Dear fimfiction users,

This is a group with a very long name. A name that has to be long, for the purpose of this group is a grand and super-serious one.

The FFTRTPSICOTSHSAATUTOFUTTIOGAAAAOCTFMBP shall serve as a bastion for those who refuse to let Poultron, who has overthrown our beloved leader Knighty and forced him to give an obviously forged resignation speech, take control of fimfiction and make changes to the site as he pleases.

Poultron will not be satisfied with banning human fics and creating gold accounts for those who follow him willingly. He has not even shown a glimpse of his true wickedness.

Soon, he will ban fics featuring species of any kind: Not only humans, but also dragons, gryphons, minotaurs, mules, and ultimately ponies. Then he will lift the ban on meta fics, and with all other kinds of stories forbidden, the only fanfics left to be posted without restrictions will be meta fics that make blatant references to fimfiction and praise Poultron's greatness. Once everyone on fimfiction is brainwashed into worshipping him, Poultron will have an army of mindless bronies helping him to achieve his ultimate goal: World domination.

Will we allow Poultron's boundless megalomania to plunge fimfiction and then the world into deep despair, terrible trouble, a thousand years of darkness and all that? I say we will not. It is time for radical measures.

Fighters for Fimfiction's freedom, unite! Let us do whatever has to be done to stop Poultron and bring back Knighty, the one and only.

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You son of a bitch. I'm in.

I can only see the full name in the URL bar, bruh

I'm joining this group only because of the name.

the name for this group is insanely long still going to look through the stories on here

My grasp of all that was said here is small. However, I feel empowered to agree with all you say and give my support!

Huh. Not sure when my story was added to this.. rather intriguing group, and I'm not exactly sure I follow but it was funny. Doesn't seem all that active though.

I have no idea what's going on here or how I got here, but sign me the heck up!

No idea what this is, but it was a good speech. I'm in.

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editing service

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2wingo #58 · Oct 7th, 2014 · · 1 ·

I haven't the slightest idea what you said, but I like the way it sounds, so count me in.

I am very confused as to my story's presence in this group.

I don't know if I should be happy or insulted that my Wakko's Wish remake story was submitted here.

Real or fake, I care not, if real I will fight the tyranny with a fervor seen in the founding of the USA :flutterrage:. If fake, well, it was a good laugh :rainbowlaugh:

It was posted in March not April.
Also, the fact that Knighty has been talking about adding a "bookshelf system" for a while now, but has yet to implement it, tells me that changes to Fimfiction happen at the speed of Molasses. :ajbemused:
I've asked if it's a joke, and half the people say "yes", while the other half say "no". So the fact that things that were supposed to be in effect by now, still aren't really made me unsure.
In summery, the fact the post was written in March, and the fact I can get no "definite" answer, made me not sure what to believe.
So yeah, I was confused by lack of concrete information. So now, that I've thoroughly explained it, kindly remove the stick from your ass.

373275 This was the April Fools Joke of last fucking year, and HiE is still around, so the answer is pretty obvious.

373188 No, I'm not. I was simply confused, because nobody here can agree on whether or not it's a joke. :facehoof: If you honestly don't understand what confusion is, then I question your intellect. :trixieshiftright:

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