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The son of a demon queen and a necromancer is thrown into Equestria in his darkest hour. Will he find the peace he so desperately seeks, or will he not survive long enough to tell the tale?

(This was written during many sleepless nights. Please bare with me here, :rainbowlaugh:)

(Featured on 5/18/2020 Thank you guys so much!!!)

(Featured again on 06/28/2020, Thank you all, and I hope you'll all stick around to see my story end!)

(Featured yet again on 8/15/2020, Thank you all!)

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so far i like it good work

This is very intriguing.

if there is an ending I'm calling it now. he dies and finds peace or he finds peace and lives. it's just another cliche story.

i want to continue reading, but the prologues hurt to read, and i almost dropped it cause of the long ass paragraphs...

he dies, title is 'how death lived' lived is an important word to note. then there's the end of 'the last samurai' MC says 'i will not tell you how he died, but how he lived'

then again, just my opinion

even if the title says that. then why did the author put down "Will he find the peace he so desperately seeks, or will he not survive long enough to tell the tale?" nvm this comment I think I just answered my own question lol I see where you coming from.

lol right? will have to see how the author takes it.

Also, is Astoshqn from All Things DnD? He is a YouTube that reads out and animated end campaigns of amazing quallity. One of them featured a necromancer named Astoshan.

May I give you a tip with most well anyone just because they state the truth does not make them trust right away and in most case's people will stay vigilant while they might agree because they don't know what's happening they won't go all nice. I will say you did a lot better then other author's you are a bit to agree

Hello most people will be angry if someone well went into the head so while they were comforted they would be angry at the fact that there in there head . Two he has a right to be angry at him he has a right to kill them he has the right to kill every last one of them and the fact is he would disregard what she was saying about not killing them as most people will go for revenge soooo try to find back the whole love and friendship thing. Ok onto the next chapter

I will say this chapter was a lot better because he actually got angry at the fact she was insulting his parents. Thank you well done on this chapter can't wait for the next one

I see a reference to Harry Potter. Nice!:pinkiehappy:

When I came to, two things were immediately clear. One, I wasn't home. The room I was in had white marble walls and tall ceilings. A single window that let in the sunlight illuminated the room. It had nothing other than the bed I was on. Two, wherever I was, I was chained by my wrists and legs with enough leeway to allow for me to sit. Upon noticing this, I began to pull and strain my bonds. The groaned and whined as I pulled with the little strength I had after waking up, but the chains wouldn't break. I could feel magic on the golden cuffs that bound my wrists. They were engraved with many small runes, draining me of my magic and feeding the chain to repair and reinforce my bonds. It quickly became apparent that brute force wouldn't. I sat there in silence for a way to free myself And then I remembered something, I could breathe hellfire. The hellish flames destroyed anything and everything it touched, save for the scales on my arms, legs, and wings. So I brought the cuffs to my face and let out a weak stream of black and red flames from my mouth. Slowly, but surely I could feel the golden cuffs lose their magical runes as they were deformed by the intense heat. I did the same for the other, and once I finished, I waited for my magic to return so I could strengthen myself enough to break free. As I sat there, I began to feel my strength slowly coming back. I estimated that my strength should return to its full swing in about five minutes. I waited patiently for the minutes to pass, and as I waited my senses began to wander. I could sense life forms outside my room. I couldn't tell what they were but I knew they were very small, they would reach to my stomach if I stood next to them.

Brute force wouldn't work.

"I am princess Luna, ruler of the night. I am responsible for crafting the star-filled night, guarding over the dreams of those that sleep, and moving the moon across the sky."

Capitalize your first princess.

"Necromancy is one of, if not the most powerful school of magic. It is the study of how magic intertwines life and death in a natural balance, a balance that can be harnessed. To understand it, you must first recognize that there are five aspects to necromancy, flesh, bone, blood, soul, and life force, or how my father called it, spirit. When most people think of necromancy, they think of rending flesh, breaking bones, consuming blood, enslaving souls and snuffing out the life force of others. While those are all things that I as a necromancer can do, they only represent a small fraction of what I can do. I have the power to heal grievous wounds, restore missing limbs, and save others from the clutches of death. Not only that, I can create a bridge between the dead and the living. granting a few moments the living with the power to speak to those that have long since passed. As for why I have not fallen to an insatiable bloodlust, we must return to the concept of balance. There can be no death without life, and life without death is meaningless in the long run. Knowing that life has value, has made me lose my taste for taking it without a valid reaso. However, that is not to say that I am discouraged by this to take the lives of those that cause pain, misery, and suffering to others without a good reason. They are the one's who's flesh I tear asunder, whose bones I shatter, who's blood I take, who's souls I devour and who's life force I take from them. Their souls are fused with mine and become part of the collective that is me. They hold no power over me and they will remain my slaves until the day I die."

Without a valid reason.

I took the bottle in my hand as I eyed the thick fluid. I looked at celestial raise a fork and small round-tipped knife with her magic and cut out a stack of four triangles before carrying them to her mouth and eating them whole. I decided to follow her example and did the same, except I used my hands. The cutlery was a little small for me, but I managed to cut out the triangles and skewer them with my fork. I carried the food into my mouth as the sun goddess did and my eyes rolled back into my skull as I melted when the soft and sweet pancakes hit my tongue. As I chewed a moan that could've been confused for a manticore's purr escaped my lips as my wings went limp and drooped to the floor.

I looked at Celestia.

" H̸m̶m̶m̵.̸.̸.̵ ̴y̵o̶u̸ ̷k̸n̴o̷w̷,̸ ̷i̷t̶'̷s̶ ̶f̴u̵n̸n̵y̴.̵ ̷t̸o̷ ̷t̶h̸i̶n̶k̸ ̷t̶h̴a̷t̴ ̶o̸n̷l̸y̵ ̴a̴ ̶d̵a̶y̴ ̵a̴g̶o̴,̸ ̷I̸ ̴w̶a̴s̵ ̸w̶e̴r̵e̵ ̵y̸o̶u̵ ̴w̶e̵r̸e̸.̶ ̷a̷t̸ ̸t̴h̵e̸ ̶m̶e̶r̸c̶y̴ ̸o̶f̷ ̶a̶n̴o̸t̴h̵e̶r̸.̶ ̵h̵u̴n̵t̴e̶d̴ ̸b̷y̴ ̷s̴o̴m̸e̸o̷n̸e̷ ̵t̷h̴a̶t̵ ̸d̸e̶t̶e̷s̵t̵s̷ ̷y̸o̶u̸ ̵f̵o̶r̸ ̴e̵v̵e̴n̸ ̷e̸x̶i̷s̶t̶i̸n̵g̷.̷ ̶w̶h̷a̵t̸ ̶w̴a̸s̵ ̸i̶t̷ ̷t̸h̶a̸t̷ ̴y̷o̵u̴ ̷s̴a̶i̸d̸ ̴t̶o̷ ̷m̶e̸ ̸b̸e̶f̴o̸r̸e̶ ̷y̶o̸u̶ ̵t̷r̸i̷e̸d̶ ̸t̶o̴ ̴k̵i̷l̵l̵ ̶m̴e̵?̷ "

I was where you were.

I nearly screamed in excitement as realization flushed over me. I hugged Starlight filled with joy. Moments like these were the ones that give me insight if how pinkie pie lives every day. We broke the hug and Starlight, though a bit shaken, was taking it well.

Pinkie Pie.

"Let it be a lesson to you Azazel. Your magic, your race, or how many things you may have don't define you. It is what you do with the power you have that defines you. And the ones responsible for this are the real monsters of this world. And I want this to stick with you for as long as you live. The day you do that to one of your kids or any innocent person for that matter, will be the day you just how cruel I can be. Understood?"

Will be the day you learn just how cruel I can be.

He made me promise him I'd take care of her, so I have always made a point of protecting her above all my undead. She's the only one I gave a proper burial when I got tired of keeping her around. I also kept some clothes for her and the rest of my friends, though i lost track of where they went after the last time they were raised from their "eternal" slumber. Surely enough, they were in my bag and had flopped in a messy stack that lay next to the pile of bones. I closed my bag set it on the bed, silently thanking my dad for his foresight. It was still a bit heavy, so there were still more things in there. That would have to wait, I was going to get my childhood friends back. I stood to my feet and focused my power onto my right hand. It was enveloped in a combination of black and red flames that condensed into a sphere of necrotic energy just a few centimeters above my palm. When I felt I had enough of it pent up, I released the necrotic energy from my hand in a small explosion that made a noise similar to the movement of ghosts. When the blast of energy struck the bones, the dark flames were absorbed with a gentle swooshing sound. The bones shuddered for a bit before they rolled, tumbled and connected over each other into four complete humanoid skeletons. With a sound similar to a muffled bell, their eye sockets lit up with small wisps of a flame of a crimson hue.

Though I lost track.

"And what gives you the right to determine what is natural and what is not? Especially in regards to life and death? Last I checked, you're a sun goddess. And every time the gods intervene in matters that don't concern their domain, Innocents and the really unlucky ones die."

Lowercase your innocents.

As she spoke, she looked down and away from us with guilt in her voice. Luna, who had been silently listening in to the conversation decided to speak up. She explained everything that had happened earlier that and the night prior. I have to admit, I was shocked to learn the creature had gone through so much in so little time and welcomed Luna's kindness willingly. and that's not even taking into account the fact that he is a necromancer. However, all of that paled in comparison to what happened earlier this morning. It seemed absurd that a monster that practices the dark arts of magic would handle the situation so calmly. The girls were tearing up at Luna's account of the creature and Celestia's discussion, but what made the dam of self-control keeping Celestia together was shattered when Luna spoke his last words to them.

Capitalize and.

Luna finished as she stroked her older sister's back with her forehoof, who had calmed down enough to stop crying. The girls had were all reeling from the information they had just been given. Applejack, Rarity, and Twilight were all silently mauling through their minds trying to find the appropriate response. Fluttershy was still wiping her tears and sniffling every now and again from the sad story Luna told. Pinkie Pie was looking thoughtful, but if Rainbowdash has taught me anything is that one does not question Pinkie and not think too hard. Speaking of which, Rainbowdash looked livid.

Rainbow Dash.

"When I see him. I'm gonna buck his butt all the way to Phillydelfia."



Twilight nearly shouted, horror visible on her face.

These are supposed to be on the same line.

Rainbowdash valiantly expressed her indignation. Before Twilight could counter, Celestia raised a hoof to silence them and spoke up.

Rainbow Dash.

Pinkie gleefully added. Rainbowdash wore a determined look on her face and nodded in agreement.

Rainbow Dash.

She Proclaimed. To this Princess Celestia's grimace turned into a smile of pure joy. She guffawed a genuine laugh as she wrapped her wings around the girls and gave into their affection. Wiping the last of her tears, she chuckled a bit before letting us go.

She proclaimed.

She said with a giddy smile. To this, Celestia was taken aback, and that had us all somewhat concerned. With that, we made our way to Canterlot's "cemetery". Twilight explained that since Canterlot is the place where all the rich ponies of Equestria live, they don't bury their deceased in graves, instead, they are laid to rest in a beautiful mausoleum. When we got there, I was sure I would've marveled at the structure's beautiful architecture were it not for the ghastly sight of several not so dead skeletons of well-dressed ponies alongside bipedal skeletons of creatures I didn't recognize standing near the entrance. We stood just a few yards away from the main archway into the building's small front garden, simply watching the skeletons walk about and interact with each other as if they were still alive. What caught me off guard was that the bipedal ones were TALKING and some we're even SINGING with the pony ones in a melody I didn't recognize. It was as unnatural as it was bewitching to look at, and try as I might, I couldn't pry my eyes off the reanimated corpses. When I finally snapped out of my trance, I found Luna looking at the skeletons, as if assessing the situation with a fascinated gaze. Celestia looked uncomfortable and nervous, but I don't think it was the skeletons that were making her feel that way. The girls all had different reactions. Twilight was staring at them with morbid curiosity. She was also writing furiously on a sheet of parchment she must've carried in her saddlebags. Applejack was visibly disturbed, but she stood her ground. Fluttershy was shaking like a leaf behind Rainbowdash. Rainbowdash looked like she was about ready to obey her fight or flight instinct, she was on the ground in a fighting stance using her wings to further protect her friends. Pinkie Pie was giving me the impression that she wanted to run-up to the skeletons and give them a welcoming party or something of that nature. It took me a bit to find Rarity among the group, considering she had fainted at the sight of the walking dead and laid on the floor with a hoof dramatically over her eyes. When I turned my gaze back to the mausoleum, I froze at the sight of the thirty-ish skeletons looking right at us. The crimson spheres of fire that acted as pupils let us know what they were looking at. There was a silence that filled the air, even Twilight's quill writing against the parchment had stopped. It was then cut off by footsteps, powerful and heavy. I saw it walk out the mausoleum with another bipedal skeleton that was much smaller than the others that were already outside by its claw. The creature I had heard about only moments ago. It stood on its long hind dragon-like legs that had an old and worn out jet black robe, which held on to its waist with a metallic belt and many small, objects I couldn't make out due to our distance dangled from its waist along with what seemed to be a strange brown bag. It had a long red tail with a spear like Barb that vaguely reminded of Spike's tail. If you didn't count the anatomical mess that was its wings, it was easily a few hooves taller than Celestia. It's muscular arms and legs were covered in thick red scales. Its claws had five long digits that looked like they could tear through stone like it was nothing with brute force alone. The scales that covered the arms and legs ended just shy of its broad shoulders. Its torso was a pale creamy color with no discernable fur. It had scars all across its chiseled chest. My eyes moved to inspect its face, and I was perplexed with its features. Its face was flat, save for its small, pointy nose. It had no fur just like the rest of his body, save for the long and thick mane of dark brown hair it had that draped over its shoulders and down to its chest. It's two dark rad horns jutted upwards from it's forehead and curved back behind it's head to, only rise once more and add to it's impressive height. Its eyes... its eyes were a black so dark that seemed to drain all light that came near them. It had glowing red irises that cut through the black and slit reptilian pupils. Its face had a neutral expression as it walked out of the mausoleum with only a few steps and it began to look in our direction. At first, it seemed confused, but then it's eyes locked with Princess Celestia's and they narrowed. It looked at us with the gaze of a predator sizing up its prey. The skeletons that were on their haunches looking at us rose to their hooves and marched near the creature as if to defend it by forming a semicircular wall. I turned to look at the girls, and they were all as taken aback as they were scared. To say that I wasn't afraid would be an absolute lie. I turned in the other direction to see Luna walking towards the creature. I wanted to stop her, but my fear of the undead horde she was walking towards was keeping me rooted to my spot. She stopped just under the archway and began to speak.

Rainbow Dash.

I said in hopes of making her obnoxiously loud and cheerful voice be silent, if only for a few moments. I gently set Anvari down on the ground and made her walk between me and the pink pony. Anvari was mortified at first,but after a bit of walking and the pink pony being a little less overwhelming, she mustered the strength to give her a hug, and rode on the pink equine for the remainder of the trip. Seeing as the pink one spoke to Anvari in a much quieter to r to not scare her, I let out a sigh in relief and kept walking. The orange one with a farmer's hat broke the beautiful silence that all to little.

Much quieter tone.

I stated, walking past the bewildered mare and around the princesses. The guards were too terrified to open the twin doors for me and my army of the undead, so I got on one knee and opened my bag. I searched inside for a bit and pulled a brown jar with my sigil on it. I opened it to find it was pitch black inside and got an idea. I whistled a comand for my army to get inside, and surely enough my troops obeyed. The skeletons were engulfed in black and red flames before collecting as a massive swirling vortex of fire that was promptly sucked into the jar. The only ones I left outside were Anvari, Trephor, Avalon, and Mia; half of which walked over to me and stood as my bodyguards. Anvari remained on Pinkie's back, and Mia stood besides Luna. When my display of magic ended, I absent-mindedly close the jar, put it back into my bag, opened the large doors myself and began retracing my steps back to my quarters; leaving a pair of princesses and seven mares wide eyed and dumbfounded behind me. As I entered the room I gazed through Mia's eyes to see what was the status of the mares that didn't immediately follow me.

Pretty sure there is an error in one of these paragraphs that I lost track of.

And with that, Mia began her casual stroll back into the castle and following my steps back to the room I had slept in the night before. Pinkie Pie, with Anvari riding her like a knight charging into battle, raced after Mia and the "Mane 6", as Twilight called her group of friends followed my skeletal friend. Upon reaching my room, The girls found me sitting on my bed, arms resting on my thighs, fingers intertwining my hands looking at the floor. I had been preparing responses for whatever else they wanted to ask of me, though I was hoping they would just leave me be for the evening. I heard a knock on my door and I motion Avalon to open. He walked to the door and opened it slightly to find Anvari on Pinki Pie's Applejack and the rainbow maned pony who's name I can't remember standing at the door. Avalon opened up the door completely and let the bouncing pink menace in with Anvari giggling happily. Anvari was the quietest of my skeletons. She rarely spoke or made any form of noise, and hearing her be happy like that made me reconsider how I viewed the pink personification of euphoric innocence. She set Anvari down in front of me with a gentle hug.

Same as the previous.

She was borderline screaming at my face, and it took every last ounce of willpower to tear her apart right then and there. The thing that really angered me, was Anvari's fear. When this blue imbecile began her pathetic rambling, she startled Anvari so much that she was whimpering in my arms and shaking like a leaf. I could ignore her staring daggers at me, I could even handle her threat without incident. But scaring the undeath out of my father's most precious gift to me... No, for this... She would know the true meaning of fear. I stared back at her, letting her know I was not afraid. I let Anvari go and she promptly ran to Trephor, who had been sitting behind me in silence.

Not much willpower then huh.:trollestia: Add a not.

" Į̵͊ ̵͓͝ŵ̴͓i̷̞͗l̷̫̊ḽ̷̍ ̸͉̍e̴̢̓x̵̢͘c̶͍̔ṷ̴̈́s̴̝̓ẻ̴̝ ̴̩̊y̵̔͜ö̵̬́ǔ̴̩ ̸̜̚t̴̯̂h̶͈͆i̴̺̕ṡ̶͕ ̵͜͝o̴̩͛n̷̙͂c̶̻̋e̶̥͆ ̸̣̌f̸̮͊o̵̥̊r̷͇͗ ̶̹̚ṯ̴̽h̵̥̔e̷̬̿ ̷̙̉s̸̈͜á̷̻k̸̦͝e̷̯͛ ̸͕̽ȏ̷ͅf̵̳̏ ̶̲̀m̵̝͐ḁ̵͂i̸͍͂n̷̪̎t̶̜͝a̸̪͗i̷͍̒n̷̲̏i̷̝͋n̶̞͘g̷̥̈́ ̴͙͐m̸̛͚y̵͇̕ ̷͍͘f̶̖͐r̵͖͌i̶͚̕e̵̪̓n̸̩͝d̴͈̈́s̴͎͋ȟ̴̤i̸̪̽p̵̡̈ ̸̲̎w̸̫̋ì̵̜ṯ̸̃ḧ̵́͜ ̷̬̐t̷͚̐h̴͈̆e̴̗̅ ̷̯́p̸̱̍r̴̗̋i̴͉͛n̶̲̓c̵̢̎e̸̪̐s̸͙͝s̵͉̊è̴̻s̵̳͂.̸̹̈́.̴̦̎.̵̣͛ ̷̞̏B̵̭̾u̷͍̿t̴͔̽ ̶̞̂m̸̢̓a̷̻͐r̸̜͠k̴̼̿ ̸̧̎m̶͉̉y̶̆ͅ ̸̡͝ẃ̸̖ö̶͍́r̷̖͛d̴͉͑ŝ̴͎ ̵̫̀y̸̰̅o̴̺͒u̴̪̓ ̵̹̈P̵̻͊A̴͙̋T̵͇̒H̴͉̎Ė̷̡T̸͚̈I̸̝̅C̴͎̎ ̸̻́è̴̼x̸̙͋c̸̹̈ṵ̶͋s̶̘̄e̵̦͠ ̴͎͂f̵͖͐o̸͇͛ṙ̷̟ ̵̬͒à̷̹ ̴̫̚p̴̩̏ē̴͕g̶͉̎a̸̮͗s̵̘͒ų̸͝s̵̢͘.̵̠͝.̷̤̄.̷̠͘ ̴͈̿T̶̞̒h̴̞͠ṙ̵̬ë̵͖́a̶̠͠t̸͙͗e̷̓ͅn̸̠͠ ̶̭͠m̴͉̊ě̸̝ ̵̞̑ą̸͝g̸̪̐a̵̬̍i̵͕͗n̸͈̕,̴̖͑ ̶͍̽ä̷̢́n̸̼̑d̵̗͝ ̴̠̔Ì̷͎ ̴̣̅s̶͙͝ẁ̷͈e̷̪͊a̶̖̾r̴͇͘ ̶͇̆ṱ̷͝o̴̲̾ ̴̣̽ỷ̸͈o̵̥͒ù̶͈ ̷̪̅o̷̠͆n̴͕͛ ̶̗́m̴̥͋y̷͉̿ ̷̦̏m̵͆ͅo̴͉͠t̵̬̿h̸͓́ė̵ͅr̸͙̾ ̶̭̓a̸̤͘ṋ̶̈́d̸͕̎ ̴̜̒F̵͕̃ä̷̯́t̸̨̊h̸͍̎e̶̜͂r̶̻̋'̴̲̚s̸̭̉ ̶̟̅l̷̡̕i̸̹͒v̶͖̈́e̸̺͘s̷͖̉ T̸̤̗̾̑͋Ḩ̶̰̖͍̋̏Ǎ̸̘͚̃̈́T̷̬̠͂̊̎̄ ̵̬͍͙̈I̴̧͚̹̲͊̉͛͝ ̵̐̒̑͜W̶̢̞͌͛͂͝ͅI̴̛̼̓L̶̅ͅL̷͚͂́̌̀ ̸̠͍̳̇͝R̴͖͖͉͇̒̅̑Ó̸̢̦̼B̶̛͓̓̓ ̷̯̳̩͛̑͐̕͜Y̵̨̤̥͙͌O̴̬̼̠̒͛́Ṷ̴̟͒̃͊̀ ̸̡̌̀̈́̍ͅǏ̷̤F̵̮͋̇̀ ̷̯͍͆E̷̬̳̓V̸͇̌̽̊͝E̶̺͒̾͘̚ͅR̷͉̲̯̭̀Y̷̛̺̹͘T̵͍͆̅̎H̷̡̹͌I̴̱͌̒̋͝N̸̯͓̯̂̽̕G̴̮͑͘ ̸͎̤͍͇̾Y̷̧̽̚͜O̶̱͆͝U̷̩̹̗̿͋͝͝ ̴̟̝͌͗͜͠L̶̡̛̺̃͗͜͝O̷͖̦͊͠V̷̥̲̻͒͜͝Ȩ̸̙̙͈̈́̂́͘ ̵̯̙̕A̵͇̲͆̽̌ͅN̶̮̹͖͊͗̉̓Ḏ̸̯̈ ̸̠̯̗̍͒̎͛M̴̖̀̋A̸͍̓͆̕͝K̴̛̠͙͠Ẹ̴̭͋ ̸̼̱͇̭̓̐̍Y̴͇͆O̷͈̓̇̀̌͜Ǔ̷̗̋̃ ̷̢̗̙̼͒B̸͈́̀̿̀E̵̛̘͍͔͇Ĝ̴̯ ̵̛̠̜̦͝F̷̬̗͗̈́̕Ờ̴̢̹̓R̴̰͙̒̀͠ ̴̖͓̉̎D̶̰̳̱̾̊͋̋E̵̪͗A̸̢̿̚T̷̹̝́̔̚Ḧ̵̠̟̽ͅ!̴̙̠̌!̶͙͓͌!̸̨̪̰̀̂͂ "

Lowercase father's and change if to of.

Azazel, If you're reading this odds are your mother and I are... no longer with you. Whether it be because we are dead or are separated indefinitely, know that we love you to no end. As such, we have created a book filled with spells, rituals, and alchemical recipes that will allow you to survive and thrive in whatever world you land in. Speaking of which, I believe an explination is owed. When you were born, I knew that Mephistopheles and others like him that considered us to be their enemies would threaten you and our home. So I prepared a special warp stone in your bag to allow you to escape death's grasp should you need it. The warp stone was created from a Nova crystal you helped me harvest on your twelfth birthday from the Black mountain. The magical energy trapped whithin the crystal should be enough to break through a dimensional barrier to a different plane. Due to the infinite number of dimensional planes that exist, it will take you to any one of the infinite realities you wish if you focus on key traits that you want from. said reality. Because of the Nova Crystal's magical power and brittleness it will be a one way trip leaving no trace of where the transdimensional leap took you to. With nothing more to say, I wish you the best and keep on keeping on kiddo. Your proud father, Astoshan


It was incredibly interesting to talk to Azazel's skeleton, Mia. We were waiting outside Azazel's room so he and Applejack could talk by themselves while we sat just outside. We were all scared at first, but Mia assured us that Applejack would be safe. Rainbow Dash, being who she is, decided she was going in with Applejack to make sure she was safe. Mia had relented and told her that if she was to do so, to not do anything rash, though I had a feeling she would do just that. Just after Pinki Pie came out without Anvari on her back, Mia told us stories of things she did in life and what it was like being undead. She had been a rogue thief along side her husband, the green skeleton with the brown jaw, that tried to kill Azazel's father the first time Azazel ever went out of their secluded home. I learned much of Azazel's world through her. Apparently, the undead retain some of their own core traits from when they were alive, yet they all had some trait inherited from the caster. In her case, Azazel. She is a personification of his more curious and compassionate side combined with her own rambunctiousness added to the mix. Her "husband" was the son of a noble that was destitute from his family and became a bounty hunter just like Mia when she fell in love with him. Unsurprisingly, Rarity had woken up from her unconscious stupor and was asking her questions for her latest romantic novel.

Pinkie Pie.

A suggestion is to split any paragraph over 6 sentences long (not counting tiny ones). Giant walls of text are difficult to read.

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And yes, technically speaking Azazel is a nephillim. However, I'm basing the mythos of Azazel's homeworld loosely on DND's fourth and fifth edition. Hence the reference to All things DnD. So I think of him more as teifling.

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

I like to think that Azazel's voice is similar to that of Adam Driver's. It's not necessarily menacing, but with the right sound effects over it, ya boi is scary as hell. As for Saros, think of V from V for Vendetta. Deus Vult would sound like Neil Geiman and queen Solaris would sound like Helena Bonham

EDIT: My bad, I'm stupid. I just realized that I confused Ian Mcshane for Neil Gaiman 😂😂😂

Astoshan? Like, "Of Undeads and Understandings" Astoshan?

I am a huge dnd fan, despite how new I am to the hobby. I wanted to make a reference to the guy who got into the hobby

Well Celestia just really has no concern for her subjects does she

At this point she is either at the precipice of going full on nightmare or a very dangerous combination of stupid, paranoid, and irrationally angry.

agreed but not just her subjects he is the son of Death this world will fall before his boundless rage and if he rly sets his mind to it he will make sure she gets to see her world die before he finally kill her

"you have taken from me what is dear to me,you have taken my world from me so i have taken yours"
but you know better written

Unless.....that's not Celestia.

... are you proposing daybreker or imposter?

Hmmm very good so far and I do hope to see more soon and I can’t wait for you to state my morbid excitement of Celestia getting this shit beat out of her just for her to see the wrong of her ways and be tortured by her guilt :pinkiecrazy:

Anyways keep up the amazing work and give us more soon!

I think it’s safe to say Celestia fucked up big time and is going to make it very VERY hard for the rest to talk with him while still remaining in one piece and thus I can see this going into a long spiral that’ll be a pain in the ass to fix but once they do they’ll see just how easy it actually was. Anyways grate story and hope to see more! Also yay first :P

It'll take time, but don't worry, the obvious battle with Celestia will come. I am happy to inform you that the next chapter I have in store will give you a prelude of what is to come.😈😈😈

I actually got the idea from rewatching the show. If I'm not mistaken, Rarity at one point in season six makes a comment about how the Crystal Empire was "dispelled into the aether".

Heads up: the symbols you used for the letter don't load on mobile, so I can't read it.

Love the reference to v for vendetta

The first and only person to see that reference. 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

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