird and gets more messed up as it goes on, and will NOT be serious in the slightest, in fact it will be pretty screwed up. It is relevant to MLP, but not entirely (during the first chapter at least).

The second chapter explains the first one, with an actual story, so it REALLY starts (and ends) on the second chapter, the first one is just for anyone who has no sanity to lose. You do NOT have to read the first chapter!!!

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This is an attempt at a humorous fic that makes sense (not something people expect from me). The story is about a guard and the two young royal sisters as he tries to be their caretaker, not that they ever make it easy for him, whether intentional or not. Some ideas belong to Quantum_Shift, but the main premise belongs to me as well as most of the ideas. I am writing this fic for my enjoyment, and critiques are okay, but if nobody likes it (other than the mods of course) I'm not changing it.

Pic by mel rosey

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