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This story is a sequel to Godzilla

It’s been two years since the fight between Godzilla and the MUTO Prime broke out near Ponyville in the Everfree forest. The Equestrians have calmed down since the incident and nearly forgotten about the threat of giant monsters invading their towns. It seemed everything was back to normal. Unfortunately, the evils of the past can always come back to haunt the present.

A massive meteor makes landfall in Appaloosa, creating a cause for alarm amongst the Main Six. It goes from bad to worse when the “meteor” turns out to be the prison of King Ghidorah, a enormous triple-headed extraterrestrial Titan whom is hell-bent on wreaking havoc on Equestria. When the destructive kaiju breaks free and begins his campaign of terror, Godzilla and the Main Six must once again band together to drive the villainous monster off their world.

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First off, is this a sequal to something? Because the intro makes it feel like it is.

This is, in fact, the sequel to Godzilla: Ascension

Then shouldn't there be a link to it in the description?

I have no idea how to make a link 😅

Need.... More.... Story...

Great work... cant' wait to see how this one plays out

The next chapter is up.

Great work keep up the good work

Great he got a robot godzilla and he going to attack cantlot and king ghidorah is coming it won't get easey


The Death Song of Three Storms is coming.

Nick Kroll would be perfect to play this guy, given he did a badass job as Douche of Sausage Party.

When the world is in peril, Godzilla will answer the call.

Onix, you big dummkopf! When are you going to realize revenge is and will always be meaningless?! You can’t go around playing god when literal ones exist!

All that cover needs is some heavy metal and you're set


“You thought I was Ghidorah, but it is I... D I O”

Camazotz or the Giant Bat from Godzilla: the Series?

You’ll find out. :3

Think Rokmutul and Bagorah will become Ghidorah’s lackeys? Also, will Onix return to his villainous ways or redeem himself?

Looks like you got your wish after all, Onix. I hope it satisfied you.

Finally! Onix, you son of a bitch. At last you acknowledge your mistakes! But you’d better work quickly unless you want to see your world turn to dust by Ghidorah. Say, will Bagorah and Rokmutul bow to Godzilla after Ghidorah is defeated?

This time… we join the fight.

Onix redeems, Maverick takes over as the main pony villain.

Onix has redeemed himself, Ghidorah is destroyed, and Equestria has been saved. But not all victories are without a cost. Twilight lost her wing, a lot of reconstructing is in order, and Maverick doesn’t seem to want to stop the petty vendetta against Celestia.

Onix’s is also dead and he never got to see Godzilla murder the shit outta Ghidorah

And we never got to see Titans bowing to Godzilla! :fluttershbad:

Oh well :trollestia: Maybe next time. :twilightsmile:

Awesome story

That's what you get when you cross the King of Monsters.

Looks like u'll have to make some changes to this chapter since the battle with the MUTOs took place in the Everfree Forest now instead of Manehattan

Shouldn't Onix Star say that he was supposed to wait another FOUR years, since it's been TWO years since he was imprisoned?

How come the image doesn't work?

It must be image size issue, I’ll let Gojipower12 know. Here Is the link for the image that is supposed to show: https://www.deviantart.com/lordshrekzilla20/art/COTT-Chapter-4-Godzilla-sees-the-meteor-841938819


Comment posted by Tornadopelt deleted Jan 14th, 2021

When will Godzilla claim his title as King of the Monsters? Cause I didn't see any titan bowing to him... Not one.... Well maybe next time.

“What are you gonna do, tough guy? Give me a lecture? HA!” Onix stated, unsheathing a knife hidden in his pocket. He plunged the blade into the officer’s chest, shoving it deep into his heart.

Where'd he get that knife? From the cafeteria?

Unless if you haven't seen Godzilla vs Kong yet, spoiler alert, the movie features MechaGodzilla as the main antagonist.

I was expecting Godzilla to fight MechaGodzilla (or Kiryu), but whatever.

I thought I was expecting Rodan, not Bagorah. And I thought Rokmutul was Anguirus.

If th

“Onix, I... I didn’t know.... I’m so sorry... But you can’t blame Godzilla for the sins of his own kind. I can’t say the same for the rest of his species, but he’s really not like them.”

If that's the case, why's one of his species attacking the city? Did another Titan attack it too?

“Ghidorah’s travelling down the Southern hemisphere of Equestria. Now there’s no populated areas except.... the Crystal Empire!” Twilight gasped.


I’m not sure if you noticed, but the entire chapter 7 seems to be centered paragraphed.

“OH SH-” Onix yelped, only to be cut off when a chunk of rock hit his head and knocked him unconscious. “

Ha ha he deserves oh so much worse

I’m thinking Rodan or somethin.

Don’t be so sure just yet, I have a feeling.

What about Twilight’s wing?

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