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”We all must bear our burdens, but though we keep moving forward, we also must never forget what we left behind so that we may learn from it.” --- Princess Luna

The first story in the Spiral of Fate Saga.

For centuries, scholars have theorized that it was Luna’s jealousy over Celestia’s power that made the younger princess rebel. These same scholars then wrote the very history books that foals read to this day, a thousand years later. Few, however, knew the full truth.

Luna’s fall was not some nation-wide rebellion, nor was it some jealousy-fueled tantrum. The truth was far more shameful and cruel. It had indeed been Celestia’s fault, but not for the reasons that history said it was.

And so, on this cold and somber night, Celestia remembers the day of her greatest folly.

FEATURED: 2021/08/15 - 2021/08/17

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I want to say that the piece of history itself is interesting, but the last lines feel superfluous for the story.
they make you wait for a continuation that will take a different path, but if within this universe everything went the same as in the canon one, then why leave this cliffhanger if these events still happen by default?

That's because this is sort of like a prequel/side-story to a trilogy I'll be starting up at some point, which takes place directly after the Season 6 finale but drastically alters the universe from that point onward, and uses some aspects of this story (the Primal Alicorns, specifically).

I suppose the Changeling bit at the end is a bit superfluous, but I wanted to have it there as a bit of "future-proofed canon-welding". If enough people cite it as a negative, then I'll remove it for the time being and then replace it once the first story in the trilogy is published.

EDIT: Actually, on second thought, if this story is going to be linked as a prequel to that trilogy anyway, the canon-welding in itself would be redundant. I guess the Changelings can go, since they don't change this story that much. (shrugs)

That was a pretty awesome story you got there. I like your take on the primal alicorns coming out when its a dire situation where failure is not on option. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for the other stories in this universe.

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This was a good read, Celestia putting Luna’s fall on her own shoulder’s makes complete sense for her and it’s always cool to see the thestrals incorporated into the world. Really like how the true nature of Alicorns is played with here, that constant darker side just wanting to break out.

I figured that if you have that much power, there has to be something a little darker inside you telling you to use it. After all, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This is further evidenced by Daybreaker in the show outright saying that if Celestia wanted, she could rule the entire world and destroy anyone who stood in her way. Celestia is much stronger than she looks, she just doesn't want to show it because by doing so she'll become an unstable tyrant.

An awesome concept for fanworks for sure, though in show cannon I never brought the whole Celestia holding all her power in. I’m sure she has held back, especially against Luna but I’ve always seen Celestia power coming her experiences and knowledge that she’s gathered through her long life.
While stronger then the average unicorn I feel like many have taken her ability to move the sun as an over exaggeration Of how powerful she actually is.

Also that said, the concept of her holding all that power in like Superman is still interesting to explore in stories like yours.

This is beautiful.

Glad to finally be able to read this. Finding time has been difficult, but luckily life is simmering down enough that I actually have down time now.

Primal alicorns... a very good way to incorporate both Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon into the story as entirely different entities almost. A piece of them that is albeit its own consciousness. I especially love the hint at Celestia having lost control in the past, and literally creating an entire new biome.

It's powerful done right. Fits the character, and just... I love it. It's a good way to nerf their powers for a lack of a better term without destroying their characters, and making them shallow and just... puny as the show has done a couple of times.

Looking forward to reading through this trilogy. Onward I go.


Looking forward to reading through this trilogy. Onward I go.

Might want to check the road map on my profile there, my friend. :raritywink:

cute little excerpt.

I like your world a lot! It reminds me a little of my backstory for Luna.

I have to say I was surprised at how well-written this was. You deserve way more followers and upvotes than you have my friend.

Thanks so much! :twilightsmile:

God I loved this! Definitely gave more depth to the struggles of Celestia and Luna during their darkest hours.

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