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I exist. I also write fanfiction. My favorite color is the taste of the letter 7 with a hint of luckless. Updates will be twice a month.

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Introduction I guess? · 1:01pm May 17th

I'm Shattered_Sky!

I've been on FimFic for around two years in a half (I think.... Not counting the time I was busy with life. I don't really know. Eh)

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Thanks for the watch! :pinkiehappy:

May the Lord save, go with and keep you :twilightsmile:

Hey, I understand that you might not have much time to wright anymore or you don’t think the story is goin anywhere, But I beg you to continue Flame of Courage because I think it has potential to be a very good story if you continue it so please ):

2288218 I know how ya feel!!:twilightoops: And it was go in somewhere, lemme tell ya!:rainbowdetermined2: But sometimes, it ain't easy to write, speaking from experience!

2285073 Eh thanks... It wasn't really headed anywhere. Plus I don't really have time to write much... Sore

Y u no continue Flame of Courage?!?!?!??!:fluttershysad: It was going gud!!:fluttercry:

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