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What would happen if your life changes after you find out your best friend was a Merchant who sends everyone to another dimension. And one of them was me.

My name is Ryan, I'm the big fan of swords, I'm otaku who enjoys anime, mangas, cartoons and my little pony.

I blame my best friend to show me many animes and this cartoon. But what happened must be in the past. One past I really want to forgets about my life. I hope you enjoy my new life the same way I'm enjoying now.

Have a teen tag because of sexual and swear language. Not clop, sorry, but not so much XD.

Non edited: But who cares? It's no my first language anyway. Enjoy the story.

FEATURED 12/05/2019.

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Is this gonna be focusing on your Displaced only?

More like his adventure on an alternative version of Equestria as like all the stories of Displaced. More focused on him, but sometimes he will talks with his friend Melchior.

There couldn't be more cringe in this if he named his character Darth Edgius, Lord of All.

Ryujin. Sounds better and more badass than Sanzu and isn't as pretentious as SwordMaster since officially in Equestria he wont be recognized as such even if you kind of made him one for the human world. Besides if you have the swords of animes and games you may as well take after two of the best sword wielders in gaming(Ryu hayabusa and strider hiryu) and have a name that translates into 'Dragon insert other thing that still makes awesome here'. Ryujin(according to wikipedia so this might be incorrect) is 'Dragon god' so yeah badass name.(Again if I am wrong blame Wikipedia and someone get a correct translation.)

Jin on Japanese means water or ocean, it would be Water Dragon or something like that.

Ryu Hayabusa was one of the characters on Dinasty warriors and Samurai Warriors Crossovers, so his katana was one of his weapons too. XD
Meanwhile later he can find or ask to more swords in the future, as Strider Ryu weapon too.

I have plans to continue the fiction next week. I was lucky I found someone to help me with the edition. So it will not take so long for the next chapter. Just waiting for the people choose the name of our protagonist and planning many things for everyone.

Well actually looking closer at the wiki I realized my error it said it was the Name of a dragon god that was also known as Watatsumi and Suijin so technically Wikipedia was partly right and it was a sea god it's form was just that of a dragon.

I like this story so far. Can't wait to see where you go with it. I like the first name but it's your story so you name him what you like. Hell it can even be Bob and i would still read it lol.

eeyup. You are right about that. Meanwhile, I use Ryujin because I talked with a friend who speaks Japanese too. And when the name comes this I enjoy imagining many skills he would do with his name.

Don't worry, if you have ideas and opinions everyone is welcomed about him. I promise he will not disappoint you.

Yep and all he needs to fully make it work is to learn water based magic. If the name of the sea dragon god wins it's basically going to be mandatory for water magic to be something he learns to make a stage two to his attack names stage 1 obviously being no-element stage two should he have haki be that, stage three magic and stage four being a mix of magic and haki. Also since he got a item for a Zoro cosplay does he get access to the two Haki types that Zoro uses? Cause ANYONE that watched the series knows that there are so many ways that'll be helpful not only cause it would enhance the striking power of the blades but make them less likely to break.

More or less like that, I have many, many ideas about what to do. And he has Erza's magic too. He can bring his weapons and some armors with him. And you know one more thing? He has Zaraki's zampakutou. This was one of most badass swords in the world of animes. You shouldn't stay near of him because it will kill you. In many ways. XD

Well I know about Erza's magic and don't get me wrong on this she is my favorite character from Fairy tail but her magic is basically a glorified storage magic/magic pouch. All other magical abilities she has are all based on the weapons and armor she uses via likely channeling magic through said weapons. Also yeah I forgot about Kenpachi for a bit and the only thing that will be worrying is if getting those bells Zaraki wears from a merchant gives him Zaraki's blood-lust cause THAT will cause a few problems for the obvious reasons and I doubt he'll be able to easily become the strongest swordsman if he gets turned to stone before being able to claim the title due to a massive trail of bodies(As all those that have watched Bleach would know be behind Zaraki.). Also I'm pretty sure that being turned into a statue immediately gets a master swordsman title and the title of world's greatest revoked.

don't worry, the bells it was present of Yachiru, so when he was really excited to cause the death and Yachiru were there, she uses the bells to calm him down. Hehehehe.

The sword by itself it was the bloodlust. But it was activated when he was cut or he was hurt by someone. If he is without bells and gets hurt, That would be a really big problem.

But you are right about Erza, the part of changing his swords is similar of Erza's too, so that's why he can changes his Swords every time.

Not bad, a adventuring sword master that travels around the fictional word of "name" while improving his magic and sword skill. do not be afraid to go outside the mlp known world and make up new races and places.

The only thing that is pulling this fiction down right now is the grammar. Some places it is bad enough that you have to rework the sentence on your own because it makes no sense, but that can easily be helped with giving it to previewers and grammar nazis for hire.

And the name: Ryujin got my vote

hey, Ales if you want to be my previewer I would like every kind of help. Because I already have an editor and he said it was really good and didn't find many problems, but every kind of help is welcomed.

And I think Ryujin will be his name because everyone is choosing him. Hehehe

Ok.. give this sentence to your editor and hit him with a nerf sword. " Never forget our friendship, you are the best friend I would like to have "
Correct me if I am wrong but; First part, they are good friends. Second part; he is not a friend, but would like him to become a good friend?.
There are more strange sentences, and I am sad to say i do not got the time to help you. Maybe in the future if my schedule allows for it.

But I am looking forward to what happens in the future och your story.

More or less, the first, they were really good friends, and second, he was the only friend he had. Because the others were bulling him. It was like he was the only person he trusted in the past.

Also will he also be a anti-mage from Black Clover

Yes, it will be really funny when they find out he is anti-mage.

Does the guy have the combined strength of zoro,Erza,and Zaraki Kenpachi like actual muscle strength

That's what he will try to find out. Hehehe

“I’ve been great, my new family are merchants and showed many good things, now I’m working with them, meanwhile I have fun all the time,” Melchior said showing me some of his products.

Oh you sly fox. :trixieshiftright: Well done.

Thank you. For calling me fox and liked my story. Is really great coming from you. XD


This isn't enough MLP to warrant posting at this time. Please write at least one more chapter with more direct relation to the setting before resubmitting.

Okay sure. I will finish the next chapter and resubmit as possible. And thanks for the advice. Sorry about the problem.

Ok? What's with the multiple thumbs down with the older comments??


What do you mean? Can you please be more clear?

Scroll down to the comments at the bottom, there's one thumbs down for a few of those comments.

Oh maybe you didn't notice but the admnister revoked my story days ago because one reason and just now was published again.

And maybe this gave a problem on it.

I'm unsure of it.

From the votes of the people who reads the prolegue. They decided the name Ryujin ( The Dragon Man) And the other name is the compliment of my idea about dragons. Sui (Water) Ryu (Dragon.)

But if you want the place he comes from. This will be showed later.


Thanks for enjoying. I will give me a week before start to think on the third chapter. Because I need to focus on my stuff. But don't worry. I think this fiction has future. XD

Does he have the four swords from the anime inuyasha (tessaiga, tenseiga, sounga, and bakusaiga)

Comment posted by CaioCoia deleted Jul 26th, 2017

I'm absolutely throbbing right now :pinkiecrazy:

do you post new chapter every one, two, three or do you not have a time

I just published two chapters for now. I will publish the new chapter next week. So please have patience.

I was just asking because some storys I have been rereading just to pass the time.

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