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*Credit goes to the artist of the original poster*

Fluttershy loves all animals great and small, this much is true. And that means she has no problem taking in a abandoned egg left on her front porch. But what will the kindly pegasus do when she finds out that the egg hatches into the last remaining member of Titanus Gojira, a enormous and powerful saurian superspecies that once dominated ancient Equestria?

Chapters (4)
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I'm excited.

Why did you kill godzilla family 😩

Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoyed the first chapter!

Aside from some of the paragraphs being way to nig, I like it. And to spite the downvoter, faved.

Whether the Godzilla being raised be Junior or Senior, Fluttershy’s gonna have a need alotta help on her hooves. Hopefully, he’ll eat that hellspawn in bunny skin.

It’s Senior. And thanks!

Thanks so much, at least some people like my story.

It's good so far. It's sad that the baby has to grow up without parents now. Good work and i can't wait for another chapter

Nice a new chapter and i didn't have to wait long for it. Well now i'm going to have to wait some more for the next chapter because this was another good one,

Not bad. This is an interesting story. I do have a couple of nitpicks, however.

“Fluttershy, I left the egg on the porch for you. Last night I found the poor thing encased in a log that must have floated down from the Everfree forest. I figured you were the perfect pony to take care of it.” Twilight explained.

Wouldn't it make sense for Twilight to wait for Fluttershy to answer the door instead of leaving as a foundling?

“I don’t understand this at all. My dictionary has no information on any animal that lays plus-sized eggs!” Twilight tiredly groaned.

It's an encyclopedia, not a dictionary. There's a difference.

“Is that a egg? My goodness, it’s absolutely huge!” Rarity said.

How did she notice?

Another good chapter can't wait for the next one

I get the fact their a peaceful species who haven’t seen war in who knows how long (well...Celestia probably does, but that’s besides the point), but are they really not worried about his destructive capabilities? He’s King of the Monsters and God of Destruction for very good reason, after all.

Comment posted by Gojipower12 deleted Feb 8th, 2018


Given the fact Godzilla is currently a infant and he’s surrounded by said peaceful species, it’s very likely he’ll adapt to their nature and adopt a calm, benevolent personality.

Also, take into account that the very first thing he laid eyes on in Chapter 2 upon hatching was Fluttershy. As a result, he imprinted on her and sees her as his “mother”. Because of this particular situation, taming Godzilla will be significantly easier. (Spoiler alert, sorta) This will play a major role in the story as Godzilla will, at one point, override his natural predatory instincts and function on the drive to protect his “mother” from a dragon attack and later on in the climax, the MUTOs.

I’m going for a more heroic portrayal of Godzilla anyway, and since the Godzilla depicted in the story is in fact Legendary Godzilla, it makes more sense he plays a benevolent role in the story rather than a malevolent one.


Completely understandable. But you also have to admit...when your taller than a mountain, it’s downright impossible not to have collateral damage.

just finished the first chapter... excited as hell for this story- UPVOTED! just watched the new Godzilla anime on nextflix last night too... do the king of the monsters justice!

.... this is gonna be GOOD.... i do prefer the Godzilla who is king of the monsters and defends the world from the other creatures that springs forth... Godzilla is a protector of nature, and with the peaceful ponies raising him, i can see him becoming a guardian of Equestria.... Faved and tracking!

Godzilla Moses

how do they now about nuclear energy?


Well, if they know about nuclear energy and radiation in general, it’s because someone discovered it a long time ago.

I just realized that too. Whoops! :twilightsheepish:

The locals dubbed him ‘Gojira’, which was later translated to ‘Godzilla’.

I know this makes sense for your story as some words do change over time for various reasons, but still...:facehoof:

She had inadvertedly walked straight into the snout of the female Gojirasaur’s corpse.

How do you miss something that massive, Twilight and Celestia?

“Twilight, there’s another corpse just a few feet from you.”

*flips table*

I feel better now. Onwards to the next chapter!

If it's big enough to look like it's part of the scenery then yeah it's not really that ridiculous.

Kinda late but with what we've learned of Legendary Godzilla so far that's kinda the default nature they have.

With Godzilla himself just being one of the more passive of humanity from his species.

Lemme guess, rewriting this one too

When will the next chapter be released?

Please. Make more

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