A group where you can let people know you want to edit or need an editor, no prior skills required, but it's probably good to at least know your grammar and spelling before signing up for doing editing.

spamming, bullying, and overall being obnoxious is frowned upon, and might get you banned.
All bans are permanent in most cases, so don't fuck around.

banner was made by the super cool ThaumicSlime. thx bb <3

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I am looking to edit another's book. Grammar is extremely important to me, along with spelling. I don't care what type of story, shipping, clop, OC, whatever. Just PM me if interested :raritywink:

Hi am looking for a fic of mine to be edited I have a hard time with grammar so I really need the help Please message me when you get the chance https://www.fimfiction.net/story/355597/spread-your-wings

hey. i need an editor. do you have any prior knowledge of the Cthulhu mythos?

yey thx <4


also you get contribootur for contribooting

banner was stolen from somewhere on google image, if you want a source then google it, it isn't that hard.

It's pretty fucking difficult to find something on google images when you don't know what to search. prepere ur anal cavity for mai photoshop skillz

Edit: dug around the group's source code and found it


I'll cum all over this place. :heart:

very good yes yes yes harder grammar me more yes yes yes yes yes ye sy esy esye sysye syey syey yysyeyseyse


nope, it's staying like that it's like a quirk or something that makes it a unique butterfly in the grey landscape of editing groups it's like my misunderstood child :heart:

That title needs an editor:rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh:

NEED EDITOR FOR FOE RELATED STORIES! Help would be great; have asked for help in a group for this sort of thing in the past; got no responce.

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