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Three months after defeating the combined forces of Chrysalis, Cozy Glow, and Tirek, Starlight holds a brief meeting with Twilight. The guilt of not being able to save Cozy Glow and the personal anger that she was given a second chance when Cozy wasn't causes Starlight to demand the filly's release. Twilight agrees to it, and accepts Starlight's proposal to take in the troubled filly.

Meanwhile, Twilight begins to deal more heavily with the oncoming minotaur threat, completing her plan with the gracious help of Sunburst. Anxiety, worry, and stress all weigh her down to the point of breaking completely.

Finally released from her imprisonment, Cozy Glow resists the encouragement and reformation pressed forward by Starlight. Increasingly frustrated and angered by her surroundings, she begins plotting her escape, using the knowledge and experience of her past mistakes and time imprisoned. However, everything changes when a new element, and new knowledge of the fate of her and Equestria, are introduced to her.

Additional tags include trauma.

Extra characters include
Princess Cadance
Shining Armor
Flurry Heart
Main Six
and Changelings.

Part of the HoE storyline.

Chapters (5)
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it's planned to be 10K words

That’s too many words for a single chapter.


Actually. I seen stories that have Chapters Over 15K to 25K and beyond!!! :twilightoops:


Just stating the facts that there are bigger chapters in this website. :unsuresweetie:

I am aware of how ridiculously long some chapters are but the fact is that the longer a chapter is the more of a chore it becomes to read.

Pretty nice start. It's always nice to see Twilight and Starlight realizing just how wrong imprisoning Cozy was. I'm curious to see what comes next.

“The Elements could, in technicality release her, but in doing so, they’d release the other two. As much as I hate to say it, they can’t be changed. They’ve proven that, even when all hope is lost for them, they won’t just accept the facts and turn to friendship. We were wrong about them, and they just… can’t accept when they’re wrong about themselves.”

I dunno, Discord is at least as old if not probably older then Tirek and Chrysalis and he never changed until he was practically forced into a reformation program. Those two never did quite get something as extensive.

But the thing is, Discord's character is never set, per se. All we can solidly say about him is he's chaotic, and tethered to at least Fluttershy on a personal level. He's the embodiment of chaos, and thus ever changing. He is susceptible to change, while Tirek and Chrysalis' selfish pride keeps their hearts cold. Also, in neither situation that Discord got turned to stone was he fully aware of defeat. The first time he was laughing at the shiny jewels, the second he was bamboozled by the power of Friendship. He never said "I'll never surrender". Discord is just an unpredictable factor in general, which is really frustrating to write.

Also, it's my personal belief that, even with the adrenaline rushing, they knew encasing the filly was wrong . Notice that the Princesses and Discord don't ever really directly acknowledge Cozy. That may have been unintentional (or I didn't see them take notice, I make mistakes), but it seems like they were more focused on vengeance and justice against those two, and Cozy kinda just got caught up with it.

Right, because they wouldn't consider the filly who launched an unprovoked attack on their castle and drained their magic to be guilty of anything.

But Tirek and Chrysalis can't change? If you recall, when the LOD came together the only one who wanted to work with the others was Cozy, but eventually Tirek and Chrysalis both learned that they needed each other and were willing to change to accomidate that meaning that they do have the capacity for change. For example, Chrysalis was willing to trust her magic to Tirek and Tirek actually gave it back. And consider that even after being released, Discord still mocked the ponies for wanting to reform him despite at that point seeing exactly what did him in.

As much as I want to agree with your personal belief, I just can't because Cozy was still sent to Tartarus before Discord broke her out. They had more then enough time to calm down both before and after sending her there to reconsider, but they didn't. They just tossed her into the cage and only mentioned her once in passing before the finale. Simply put, nothing points to them treating her any different from the other two.


And see, this is where personal interpretation and the fault of the screenwriters conflict. They show multiple times that Tirek and Chrissy won't surrender, while at the same time trying to contradict their own built characters by attempting to have them work together. I would say that, in my own belief, the other two worked together to try and gain power more than friendship. Cozy was the only one that wanted to work together, which is why this is her (and other's) redemption story. She showed that she was still susceptible to friendship, while the other two were only susceptible to fiendship.

She only wanted them to work together in order to accomplish their mutual goals, and as a means of manipulating her "teammates".

And the only things she proved susceptible to were power and revenge. Don't forget how she tried to take all of Discord's magic and use it to betray Chrysalis and Tirek (despite moments ago insisting on a team-building exercise, thereby proving her notions of "teamwork" and "togetherness" to be sheer hypocrisy).

Dunno, that scene near the end of Frenemies showed potential for all three of them to me. Then again, if you can only try and reform one of them, Cozy might be the best option.

She was no better or worse then Discord or Starlight and equally deserving of redemption as them.

To me though, the fat that she initiated it proves (impartially) that there is some portion of her willing to be good, although her more evil side was under the guise that it was all for her own benefit. Friendship, even the shadow of it, is beneficial to all attending parties. If not, then it isn't true friendship, just a hollow image.

Good chapter.

In my own personal headcanon Cozy Glow is much older than she appears, seeing as she's a master manipulator, a sociopath and has an extensive knowledge of magic outside of what the pegasus tribe can normally tap in to. I would put her age closer to Cadance(as we never get a confirmation on her age.), maybe a little older. She could be under the effects of a spell(maybe a curse?) where she physically ages much slower.

I liked the details of the unstoning. It felt wierdly realistic with all the reactions and thought processes. It really made me feel bad for all three of them. I also liked how Twilight and Starlight were quick to try and help Cozy. This is a nice setup and I'm very curious to see where it goes.

As her consciousness began to better itself, she was able to recognize that the grass that was pressed against her head and breast was not grass, but softer. Fur, her addled mind thought. Wait, thought? She hadn’t done that in a while, and neither had she felt in a while. Or felt this, at least. Even before the stone and the cold and gray, she hadn’t felt thi in a long, long time, since she was a foal, maybe. And as she thought of the rarity of such a feeling, the feeling of fur on her, she pursued it, pushing herself weakly against it.


Ah, yes, my broken s key shows its face, managing to slip past my editing. Thanks for notifying me!

Edit: My broken s key is quite infamous for causing typos in my other works as well, and usually I double tap it to get the s in.

Very detailed scene about Cozy Glow being unstoned. It was very alluring, and hypnotic, but also comforting. I liked how the first thing the little filly needed after coming back was rest. Very cute.
This does remind me though. I've that I've always wondered what the affects being in stone would have on Cozy specifically. Discord is a lord of chaos and survived stone for 1,000 years, and a was completely unscathed. Tirek and Chrysalis are toughies, they'll be fine. But Cozy. A mortal filly. Would she be okay after significant amount of time passing? Or... not? Thankfully it seems here like all she needs is time to wake up.

Discord isn't unscathed by the experience. He learned what fear and control were, and likewise, so does Cozy. Tartarus was a timeout, and stone encasement was a grounding. I should say, the next few chapters detail recovery; mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Great chapter, I love how detailed the healing process here is. It gives me the same vibes as the previous chapter and I think thats a good thing. It was also nice to see more of Cozy's personality come back now that she can think more properly.

“Bah, blasted megalomaniacal thinking,” she said angrily.

Interesting, so Cozy seems to be aware of and dislikes some of her flaws here.

Was this why Discord suggested this, knowing that when she was reawakened, she would suffer worse than she’d caused. She hated him! Why did the stupid draconequus open his muth? Why did he have to know such pain, and how to cause it? It was all his fault!

Yea, what Discod did was utterly malicious. Also did you mean mouth?

The mare that had been so kind to her, that had given her food, medicine, and help, was none other than the mare who had initiated this misery, Starlight Glimmer.

Initiated this misery? Does this mean that Cozy blames Starlight specifically for everything that heppened to her?

Well, considering that Starlight was technically one of the ones that defeated her, and that she can't remember well, she instantly presumes to think that she was the one mainly defeating her, despite the Young Six.

Seems like being in stone really did a number on her. Apart from slowly regaining her senses, she seems a little detached from reality at points. Slow and steady recovery process it is. Me like this.

It was so comforting that Cozy simply succumbed to it, not giving any care to if this was what had brought her to harm. Whoever this was had brought her to life again, away from that pain. She only wanted to remain embraced like this

Really feels like Starlight wants to help, and is taking all measures to make sure Cozy's healing process is smooth, and warm. How sweet of her, even if Cozy still can't help but push back at times.

After a brief pause, she realized that she didn’t know whether or not the ponies who had released her from her imprisonment were friendly or not.

Poor Cozy seems a little paranoid. Can't blame her though. She hasn't exactly been able to rest peacefully, or even have peace of mind in a while.

Oh, I love having such smart readers that I don't have to tell exactly what's going on. :pinkiehappy:

Once again I am impressed by this unstoning recovery process. It feels realistic. I also enjoyed Starlight and Cozy's interactions. Can't wait for the next chapter!

“We tried though, we tried so hard to tell the three of you that there was another way than the evil you chose, but you didn’t listen! I never wanted to hurt anypony like that, and it hurt me to see you in the stone, but what could I do?”

They literally never tried though. Only Chrysalis got one attempt briefly.

Hm... I wonder why she feels so unjustified...

Great chapter! Still loving all the details of Cozy's recovery. I do hope she comes back though.

Chrysalis had done the same as well, happily taking on the mantle of being the most evil ruler in all of Equestria, which was why when she was described as evil, she had accepted the word as a term for her immense power. After all, Chrysalis and Tirek had been powerful, so surely if ponies had begun calling her “evil”, she must be viewed as powerful as well. Right?

That is a very childish way of looking at it. I suppose its fitting.

“You always act like you were once me, but how come you never act like you know what I’m going through, huh? You say that you saw the mistakes you made come back to life in me, but you do nothing to actually try and change me, just kindness kindness kindness! What did you want when you felt like nopony cared, like everypony else in the entire world hated you? You wanted them to be authentic, to act like actual ponies, and not some sort of perfect, kindly, two-face Princess! But that’s how you’re acting now, right? Don’t actually try to deny it, because I can see your face, and you know that it’s true!”

Ouch, perhaps Starlight should mix in a different approach to what she already has. Not neccesarely give up on being kind and caring, but try to do something else next to it.

Cozy no, don't go alone out to the dangerous forest. Starlight better make that clutch save when Cozy needs it!

Don't worry, this isn't the Everfree. Nothing bad can happen... I think...

I feel bad for Starlight here. She took a chance on Cozy and truly believed there was good in her, but unfortunately her good faith bit her back this time.

Cozy’s resolve softened slightly as she asked harshly, “You gonna stop me?”

“I promised I wouldn’t,” Starlight quietly reminded her,


As Cozy regains gains control of her actions, she can't help but express distain towards Starlight, but I suppose it's not unwarranted, and I think Starlight realizes this. After what they did to her, it's impossible for her to see Starlight and the rest of Equestria as anything but the enemy. Starlight can smother Cozy with all the love she can, but for whatever reason that just isn't doing it for her, at least not yet. Perhaps some fresh air and open space will do the filly some good.

Nothing bad ever happens in the forest...

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