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Hello there so i guess you want me to tell you my story. Well it all started at a place called comic con i was dressed as my oc called Xeno-Blacklight-2039. Basically a human that was experimented on and turned into a monster of war (basically a living weapon) anyway I only had one thing missing from my costume and that was my oc's journal (basically my oc's autobiography/sketch book). So after looking around comic con for a bit I saw a huge flash of light and I saw a booth with the guy from resident evil. After talking to him for a bit I bought the exact same journal my oc was supposed to have then got sent to equestria not like the show but instead a futureistic (spiderman 2099) type of equestria. Now I work with the mane 6 and track down genetic Monsters and others like me and contain and try to cure them this is my story.

(displaced story)

Authors note: this is the story of my oc and it's something I've been working on since before I made a profile on here.

WARNING: There will be Gore in this story and some disturbing things READER'S DISCRETION ADVISED.

I don't own anything from mlp or prototype so please don't copyright me

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I don't own anything from mlp or anything from DC so please don't copyright me

Generally you don't have to worry about that on this site!

this is interesting. I might of forgot few sentence but is the main walks on two legs or walks on all fours? been bugging me lol

"Sergeant," not "sargent."

And yet far too many people put this, or something like it, somewhere attached to a story, like Hasbro or any company will care.

Pretty obvious they don't care at all.

Not bad, I’m curious and excited to see what happens next, keep up the good work 👍🏻😁

Unless you animate anything better then pixel art then suddenly "you are a threat to our profits and therefor you must die from mass cease and desist notifications"


It really doesn't matter in the end. I just put it in my own stories to make it look a bit more formal.

The synopsis reminded me of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme.

Great work keep it up

As of this writing, twelve people have upvoted this pony-free prologue. A submission where the long description contains no commas or periods.

Hello there so i guess you want me to tell you my story

No, I really don't.

I like it so far.

For how it is, this is okay, I'll track and upvote, probably because of my love for xenomorphs

Great work on making story can't wait till there's more chapters to read

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