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My mind is a house of cards being blown over, but that's okay cuz they're all coming up aces.


My name is Fonts, an author who enjoys writing darker, sadistic stories that make you question morality and the more acceptable things in life. I love listening to music by Strawberry Jams, I love Branden Sanderson's stories, and have a bunch of books planned for the future. Please PM me if you want to chat!

Pronouns: Fonts/fonts

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  • 7 weeks
    Random Thought That Won't Leave Me

    Trigger warning, the topic at hand is porn.

    With that out of the way, I have to pose a question: How do people create characters, have them tell a story, and then write porn about those characters aside from the story?

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  • 11 weeks
    Huge Surprise

    Yesterday I released a short chapter for Equestria' Ray of Hope, and while I always look forward to it and whether people will see it or not, but I didn't have any expectations really. However, it gone blown out of the water and I received 565 views on it, which it astounding! Really cool that that happened, and just wanted to share my excitement and appreciation for that!

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  • 16 weeks
    A pretty big change

    So, as I am always late to everything, some of you might have noticed the rather massive change to my account, that being the arrival of the Slash of Truth books. About a month ago, an incredible author named BlazenWolf2019 reached out to me and asked if I would finish his story The Slash of Truth. After reviewing some of his writing and explaining my schedule, I agreed to take over the task while he moves on. Now, funnily enough, I haven't finished reading the story yet, so I don't have

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  • 24 weeks
    Funny Things Are Happening

    So, my upload schedule hasn't been... great, but for all it's worth, I'm getting stuff out around every two weeks. This is because I started school and a whole host of afterschool stuff, so I'm incredibly busy, plus I gotta micromanage WW2 and finish writing a marching band piece, so my focus is greatly stretched. That being said, I also came down with bronchial pneumonia last Saturday and have been battling fevers and mucus for the entire week.

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  • 34 weeks
    Let's Talk About June

    So, June was an interesting month for me, given I both started the month out of town and ended the month out of town. That being said, the time in between allowed me to write a fair amount. Now, I figured after the rapidfire spring, I wouldn't have as many people reading my stories as summer started, especially with me being unable to actively write half of the month. But oh boy was I wrong.

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3 Years Now · 5:04pm Apr 24th, 2023

Wow, okay, I'm beginning to feel it. This is the third blog of this type, and boy has a lot happened since the last one. For starters, part one of EROH finished and it hit 5,000 initial views, a dream of mine from the start! On that topic, every one of my stories did amazingly this year, and the views I got from this year alone doubled by total views of the previous two years. The Blue Knight reached its conclusion and the next book in the Blueblood series is in the works and Blood Moon has

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Wowza, real fucking late, but I guess I never scrolled down to see this. HoE is the Heroes o Equestria storyline, or the canon universe of the stories listed above this chat. Sorry this response came well over a year late, but hopefully it's all good... :twilightblush:

Ahora que lo pienso en las demás historias se siguen el mismo contexto del desarrollo del personaje principal resien me doy cuenta 🤯🤯😀

Sorry, friend, but you're gonna have to take the whole deal... or no deal.

I'm here for the Death and Destruction!
Depression, not so much.

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