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Morality. It's something that everyone knows, yet is subjective to each being. So, when ones way of life is threatened, their morality is put into question and they need to defend themselves, most would go to extreme methods. But what if the weapon that they make gets their own sense of morality? Forged through fire and blood, was a warrior, made to be the perfect fighter. However, he was left incomplete. He wanders, trying to find something that could make him whole.

Note: Sex is implied, though not detailed. Death and minor gore is prevalent from chapter to chapter, though nothing graphic.

Cover by Tyotheartist1 on twitter and instagram

First two chapters have been rewritten as of January 2023

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Я пока не читал, но надеюсь зайдёт.

Plizz more

This is awesome :pinkiehappy:. Hope there will be more in the future. Keep up the good work :twilightsmile:.

We need more chapter 10.

Did he turn into a philly or a colt? You say philly but say he

And Human fanatic Lyra?

as it was my first chapter, there were many mistakes, but he did turn into a colt.

I used Lyra in the first chapter as a sort of explanation on why she's so interested in humans. Everything I write in each chapter will lead up to something sooner or later. Keep that in mind.

Does this Fanfic count as an Alternate Universe? I haven't read it yet so I'm trying to organize my FimFiction bookmarks lol

It's just me or the battle scene against Luna was a reference to Hollow Knight? Specially in the God Master DLC on the battle against Paint Master Shero?

I... can’t get into it. It’s an interesting story, don’t get me wrong, but it has such a severe case of “going too fast” syndrome. There was no time to process anything, or react to anything. It was one thing after the other, no breaks, no time, no emotion.

You need to slow down your writing, as it is, as I said, I can’t get into it. It feels too emotionless and goes way too fast and it completely ruins it for me.

Philly? I don't think that's the word you wanted to use...

Oh man. Imagine what would've happened if he listened to George Carlin before getting hit.

Dragon ball z abridged reference.

I am working on that. I do plan on explaining a lot of things in future chapters, as in why Chrysalis hates him, how he made his friends in All, etc. I do realize that this is very fast, but I feel like I'm getting the hang of pacing, as this is my first Fanfic. Thanks for the response though. Glad to know you think my story is at least interesting.

I'm glad you caught that.

I'd suppose it does. It's more like what would happen if my OC was in Equestria. It's the same universe, but more akin to an alternate timeline.

So I'm not the only one who saw that!
Except in Abridged, he says cannons don't drill things...
But I digress

"Canons dont drill things" says a voice inside piccolo's head "that's what makes it special" piccolo replied.

this is dubbed my favorite chapter
I couldn't breathe when Skystrike started singing Witch Doctor with 'FlutterGuy'

great story hope to see some more sometime

Rainbow dash, who would abandon her friends for her own gain, represents the spirit of loyalty!” Red glowing shards floated around the rainbow pegasus.

Statement: Think you got something wrong.

Comment posted by Scoutboy25 deleted May 13th, 2019

“Science fair, huh? I did pretty good in that when I was up in Canterlot. Never got first because of some noble jackass. But, the rest of the school kids just ignored him. If she ever needs help, tell her i'm open. Same to you, too. If Apple Bucking season happens and your short hoofed again, just get come me.”

come get

“Don't worry sir.” Naga waved a hoof. “I don't have to report everything.”

That should be Stardust

“Rainbow dash, who would abandon her friends for her own gain, represents the spirit of loyalty!” Red glowing shards floated around the rainbow pegasus.

lol you need to fix this, this changes the whole story good chapter tho

Dude you need to stop calling colts fillies. It's not correct and is demeaning to the male characters

Ok what, is stardust secretly a unicorn? Or does she have a 3rd leg instead of a tunnel?

Ok then. I'll keep tabs on this.

A 7 year old hacked a supercomputer.....

Khrusallis...... What in the name of all things unholy us a khrusallis?!?

In a flash of light a filly appeared.

"You keep using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means."

P.s. Colt is the word you want for a young, male pony.

“You can silence me but you can't silence the tru-” He was cut off by the voice setting being muted.

sao abriged lol

This was way to funny.

“Don’t worry... Lyra, wasn’t it? I’ll be fine. And, from the cake and decorations, i’m guessing it’s your birthday, so… happy birthday.” And with that, he was escorted away, while a few of the royal guards calmed the crowd down, asking not to share what they saw with anyone. “Goodbye, Mr. Human.” she said faintly.

Celestia is a bitch in here.

I heard a 7 year old hacked the FBI's main frame, firewall ANNNDDDD everything else.

0034 nodded before focusing magic into both of his hands. A lime green aura appeared around him before he released the spell. In a flash of light, a filly appeared. Hee had a white coat with navy blue hair. His mane near his head was spiky and pointed backwards, while the hair on his neck was long and straight, hanging over his left side. His tail was the same color, but was long and straight, ending in jagged, cuts. There was some hair hanging just above his right eye. He had a pair of wings, whose feathers had a navy blue tip. His eyes were a blood red. 0034 looked in a mirror, turning and extending his wings. He seemed satisfied with his appearance. He stood still before he spoke up. “I guess a new life calls for a new name. How about… Skystrike Nebula?”

Ok. So.... He is now a she? Since.... "Filly" and all. also that's four , and now another question. Is SheHe an Alicorn?I

“Fine, i'll just show you.” He pressed a button on the jaw of his helmet. It folded back into a collar revealing his face. He looked almost the same as he did as a filly, though his hair was longer and had a small scar behind his lip. They each let out a small gasp, realizing who he was.

So..... He's a He and a She..... Okay.

“PPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT” Skystrike held in a laugh, Twilight glaring at him.


“What are you talking about?” The two were interrupted by a Twilight looking up at them.


“It’s all going to that ass, so it’s not that bad.” Echo said out of nowhere. Luna bursted out laughing as Celestia’s face turned a deep red.

Haaaa~ can I have a ' piece '?~

“First off, i’m flattered. Second, her name is Stardust, and she’s not my marefriend, she’s my escort. Besides, if you thought she was, probably wasn't a good idea to hug and snuggle me.” He ate another donut.

Pfffttttt! Thash worseh!!!!!

“What!?” The two fillies said behind them. Skystrike looked back to see Twilight and Spike standing next to them.

Are all boy's girls in this story?.....

“But it’s so… wide…” She looked away from the cliff.

Eh-hee~ yes it is~

Jk it was funny!

I’m going to Chanterlot.

Chanterlot? never been there. sounds like a cool place.
no insult is here

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