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This story is a sequel to Godzilla: Clash of the Titans

It’s been three years since Godzilla and the Main 6 banded together, defeated King Ghidorah, and saved the Crystal Empire from facing anhilliation. Equestria was calm and peaceful once again. Keyword: was.

Things get hectic when a power-hungry alien race arrives to Equestria with the intent to take it as their new home. These extraterrestrial invaders didn’t come alone, however. They brought major firepower in the form of two deadly heavily armed cybernetic Kaiju ready to wreak havoc on the pony way of life. As the aliens’ Kaiju demolish several of Equestria’s cities and towns, the Main 6 and Equestria’s diarchs find themselves helpless to stop their rampage. However, the alien invaders soon find out that Equestria harbors its own Kaiju.

And they are not very happy about aliens wrecking their home.

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A timid pegasus’ life will change forever when she finds a damaged Volkswagen Beetle near Ponyville. She takes it in to her home, believing someone lost it. To her surprise, the vehicle turns out to be a frightened young Autobot on the run from otherworldly threats. The two are forced to band together in order to stop a dangerous Decepticon from using the Crystal Heart to summon an army to decimate Equestria all while forging a powerful bond between each other in the process.

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After being forced to stay inside his cavern home during a particularily feisty thunderstorm, Spike begins to look back into a time in his youth where he dealt with a big storm.

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This story is a sequel to Godzilla

It’s been two years since the fight between Godzilla and the MUTO Prime broke out near Ponyville in the Everfree forest. The Equestrians have calmed down since the incident and nearly forgotten about the threat of giant monsters invading their towns. It seemed everything was back to normal. Unfortunately, the evils of the past can always come back to haunt the present.

A massive meteor makes landfall in Appaloosa, creating a cause for alarm amongst the Main Six. It goes from bad to worse when the “meteor” turns out to be the prison of King Ghidorah, a enormous triple-headed extraterrestrial Titan whom is hell-bent on wreaking havoc on Equestria. When the destructive kaiju breaks free and begins his campaign of terror, Godzilla and the Main Six must once again band together to drive the villainous monster off their world.

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The poster and artwork for the chapters belongs to Shrekzilla

Fluttershy loves all animals great and small, this much is true. And that means she has no problem taking in a abandoned egg left on her front porch. But what will the kindly pegasus do when she finds out that the egg hatches into the last remaining member of Titanus Gojira, a enormous and powerful saurian superspecies that once dominated ancient Equestria?

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