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A very strange phenomenon has recently occurred in the land of Equestria as mysterious portals begin appearing in different locations of the land. But these are no ordinary portals - they are gateways to another world, and serve as a bridge for gigantic creatures to enter and roam Equestria! Including the King of all Monsters: Godzilla!
But how will the Monster King see the ponies and other inhabitants of Equestria? Friends or foes?

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this was one fantastic chapter. well done to you .can not wait to read future chapters. well done!

Did you get inspiration from The Bridge by Tarbtano?


Actually, no. I've always been fond of the idea of a crossover between Godzilla and My Little Pony. Ever since I saw the first two Seasons of 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' for the first time in 2012, I always thought of the idea of crossover with Godzilla.

Oh Maud you just something 😅

I still can’t help but feel this is the Godzilla Earth version. What variation of Godzilla is this? Heisei?

Shouldn’t the other inhabitants of Ponyville have reacted to Dogora’s attack? But the students stepping up was awesome.

splitting the tentacle that was wrapped around them in half, and fire his Atomic Breath at maximum power!

Ah!NO! don't they realize that blow Dogora to bit will only have multiple Dogora on their hooves , just like Hedorah, Gargantuas and Shin Godzilla. Dogora is both like a jellyfish but is like an amoeba(Hm, wouldn't it be something is the space amoeba with, gazora, komaebas and Gnanimes would appear) its multiple when splitting apart.

After reading the rest.

Oh, okay then. Then it alright..... for Now.

Actually, the Godzilla in my story is a composite of different versions. He has the appearance of the Kiryu Saga Godzilla (2002-2003), the size of the Final Wars Godzilla, and the added abilities of the Heisei Godzilla.

I still imagine him with 2014 design

Please tell me its the 2019 Godzilla and not the Godzilla from the anime series. I know you used the eye for inspiration, but please tell me its the 2019 Goji.

The eye is indeed from the anime Godzilla, but the actual Godzilla that's in my story is a composite of multiple different Godzillas: He has the physical appearance of the 2002-2003 Godzilla, the size of the Final Wars Godzilla and the added abilities of the Heisei Godzilla.

"I can't wait to hear about them, especially that one called Gojira!" Silverstream squealed happily with a wide grin, but also very quietly while also trying to suppress her excitement.

I see what you did there :trixieshiftright:

The true Monster King had just arrived to the scene. He was currently standing within the Crystal Empire borders, close to the edge. He quickly began scanning the area around him, mostly looking down for any of his pony friends. Then, his golden eyes widen in shock when he saw Starlight, Rainbow, Fluttershy, Spike, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, a pony he didn't recognize... and an unconscious Twilight laying on the ground.

It was at this moment SpaceGodzilla knew...he f***** up

Why did you make the chapters so long?

I hope Godzilla chooses to stay in Equestria along with his allies after the defeat of Ghidorah, Destoroyah, and SpaceGodzilla, along with the Legion of Doom. If not, then maybe Junior since he'll want to stay with his new friends and to protect Equestria as he's growing up, while his father and his allies protect Earth at the same time.

SpaceGodzilla will not be appearing in the story, anymore.

Driven off, I take it back then. But seriously, does Godzilla and the Earth Defenders or Junior stay in Equestria while the others return to Earth

Obviously, I can't say that right now, since that would spoiling.

Say, are you planning on updating the other MLP/Godzilla story on this site yet?

I'm considering it, but I have a lot of other work so I don't know when I'll do that.

Okay, just wanted to know. What episodes is Nulucus going to appear in, later?

I can't say since that would be spoiling.

Comment posted by MLPFollower deleted Dec 20th, 2019

Well, can you at least tell me what will happen next without spoilers?

What other work do you need to do?

Comment posted by MLPFollower deleted January 14th
Comment posted by MLPFollower deleted January 14th

Will there be any fan art of Nulucus later on?

Also, just to be clear, I actually enjoyed the Godzilla Anime Trilogy. And there is a pretty good chance that I'll make a MLP crossover story with it sometime.

Shit Keizer Ghidorah is coming, isn't he.

I kind of saw a few errors in this chapter, but otherwise it's awesome!

If you do plan on making a story about the MLP characters and the Godzilla anime trilogy, what’s the plot going to be?

It's a little too early for that . Don't you think?

Just asking. Also, without spoiling, when will the final chapter be posted?

Are you going to make a story similar to this one, except it goes more or less like the Monsterverse movies? I'm just suggesting this because I kind of expected King Ghidorah to be the true enemy, just saying.

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