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The Sound of Loneliness

Now, what do you get when one person gets both increadibly unlucky and lucky at the same time? A fanfic writer, apparently.



This story is a sequel to Imperial Affairs

A thousand years ago, a War has started. The War that just found a resolution. With Princess Celestia accepting defeat and her new place at the court, and the new Empress forming a reluctant understanding with the Element Bearers; the time has come to move on. Nightmare Moon found herself on the top of the world with no enemies remaining. Ponies reluctantly accept their new leadership, Princess Luna still has a legitimate claim. Little do they know, for their beloved Princess long since ceased having a word on what goes in the court.

Also, go ahead and check out my editor, MLE. She's awesome and worthy your time, I promise. Don't forget about The_Darker_Fonts too, both help a lot.

Cover by the wonderfully generous Hypocritic Oath.

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That was a horrific cliffhanger I'm loving this will be keep track of this

Nightmare, its still Luna's body. Dont damage this!

You son of a b***h! LUNA!!! NNOOOOO!!!

honestly its hard to find sympathy for nightmare

That's why I chose her precisely. The wonder of literature (and art in general) is that it is perceived and understood in their own way by each and every reader. You will never find two readers who will see the same work in exactly the same way.

I totally agree with you, Nightmare Moon is very far from being a good person. She took her crown with force, proceeding to use cunning, and treachery to hold it. She is not corrupt, but highly oppressive. She built her state so that everyone in the Empire, willing or not, will serve for furthering her interests. She will use everything and everyone to her advantage, and will not even blink at a few thousand changelings dying if this is required to get her the result she wants. Even her selective show of mercy and kindness serves her purpose. She, by all means, deserved what happened to her. She, finally, got to experience the fruits of her labour and see exactly what it's worth. Justice can be served in a myriad of ways, sometimes not even a judge is required.

And then there is another side. Nightmare Moon may be a despot, but she is not heartless, neither she is cruel. She genuinely cares for the people in her hold, even if they didn't exactly choose her as their sovereign. She hates what she is, but her responsibility doesn't permit her to simply let go. Equestria needs someone on the throne, someone who will be accepted by everyone, even if grudgingly.
Celestia won't work. Fanatic bat ponies would immediately take up arms. Luna is simply unfit for this much responsibility, she was the one who forced the changes in the first place. While Cadance already has her hooves full and Twilight has proved to be unreliable.
Nightmare Moon may not be a very moral person, neither she is the most kind and certainly not nearly as competent and experienced as Celestia. But she is still the only option and she is willing to shoulder the responsibility. She will do it for her ponies, for Luna and for a single spark of hope to turn back the cruel fate.

It's always fascinating to explore different points of view for even night and day simple, as they often seem, matters.

i dk
What really happens with Luna?
Nm really kill her?

She got shot. Royal or not, bullets kill everyone.

By the way, I really have to commend you for your determination. You do not let the language barrier to stop you!
As one learner to another: you'll get there one day. The westerners won't tell you aren't native, you just keep practising.

oh, i forgot reread *Lunar eclipse* chapter.
Sad to say, but without Luna this story lose good chunk of interest for me.

I assure you, Luna is still in there. She simply went from NMM's roommate to being the catalyst of the whole action. If you have a perspective, you might even say she got more important than she was.

Well, I am glad some of you do. Comparing the total number of unique views to the number of views on the later chapters I am getting the idea that things ain't exactly run smoothly. Well, those 30-50 people who actually bother to go through the thing are already flattering.

On the whole dip in later chapters readers. I’ve been a bit hesitant to read them. Don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing story with great writing. It’s just, I’m not sure how much of Luna being dead I can take. I may or may not be a Luna fanatic and Lunar Eclipse nearly broke my heart.

Ah! Now, this is exactly what I was counting for! This is a tragedy, it's supposed to hurt! I've been very deliberate on the Eclipse, making sure it's going to feel.
The meaning of tragedies is to give the reader a contrastive picture. That's exactly why I chose Luna, everyone loves her. Meaning everyone she getting hurt, let alone dead, will certainly strike something. That's step one of what a tragedy is supposed to do, to make the readers live something they wouldn't like, not to make them suffer but to get them in the condition you need. This is where the magic starts.
Our perception is a curious thing. There are many beautiful things in the world, you see. But we rarely can understand the real beauty until we get a perspective. This is what tragedies do, they make us suffer alongside the characters so that we can see the real message the author is trying to convey.
Now, when, by your own admission, I broke your heart; I get a chance to show you something beautiful, something that you wouldn't otherwise notice. Literature is a very complex and refined art, no other can compare with it in this capacity.

Though, like I already did say, worry not. Our beloved Princess is very far from dead.

Well that was very profound and poetic.
And on another note...
Thanks f*****g Primus’s!

Why, thank you! That means that I am not a total disgrace to the art at the very least.

This needs editing. Badly. Interesting premise and its not bad, but an editor is needed

Well, expected as much. Writing things on your own isn't generally a worthwhile endeavour. But, until I find anyone I would be certain in, this would have to do. Thank you for your feedback. Criticism is something I badly need these days.

The Princess of Books broke into sweat, as she found no books at her workplace. She licked her, suddenly dry, lips and proceeded to open the book again. The runes were still there. Twilight nervously looked around, searching for any clues on who could’ve moved it.

The Princess of Books? Was this on purpose, or a typo? :rainbowhuh:

Purpose. It's intended as a subtle joke. Humour is like salt in literature. A grain of it makes almost any dish better.

Must be rough for some in the city it is hard for a ruler to care for all of her citizens loving the story

I'm injoying this but why are there two of the same sentences in this chapter

Poor Chrysalis a wonderful chapter my friend

Why, thank you. It only took like a month to make.

Sorry......that was mostly my fault. :twilightsheepish:

Of course, it is. I would argue that the last few chapters being more than mostly readable is also your fault.

How was it your fault

I'm his editor, and I just...take a long time.

Well that's ok you both made an amazing story

Well,its Daybreaker really love Nm as sister or its just a game for her?

Both yes and no. Daybreaker has certain sisterly feelings for NMM, but they end exactly where her own benefit starts. It so happens that the only benefit she can have for the moment lies with her sister.


Very well done.

Please do continue this great story.

The Monk
"Knowledge is power and power corrupts, so study hard and be evil." - Reykan

I'm am loving this it still is an amazing story

I thank you for your always kind appraisal.

My pleasure it's a great story

Th-... bu-...

...moving on.

How many chapters long will this story be?

Somewhere around 60-80 words. It is hard to be brief when there's so much to say.

Man a cliffhanger darn good chapter

I mean rarity must have a reason for her betrayal. But selling out fluttershy that's low even if they aren't friends anymore I just want to strangle rarity

Before you go condemning Rarity, a question for you. How far are you willing to go to protect those you love?

I wonder if hippogriff wings taste better baked or fried?

Whyyy you had to end it at a cliffhanger it was getting good amazing job I can't wait for what happens next

Why? Well, the answer for that question is rather uninspiring. Perhaps you'll be glad to know that the next chapter does not end like this.

Good story so far. Though I'm not crazy about Luna being dead, I'm like "Ow! Right in the feels!"

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