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Reboot is out:A Monster In Equestria

Hello there so i guess you want me to tell you my story. Well it all started at a place called comic con i was dressed as my oc called Xeno-Blacklight-2039. Basically a human that was experimented on and turned into a monster of war (basically a living weapon) anyway I only had one thing missing from my costume and that was my oc's journal (basically my oc's autobiography/sketch book). So after looking around comic con for a bit I saw a huge flash of light and I saw a booth with the guy from resident evil. After talking to him for a bit I bought the exact same journal my oc was supposed to have then got sent to equestria not like the show but instead a futureistic (spiderman 2099) type of equestria. Now I work with the mane 6 and track down genetic Monsters and others like me and contain and try to cure them this is my story.

(displaced story)

Authors note: this is the story of my oc and it's something I've been working on since before I made a profile on here.

WARNING: There will be Gore in this story and some disturbing things READER'S DISCRETION ADVISED.

I don't own anything from mlp or prototype so please don't copyright me

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I don't own anything from mlp or anything from DC so please don't copyright me

Generally you don't have to worry about that on this site!

this is interesting. I might of forgot few sentence but is the main walks on two legs or walks on all fours? been bugging me lol

"Sergeant," not "sargent."

And yet far too many people put this, or something like it, somewhere attached to a story, like Hasbro or any company will care.

Pretty obvious they don't care at all.

Not bad, I’m curious and excited to see what happens next, keep up the good work 👍🏻😁

Unless you animate anything better then pixel art then suddenly "you are a threat to our profits and therefor you must die from mass cease and desist notifications"


It really doesn't matter in the end. I just put it in my own stories to make it look a bit more formal.

The synopsis reminded me of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme.

Great work keep it up

As of this writing, twelve people have upvoted this pony-free prologue. A submission where the long description contains no commas or periods.

Hello there so i guess you want me to tell you my story

No, I really don't.

I like it so far.

For how it is, this is okay, I'll track and upvote, probably because of my love for xenomorphs

Great work on making story can't wait till there's more chapters to read

Great work can’t wait for next chapter

All I'm hoping is that this wont the main character will actully be a xenomorph and not really anything resembling human. Kinda how that ruined I got 682 problems otherwise I really like the idea so far

soon yes he will look like and sometimes act like a xenomorph but he will also be a blacklight being and can shapeshift but he is unable to take a human appearance because he forgot what he looked like due to his mind being shattered but he can take the form of a pony but the eyes of his base deskize will not be normal due to him being use to not having eyes but he mostly stays in his base form which is the xenomorph form so no worries:twilightsmile:

being he is a blacklight. is he going to an anti-hero?

yes and no, due to his mind being shattered at first he is just driven by pure animal instinct and createsthered zone in a abandoned part of the city but once his mind is somewhat healed he will keep his creations at bay from the other inhabitants of the futuristic city but all of that will be explained later for now just enjoy the story. And no more spoilers just wait and see what comes next have a good day:twilightsmile:

Neither do I. It reads more like a botched displaced fic than anything.

Really liked this, feel bad for our soon to be xenomorph blacklight demon from hell, I look forward to more of this bud

This a good beginning for a story. Keep it up.

Great story so far I love it, keep up the good work

Comment posted by Hammer-strike deleted Mar 10th, 2020

Is the main character a regular xenomorph w/ black light virus permanently or will he become different classes of xenomorph as the story progresses

I like the nod to Darkspiders A Spider In Equestria. Thats cool.

Good work so far, but I find it odd that you've strayed from the displaced formula so much. I'm completely fine with your character displacing as your OC, the problem I have is that the character didn't simply arrive in Equestria as the OC in question. It just seems a bit odd to do it this way. With that being said, I always like it when authors put their own twists onto these sandbox worlds with the whole displaced universe. I just hope that you will be able to swiftly move on from this intro of him turning into your OC as it will likely take away from the story as a whole. Perhaps you could have it so that there are a few time skips wherein it shows the main character getting used to his new body. perhaps after a time, you could have it so one of the other test subjects manages to break containment and causes chaos in the facility. the main character could take advantage of the chaos and escape. maybe you could interject with a POV change or two. perhaps with Celestia, having her explain a bit about the world they live in as it is no doubt far different from the MLP show we know and love. or perhaps you could go the cliche route and have one of the doctors feel a bit too much empathy for him and help him escape. IDK, just some ideas.

What kind of creature is that in the cover art?

a mixture of a xenomorph and the blacklight virus from prototype

When is the next chapter coming out and love the story

soon don't worry I'm just having trouble describing everything in the chapter so don't worry it will be out soon

When is the next chapter going to come out?

Imma be blunt the creature on the cover art (safe to assume that is your oc?) looks like a Xenomorph managed to put a facehugger on an Odogaron from Monster Hunter World

imagine the blacklight virus from prototype and the xenomorph as one being that's what he basically is

I can see that after actually reading the story.... Allow me to say that YOU ARE FUCKED IN THE HEAD... AND I LOVE IT!

Next chapter is the escape isn't it.

Do you have the chapter ready yet?

This is the fastest cansel of the story, that i have seen. And at 2.5k words... i feel like it's not so much due to wipe - author just give up on it

yeah but tell the truth I had 4-5 chapter on that drive that I was planning on posting. Then memory got wiped and so now you see my frustration and sadness at ending the story. But like I said if anyone wishes to continue the story the by all means go for it.

*sigh* when we want the machine to work when we need it, they just break down just to spite us, I guess you get to make a fresh start with some idea of the old story and use what works and whatnot.

I understand with the computer going "HA! SIKE YOU THOUGHT!" my PC went and died on me not even 2 weeks after building it, trying to fix it rn as well.
Ah well, guess I'll have to keep an eye on this and hope someone picks it up and continues it

hope you rewrite it was real good


backups my guy
always have a spare backup usb drive just in case

Can I use your character in my story? Keeper of the keys

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