• Published 14th Feb 2020
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Imperial Revision - The Sound of Loneliness

What would you do if you already had everything? Or everything you wanted. Her Majesty Nightmare Moon has recently discovered there is more to life than war, intrigues and edicts. Luna is trying to be helpful. She has no choice.

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All Extreme Opinions Consume Themselves


“I said: not now, Rarity.” Nightmare Moon repeated her already given verdict. Rarity was smart enough so not to persist. The Empress swiftly broke away, almost if she was fleeing, slammed the archives door behind her.

“She didn’t even listen to what I have to say!” Rarity couldn’t help but feel offended.

“Well, that’s an improvement in her attitude if I ever saw one!” Rainbow widely grinned at her.
“I can relate to her a bit right now. When you are in charge of things you can’t allow other ponies to just walk by and distract you of something important.” Rarity louringly looked at the archives door again.
“At least she ain’t looking shell-shocked anymore, right?”

“I suppose you are right, Rainbow. Better tell Dreamy.”

“Nah, she can wait a bit. Fluttershy, together with Cloudy, keeps her occupied enough so she won’t piece anything together.”

“Rainbow, this is dangerous. If she finds out we lied...”

“Then we just say we must have misinterpreted Hag’s will. Come on, let’s see what kind of trouble Twilight is in.”

“Excuse me,” a reserved address turned both mares on their heels. “I overheard a part of your discussion. Perhaps, I can be of some assistance while Her Majesty is preoccupied?” Princess Celestia politely offered. Rainbow quickly bowed, making the Princess smirk.

“Your Highness… you see, we have a little… issue on our hooves right now. This is very embarrassing, really.” Celestia knowingly smiled at Rarity.

“I take it you questioned Dreamy Tears on her faith?” Celestia stuck it right to Rarity, cutting the chase. Rarity simply nodded, grateful for being spared of the necessity to explain herself,
“I see. My little ponies, if you will let me walk with you.”

“First-floor waiting room, Your Highness,” Rainbow gave the directions. Celestia nodded.

“Princess, we promised Dreamy an audience with Her Majesty,” Rarity protested.

“Rarity, I am afraid this won’t be possible. Her Majesty has urgent business of… personal nature.” Celestia started her way to the mentioned room.

“Oh dear...this cannot end well.” The Princess smirked again.

“Have a little faith, Rarity.”

Dreamy was certainly not having much faith in the Sun Goddess. Cloudy and Fluttershy were relieved to see her, but the Priestess instantly scowled upon the door opening at Princess’ wake.

“Greetings,” Celestia smiled to all three, wasting no time, she approached the sitting ponies,
“May I?” Celestia asked Fluttershy. She promptly nodded. The Princess sat in the spare chair next to the yellow pegasus.
“Miss Dawn,” Cloudy bowed. “Miss Tears,” Dreamy grudgingly nodded.
“I am sorry, but Her Majesty could not spare the time for the meeting at this moment. I hope I would be a sufficient replacement,” Dreamy frowned and looked down. The Princess turned back at Rarity and Rainbow, still standing at the door.
“Have a seat, if you please.”

With everyone, finally have settled, it was time to work,
“Miss Tears, I imagine you have a business?”

Dreamy sighed,
“I’ve been summoned.”

“Of course!” Celestia lied without blinking, drawing everyone’s look. “Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But you must excuse me, the Empress does not induct me in all her plans.”

“Your Highness, Her Majesty sent us to attend a ceremony-”

“We were celebrating our goddess’ generosity!” Dreamy spat out, evidently refusing to bear the sight of someone else speaking for her in front of the rival god. “She blessed a pony to see in the dark!”

“Is this so?“ Celestia looked at Fluttershy’s slitted eyes. “Miss Dreamy, I do not think I follow you. I do not recall my sister expressing her desire for you to worship Miss Fluttershy, blessed she may be or not. Perhaps you received a vision in your sleep?”


“Queer!” Celestia musingly smirked. “Her Majesty’s ways are fascinating to witness! If she allowed you to proceed, she must have intended you to meet miss Fluttershy.” Fluttershy coyly looked at the floor, “Miss Tears, perhaps you have an idea why you were brought here?”

“I cannot hope to understand the meaning of Her plan,” Dreamy instinctively retorted.

“Hmm… No, I imagine you won’t,” the Sun Princess agreed, displaying her disappointment. “Miss Tears, what makes you think your Empress would even think of inviting you?” Rarity dropped her jaw; the Princess just gave them away. Rainbow gritted her teeth and turned her head a few degrees away, as if expecting a grenade blast. Celestia simply sneered.
“My sister has no use for the likes of you. She may tolerate you because you are her subject, but you are far from her best ones.”

“Sun Fiend would know nothing of her ways,” Dreamy hissed.

“Oh, little pony!” Celestia chuckled. “I am merely telling you what you already know! Look at the mares at your side! None of them have your devotion! But they still have much better stations than you! Why’s that?” Dreamy eyed everyone around her, stopping on Rainbow. She returned the gaze,
“You are right to take interest in Miss Dash. Why do you think my sister would keep her sworn enemy alive and well, and also this close?”

“I can speak for myself, thank you kindly,” Rainbow Dash blurted. Celestia invitingly smiled at her and gestured at the Priestess. Rainbow swallowed a sudden lump in her throat, she didn’t think this far ahead.

“...Well, I… AM, kinda, awesome.” Rainbow spelt. Celestia smiled approvingly.

“You see,” she turned back to Dreamy. “My sister knows value when she sees it. Miss Dash is a seasoned hero! While you were building your little cult, she was fighting on the frontlines! Miss Dash is useful to have at your side.” -Rainbow turned away to hide herself blushing- “How many threats have you vanquished?”

“One,” Dreamy looked at the Princess fiercely. The reference was obvious.

There it is!” Celestia’s smile broadened. “Your fangs aren’t merely for show, I see!”

“You possess no right to insult one of Her most devoted servants!” Dreamy made away with her restraint.

“Oh, please! If you are to be considered devoted, then my sister is a mudpony.”

“You...you dare?!” Celestia shot back with another smug smile.

“She is my sister, after all!”

“I...I’ll find the way to get Her palace rid of you, filth! Even if I have to do it myself!” Dreamy went on to snarl a few more insults. "Celestia" tried her best to avoid bursting into laughter there and now, this turned out to be hilariously easy.

Try it!” Celestia deliberately weighted her every word. Dreamy eagerly took the bait.

The Priestess sharply jumped up from her chair, immediately proceeding to leap across the table right in the smug face, mocking her. Both mares ended up on the ground, but Dreamy noticed something weird. Her opponent wasn’t resisting. She just lied there under her, sneering into her face. Dreamy’s senses screamed danger to her. Noticing her growing panic, Celestia laughed.

Do it! You know you want to hit me!” she invited. This gave Dreamy another reason to hold back. This was a trick! A ruse! The demon played her for a fool! She almost went against the Empress’ holy law!
Dreamy sharply took off from the Princess and backed off as quickly as she could in terror of what she almost did.

“Aren’t a total idiot, are you?” Celestia's smile became less mocking.

“Y-your Highness!” shocked Rarity called to her. “What is the meaning of this?! Why would you do something so undignified?!”

“Special foals require special approaches, Rarity,” Celestia explained. “Miss Tears needed a lesson. I think she sees it too now,” Celestia gestured at the Priestess, who had her eyes shamefully glued to the floor.
“I think we both understand now why she called for you. Don’t we?”

“Yes...” Dreamy nodded several times in quick succession. “I am unworthy.”

“But you are!” Celestia quickly objected. “You are simply no goddess. Ponies make mistakes. My sister knows this better than anyone. If my sister didn’t see you worthy, she would have removed you!” Dreamy looked at the sun mare in surprise, only finding a disarming, even if smug, smile. Dreamy nodded a few times.

“Thank you.” Dreamy finally dared to bring her head up, “I see it now! I vow to be better! My Empress deserves better subjects!” Celestia approvingly smiled at her.

“I know you will! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here! Make my sister proud to have you as her priestess!” Dreamy nodded seriously without parting her eyes from the Princess. She, then, gave the four stunned mares a grateful look and left through the door.

With a satisfied smile, Celestia shifted her attention to the subjects that were still left,
“Ruling a land is hardly about issuing orders and moving armies, my little ponies. You simply need to give small pushes in the right direction, and the subjects will fill up anything still missing in your vision themselves.”

Daybreaker enjoyed Dawn’s worshipping look. She was glad her sister asked her to take care of their subjects for a few hours. They two would get along like this just fine…

Queen… no, just Chrysalis, heard a distant clanging echo. Having opened her blurry eyes, she discovered that, fortunately, she already was facing her cell door, she did not need to waste her remaining energy on the pointless movement.

The heavy, metal, door creaked open. It sounds like the warden didn’t even bother to oil it anymore. Seeing her visitor wasn’t easy; Chrysalis only saw a blurred black blot and a second, smaller, blot beside it. Easy enough to guess. Her captor took an interest in her. Chrysalis didn’t bother to stand up, she couldn’t anyhow.

The warden swiftly took off, while Nightmare Moon walked inside her cell. She eyed the small box for a moment and then returned to Chrysalis. Chrysalis sighed -she didn’t care much anymore, one way or another she was going to die. A simple neck snap would be preferable to starving to death.

Chrysalis saw her mouth moving, but her ears failed her. Good, Chrysalis didn’t want to hear her talk again anyhow. Chrysalis closed her eyes again, Nightmare Moon could do whatever, the changeling couldn’t feel anything at this point anyway. Chrysalis could still hear the door closing down, so she would know when the torturer is gone.

“Feed,” Nightmare Moon said in her ear. No, she wasn’t stupid enough to prolong her own jail time.
“Chrysalis, feed,” Nightmare Moon insisted. Chrysalis lifted her eyes and curiously stared at the pony. She regretted she could not see her face. Chrysalis watched as the demigod lowered herself to the starving Queen. What’s this about?
“I am offering you freedom. Feed,” Nightmare Moon answered the silent question.

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