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A human teen wakes up one morning to find his bedroom replaced by a throne room, and his siblings replaced by technicolored ponies. Suddenly finding himself torn from his home and family, he must learn to cope in an equine run world. Meanwhile, a dark force threatens to destroy Equestria, and Twilight must ask herself, has she stopped it, or only slowed the inevitable.

Part of the HoE storyline.

Extra tags include trauma, sad, drama, and innuendo.

Extra characters include Shining Armor
Princess Cadence
Flurry Heart
Tempest Shadow

Chapters (31)
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a unicorn with a horn. Alicorn, if his memory of eighth grade Greek mythology served correct.

I believe you meant Pegasus with a horn

so does this make twilight out to be evil or am i just overthinking the gravity of just what she has done

so how will twilight make up for her... crime? is this considerd a crime and immoral or just immoral?

Or a unicorn with wings

Comment posted by The_Darker_Fonts deleted Apr 26th, 2020

Many of you are asking if Twilight is evil. JUST WAIT

I meant a unicorn with wings, but I must've been typing this while sleep deprived. Thanks, though.

Those heroes in stories where they get abducted have really strong will. I would probably be killed by guards after my attempt to chocke life out of Twilight.

Welll, Ray's kinda out of it. I constructed Ray to be a bit more patient and strong willed, because he has seven siblings. Also, read the part on spears.

I wasn't complaining. Your story, your characters. I like it. It just came to me that I would go full Zod ( from Man of Steel with line "My soul, that is what you have taken from me" XD) on her ;)

I wasn't correcting. I actually get where you're coming from, since that is also where I'd go :twilightsheepish:. I was just trying to clarify.


I'm an idiot. I'm sorry for the delay, I just don't fully understand the publishing mechanics yet.

Twilight was able to mend her friendship while dodging the conscience of removing him from his world you know being erased? Well done you have shown that twilight truly is Celestia's sucsesser but how long will it take for that little thing to come out and how will it damage twilight's frenships when it is found she has kept it from her friends. Also Raymond may not trust her ever if it is found out as he gave her a chance to come clean but she messed that up. Makes you wonder if her taking the throne is why the minotors will invade?

Edit: she also didn't mention he can never go home

Raymond for the love ... don't buy Twilight bullshit! They called him to fight some murderous race of two legged cows... You had life? Fuck you and your life! Fight for us monkey boy, better you than force our race to grow a pair of balls. XD I can't wait to see/read what he will do... maybe TD style punch to her snout? ^^

Well if it were me in Raymond's place I would laugh right in twilight's face and tell her first to go fuck herself for destroying not only my life but my family's lives, then tell her that I am a civilian and would be completely useless against her enemies even if I wanted to help them then laugh again and go to Zacora and see if she could tell me how to survive in the Everfree

Not erased. She only made it so her dimension couldn't interact with other dimensions. More on her conscience later.

He doesn't even know who Zecora is.

Something like that. Don't worry, she'll get her just reward.

Better solution would be force them to use elements on him Bang-boom one thousand years in stone or on the moon. And who care about world war around? ;) XD

There is one more possiblity. Banishing all minotaurs to Equestria Girls dimension. Coz f*ck people. They warmongers anyway...XD

EG doesn't exist because I absolutely hate it. Also, plot convenience🙄

+1 for excluding EQ Girls from the story (the only minus is lack of Sunset). But... even if EQ girls don't exist... there still have to be a place where to sirens were flushed... ;)

Discord's home. Or Limbo. Pick your poison. Also, yeah, Sunset would've been nice to have...

X: Let's send all minotaurs to limbo?
Y: No.
X: Do we prefer to send abducted species to fight for our cause?
Y: Yes.
X: Will Fluttershy forgive us?
Y: Yes.
X: Ok, boys we have the green light! Where is my next chapter?!

Yes, but that would require a level of magic that Equus doesn't have the capabilities to produce. Seriously, we're talking tens of thousands. That would also require all of them to be put into Limbo with the minotaurs, so yeah. Now shut up. I'm trying to finish chapter 5.

Closing my trap right now. Do your stuff ;)

Well I would go to Zacora if I still had my knowledge of the show

Did she not try see how the war starts? Maby her doing this causes it.

Its a spontaneous invasion. No declaration, no signs, no provoking. Just a random day and suddenly invasion.

Search previous chapters for answers. She specifically explains how it works in chapter 1 for the edit.

Fair enough maby they saw that they never killed and went for it after all what will they do kill .The block brings the question of if there are ponys out there that were ment for violence and would have talent and destiny but couldn't and where crippled because of celestia.

The darker side of MLP. Also, adequate.

I'm sure Ray's going to be thrilled to find out you screwed him over, this isn't going to horribly go wrong at all nor will it lead to a self-fulling prophecy.

if she seen what she said she seen, she should've either

a. brought someone that could train their military
b. brought someone that had or studied military tactics
c. brought a loner or a brony that would gladly hep her since they don't have nothing to lose or is a fan of twilight sparkle
d. brought someone who was an inventor that could upgrade their tech or a gun otaku who could make guns.
e. hired mercenaries, they're there for a reason and would gladly fight your wars for you.

*in the most sarcastic way possible* I'm sure everything is going to be alright and that Ray is going to realize one very important fact that there's a chance these minotaurs are going to skip him in their brutal slaughtering of equestria since they can totally defeat dragons in a fight.

*none sarcasm* all this just makes me want to read more to find out how Ray manages to survive this since going off the assumption authors don't kill their mcs.

Forgetting the part about untrustworthy, pony's incapability to fight, and the fact that MLP doesn't exist in this Earth. If it did, infinite loopholes would be created and reality itself would crash. And seriously, tell me if you know an adult who would be willing to fight for miniature horses and build a machine gun.

you could do some cool stuff with this story from him deciding f this and going off on his own and finding these ponys and helping them possibly break the block because if anyone can they would especialy if they know it is there.

or him training for the war as asked which honestly i wouldent do in his shoes but i dont know how he will act so maby.

the block made me think of the block in SAO's newer seasons where the artifical humans when brought to a point where they need to break the block on them can through willpower (though at the expece of their eye).

I like your story but tell me if my comment bother you i kinda just toss everything out onto these that im thinking

Haven't seen SAO, so IDK what you're talking about. To actually understand Ray takes a lot of reading between the lines. He's the eldest of eight in a lower class family that has mental disabilities. If you haven't caught on, the youngest twins are bipolar, Ben is depressed and has anxiety, Mal's a schizophrenic, Mason's bipolar, and even Ray is messed up, although more on that later. His mind works differently than most peoples, since suicide is a problem he has to look for amongst his siblings. He also has a lot more responsibility, and is sorta like the third parent in his family. What he choses isn't a mystery to me, but I love seeing all of the predictions.

oh ill give you the quick verson of the sao thing then. basicly there is a set of rules the artifical humans canot do and if they think about doing these things or are about to try they are struck with pain and stopped exept for a few who power through it and do such forbidden acts eg kill. cant realy say i can understand how ray will react to this situation but whichever path he chooses i hope twilight doesnt get away with what she has done as even with the best intentions she has crossed a line and does need some consecuences especialy if you consider she has always had celestia to be over her guilding her and stopping her from messing up and going down bad paths but without celestias constent presence i think she might do a few things less then good.

on another note you could use the block as a reson for all of this in the first place such as the minators find out about it or maby there is a pony among them who as shown by twilight has figured out the loophole in the block. knowing when the block was put in place could be intesting as it could give you ideas as to which charicter might have had diffrent destinys had the block not have existid such as cosy glow maby she was ment to be a militery leader but had to go down a diffrent path due to the block changing the world.
basicly the way you set up the story so far has intreged me and i love it when a story does that.

Comment posted by The_Darker_Fonts deleted Apr 30th, 2020

Huh...Celestia magically brainwashed her little ponies and cut off their balls. O-ok? Twilight push a guilt on Raymond. That is evil!. Twilight doesn't want ponies to die, kill or change so the mental block will stay. I guess our governments would do same? Because it is comfortable solution? Without new problems after war? Twilight think it is ok to use person that would die anyway and risk his life in their service... Wow, I have no words!XD
Two things that bothering but I am sure that story will explain:
A. Ray alone against army, how does it work?
B. Discord, his powers have no limits (almost). And don't have to stop incoming chaos, but he can change it into something non lethal.

Discord is like the last line of defense, since he probably wouldn't take the situation seriously until a minotaur ripped a pony apart in front of him. However...

im not how i feel about this on one hand he found some peace with his situation so good for him but with how twilight has shown herself in the actual show and how she seems to have been watcing him a while it would seem she is doing some stuff that is less then good or would be approved by her frends (putting stuff in rays head or manipulating him). either way twilight has been verry lucky with her actions so far with her use of time travel in the show and what she just did to ray maby she will finaly get a look in the mirror on what she has done and is doing.
i still think the invasion isnt random though for how twilight has apparently seen it it seems to well done. The spells to look into the future exist as shown by twilight but what kind of vision was hers? was it a vision of the furure no matter what or a future she is unknowingliy setting up. maby her bringing ray in starts this all up i mean naturle born seers are a thing so maby one is on the minotors side and sees a future with ray over thier bodys and that starts this

take at face value:twilight brought him here to fight a war
not to take at face value:anything else she says since she's willing to lie to her friends, no telling what else she's lying about.

Unless Discord himself backs up her story, then not going to trust anything this version of twilight says as she's in that 'its for the good of equestria' mindset which led to fucks up.

also its impossible to feel safe around pinkie pie, its in one of her abilities.

Comment posted by The_Darker_Fonts deleted May 2nd, 2020
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