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Have you ever wanted to live with a pony? Perhaps as a college roommate? Maybe you just need to split the rent on your house or apartment. One thing is for sure, ponies are unlike any roommates you've had before.

This group was originally created for stories like totallynotabrony's The Roommate, but is open to any story that has humans and ponies living long-term under the same roof.

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I knida wanna make a fan fic about this topic but i have no exprience whatsoever about writing them and not sure if it will suck :twilightsheepish: maybe i shouldnt. not sure. Should I?

wow 99 members and only 10 stories?
better start making one

Why does this group have so many people? Not sure if it deserves it ...

i might make a short roommate story, with ninjas, bacon, and hypersluts :pinkiehappy:

I saw this group and I went "lol why the hell not!?!" I hope you people enjoy "Of Rainbows and Men". :rainbowdetermined2:

297121 :facehoof: How could I forget that one?

Human and pony under the same roof. The most popular isn't there yet

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