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This story is a sequel to A Silent Night in the North

“May the Ancestors watch over you. May they watch over us all…” --- Ignitus

The third story in the Spiral of Fate Saga.

The impossible happened --- Malefor was defeated.

As Spyro lifted his wings and let out a healing wave of magic throughout the broken planet, his one prayer to the Ancestors was to save the last remaining Dragons from extinction.

It’s a pity he never specified just what he meant by “save”, and it’s a shame that the Ancestors have a cruel and bizarre sense of humor.

Now stranded on an alien world, Spyro, Cynder, and the inhabitants of Warfang, the last Dragon City, look to an uncertain future with both wonder and fear. Worlds have collided, new friendships will be forged, and nothing will ever be the same...

A continent away, the newly-crowned King Thorax of the Badlands Hive has his own troubles to deal with. His Hive has been contacted by another, demanding that he attend an emergency session of the Council of Seven in the very seat of Changeling leadership and sovereignty to answer for his crimes of defection, espionage, sabotage, and high treason against the dethroned Queen Chrysalis. If he cannot defend his actions, his Hive will be disbanded, his Changelings absorbed into the Primordial Hive, and he will be exiled. The young king’s leadership abilities will have to be put to the test before he even has a chance to wear his crown.

Thankfully, Twilight and her friends have offered to help...


It was the one thing Chrysalis wanted. Needed. She would have it, as well as the heads of Thorax and Starlight Glimmer mounted on her wall, or she would die trying.

As she hides within the Frozen North and gathers her strength, a mysterious Voice beckons to her, leading to a Dark Crystal buried in the side of a cliff. The malevolence...the power...!

Yessss...vengeance is coming. Soon. Now.

The Voice has chosen to help her, if she helps him in return...


The cover art was made by the face-meltingly talented Shrekzilla, whose DeviantArt is right here! Be sure to check him out and show him some love! :twilightsmile:

The map of Equestria I'm using for reference was made by BootsDotEXE. Needless to say, my AU is separate from theirs, and I have no claim to any locations on the map that are created by them or Hasbro. (Their map is used for a cool comic they're making called Beyond Our Borders. Check it out!)

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Chrysalis has NO IDEA on who she is making a "deal" with. :facehoof:


Thanks guys! More chapters will be coming soon. :twilightsmile:

If there is anything that I can contribute to Dawn of the Dragon; is the song of the Misty Mountains by the Hobbit 2012 ending music. That is what I think of when it comes to Spyro and all the heroics of all games. From the trilogy of old, to the 4th which gamers refuse to acknowledge, the DS that continued Ripto’s existence, Hero’s Tale, the trilogy of the Legend of Spyro, the Skylander’s first game, and now the re-ignited version of the old three games.

Always love to see other Spyro fans! Both FiM and Spyro have such vivid fantasy worlds—they go together very well. I haven't read your other stories yet, but glancing at your in-depth description alone, you really enjoy your world building. :twilightsmile: I'll be keeping track of this for sure.

Oh, you have no idea how much I love world-building. I think you'll like this one, especially with what I have planned for Changelings. :raritywink:

"The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of a New Age. Rated 10 and up! And pre-order now to get acess to two classic Spyro series characters Flame and Ember Along with extended story DLC! And look for the remastered The Legend of Spyro trilogy game: The Legend of Spyro: The Legend Reborn!"

Nice of you making a story that picks up from the Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. I have that game along with New Beginning. Missing the Eternal Night though.

You got that right! Malefor will betray her and take over the planet! Spyro and Cynder will have to stop him again before it's too late!

Unfortunately, Flame and Ember won't be appearing in this story. I had planned a scene with Flame a few chapters from now as a one-time cameo, but I eventually scrapped it because it just didn't mesh very well with the story I want to tell. And as for Ember, we already got a better one with MLP. You will, however, be seeing some other familiar faces from a certain franchise...

And as for Chrysalis...let's just say that not everything is so obvious. I've got biiiiig plans for her.

Ok then. I also added your story to the Legend of Spyro group.


Agreed! I doubt Malefor likes to share. Plus, he tried to destroy the entire world once for his "new image". And I doubt even Chrysalis wants that!!!!


Skylanders or from the original Spyro Games???!!!


Agreed! I doubt Malefor likes to share. Plus, he tried to destroy the entire world once for his "new image". And I doubt even Chrysalis wants that!!!!

Oh, the reactions will be priceless. :trollestia:

Also, if you haven't already, you may want to check out the previous two stories before this one, as well as this one-shot sidestory (although this last one is completely optional). Some of the stuff in the later chapters won't make much sense if you don't.

Skylanders or from the original Spyro Games???!!!

You'll find out in a few chapters! :raritywink:

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next as I'm a super huge Spyro fan especially the Legend of Spyro series. :)

Keep up the awesome work!!

I agree with you dude. Chrysalis wouldn't be that stupid to allow a mosterous evil purple dragon to destroy the planet.

Sorry Sparx, but pretty soon your gonna be pulled back into line of Fire. Cause karma isn't done with youuuu. Heheheheheh…

Sparx: Oh joy… lucky me. First the evil psycho she dragon then that Dark Master creep and now this! Why is this always happen to me?!


Maybe because he keeps being a smartass and a whiny complainer. And doesn't think of stop insulting the dragon/person in front of their face.

Don't be so hard on him; after all, he's been through a lot as well. Sparx will have his time to shine in this story and in future stories.

Check my profile and scroll down a bit. I think you'll be interested in what you see. :raritywink:


Dang, so much!

Is Spyro and possibly Skylanders the only crossovers you put in for your story series?

I do wonder how the first meeting of Spyro and Cynder will go with the main 6, Starlight and the Princesses? Anyways great chapter, keep up the good work.

Spyro and Cynder find Ponyville sweet! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Ho Chi Mane

LMAO is that Uncle Ho :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

“Don’t be too hard on him, Rarity,” Celestia said. “He actually hasn’t changed all that much.”

NIce, finally a Blueblood that not a spoiled brat.i see him portray rude and bad so much in other pic and get bored of it.Just using once and never again

Get ready for a loooot of humor, because the next few chapters are going to have a ton of it, as well as a good amount of emotion, some more world building, and a lot of Changelings. A LOT of Changelings.

Also, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the story. You seem to be a guy who knows your Legend of Spyro lore, so ask away! :twilightsmile:

Will there be any fan made dragons from the TLoS universe coming? Can you dive into who Spyro's biological mom and dad are.

Weeeell, yes and no to the first question, since some of the Dragons that are coming are new to the TLoS universe, but not necessarily "new" Dragons. There will, of course, be other new Dragons made specifically for this story as well.

As for Spyro's parents, I haven't actually considered that. I might try to squeeze that in if I can, but probably not in this story. I've got plenty of main stories and side-stories planned, so that's lots of time to develop each and every character.

I am very glad Spyro and Cynder didn't immediately cause a diplomatic incident by eating one of the sentient creatures of Equestria...
Not to mention the tragedy of said sentient creature being eaten. It would break my heart.

I hope Terrador and the others don't something rash when they learn where Spyro and Cynder are at.

Grá ó Neamh mead

You beautiful bastard...
Haven't even read the chapter and this made the Irish in me happy.

“On the contrary,” Volteer snickered. “They are rather...eccentric, even by my standards. You see, we took a less traditional route in their training, because these six are very nontraditional Dragons. Rare breeds, hybrids, magical creatures, one and all, as you shall soon see.”

Sunburn, Camo, Zap, Whirlwind, Bash and Flashwing?

Only one of those is correct. If you’re still reading, keep reading.

Uh oh now our main bad guy is about rear his ugly head. Hope Spyro and Cynder along with their new friends are ready for battle.

Irish Changelings... absolutely. Take my yes, and all my yes! The lore! The mythology! And we get to see our three buddies from a certain outpost?
This is...
Oh, I cannot wait to read more!

While I am happy that you are finally using some characters from Skylanders ( Besides Spyro, Cynder, Sparx ) in here. And it make sense that they are also dragons/hybrids specifically.

But, why didn't you call a particular dragon cyborg his original name: Drobot? And made a identity theft of a another Tech. Element Skylander?! 😕

“A black Dragon! Haven’t seen one of you guys in a thousand years or so,” Samwise answered.

Cynder is i think dark pruple skin

She’s been explicitly stated to be a black Dragon in the games, with Spyro and Malefor being the only purple Dragons. As for her color in Skylanders, that is not the design I’m going for in this story, and regarding her color in Dawn of the Dragon, I blame that on the lighting engine of that game rather than that color being her real color. You can actually see that if you go into more shaded/darker areas her scales turn a little blacker.

Thus, she’s a black Dragon here.

Well things just got very interesting with the Griffon empire and Twilight/Applejack/Spike/Thorax going to meet with the Changeling Emperor himself, I do hope they can save Thorax from being found guilty.

Keep up the good work.


You don't have to "ssshhhhhhh" me. It's no secret to know this, and not just because I'm a die-hard Skylanders fan. Besides, a lot of people still seem to remember the game series too, and they will also have the same conclusion as well if I didn't say anything.

Edit: I'm not trying to be rude?

I’m just having a bit of fun.

And if you want a serious answer to your question, he isn’t Drobot. Yes, you know who he is, and probably so do many others, but he isn’t Drobot. It also isn’t “identity theft”, since there aren’t any other main line Skylanders in this story besides these six, so the other tech Skylander, as far as this story is concerned, doesn’t even exist.

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Well here's hoping Phasma manages to escape and join Thorax's hive.

“Not quite. It said that no other Changeling can come with me. But Twilight isn’t a Changeling,” Thorax replied with a knowing smirk.

this can't end well. remember those Changeling are hiding, and Thorax just show the secret hive to the Gosh damn Ponies

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