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Don't like my stories, that is fine, but if there is a reason, besides, not liking the storyline, please let me know so that I can improve


Story Challenge! · 6:47pm Aug 14th, 2014

OK this thought popped into my head, and thanks to the looming first day of the semester, I can not pursue this avenue of thought, however:

Star Wars The Old Republic/MLP crossover:

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Hello! :pinkiesmile:

If you like Starlight/ Spike stories, then there is a group for it. Called Sparlight Kingdom . It's a work in progress.

I love Starlight and Spike fics and this group is dedicated to it, whether it be romance, slice of Life or friends.

2083244 With writing it is easier to choose your words carefully, and I try to be understanding of all opinions. Though I fail at times, I thank you for the respect you have in me, and I hope I live up to it.

As for my name, thank you, I thought on it for a while.

I have not read your stories currently, yet I respect you in four different ways already. Your name, your design, your choice of words, and your understanding for opinions.

2044514 why yes, yes there is

Thanks for reading my...

...there's a group for Button's Mom?!?!

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Just a request

hello, I have been looking for COMPLETE stories either revolving around "Human in Equestria" or a "SpikeX___" story, more recently, I have been looking for a SpikeXCelestia stories.

Granted, yes I read clop, but usually clop that is only part of the story and actually does something to help the story along and not just useless clop. I do read those but that is a moot point in this discussion.

I will read any type of romance story even if it does not contain clop, actually, there is not a even about it; I just enjoy romance, what ever it's form. This all said if someone has a "LunaX___" story they wouldn't mid me getting some ideas from for my own "Human in Equestria" story, that isn't posted yet please drop me a note.

Or if you have a "SpikeX___ "/"Human in Equestria" story that you can suggest for me to read, I would be most grateful


Holy Requests Batman! Possible Commissions in the Future · 9:12am Dec 15th, 2016

Well I think this is a milestone for me as a writer, I have gotten my first requests! Now I can't promise I will be able to do them, let alone complete them; I do promise I will try my absolute best, and they are nothing too outrageous, at least by my standards.

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