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What makes a story memorable? The plot? The characters? The emotions? Here at Characterization Academy, we firmly believe in the power that quality characterization can bring to a story. We actively dedicate ourselves to pursuing the art of characterization through lectures, exercises, peer-reviews, and constructive feedback.

We are not an OC display group. This is not a place to copy and paste reference sheets, to beg for OC art, or to casually tell others about how awesome your characters are. There are groups for that already. No, here at Characterization Academy, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We are not satisfied to remain as we are, but seek to improve our characterization and characters in whatever way we can.

As principal, I expect all members here to acknowledge the fact that no one person understands everything about characters or characterization. Everyone needs to be open not only to differing opinions, but to learning and growing as individuals. If you are not here to learn, you should not be here.

Our system is a straightforward one. When you join, you become a student. Students are permitted to post clearly tagged question or peer-review threads only. Any other threads posted will be deleted. Teachers are those who have passed the application process and have been permitted to post threads. They will post lectures and host study halls/Q & A sessions as well as strive to help students with their individual questions. They are not permitted to review characters in student peer-review threads. Student teachers may in order to resolve serious disputes or questions brought up in those threads.

So, if teachers can’t comment on peer-review threads, what are they for? They are for you the student to get feedback from others and to objectively evaluate that feedback. Think of it as presenting a rough draft to your classmates before submitting an assignment. No judgement zone rules are strictly enforced at all times.

If any student is caught bashing another, they will be suspended. If such behavior repeats, they will be expelled from the school. We do NOT tolerate bullying, harassing, or belittlement in any way, shape, or form.

Teachers will post Test or Homework threads where you the students will either present your characters for “professional” evaluation or write a short scenario using your characters. They will strive to offer constructive feedback and help to improve your characters and characterization. Please respect and acknowledge that everyone here has differing opinions, including the instructors before you post on any such thread.

If you would like to become a student teacher or teacher, PM me, Bluegrass Brooke for more information. Once I’ve formalized the process, I will post a thread describing it.

There are a few last rules that should be addressed as I find them incredibly important. First and foremost, there will be no “character sheet” type threads or character presentations. They serve no purpose other than to prove you can spit out raw data like an automaton. You can’t use character sheets to write meaningful characters, and I personally loathe them. Anyone posting such threads or comments will be suspended and warned. Here’s a link to my thread on what constitutes a character sheet and why we at Characterization Academy do not approve of them.

All threads WILL be tagged. All threads without tags will be locked until you add the appropriate tags. As students you have rights to post [Question] and [Peer-Review] threads ONLY. All other threads you post will be deleted without warning or question.

Teachers may post [Lecture], [Homework], [Study Hall], [Test], and [Tip] threads. They do not have the right to comment on or delete [Peer-Review] threads, but will comment on [Question] threads to resolve issues. Teachers are expected to treat everyone with courtesy and respect. Any teachers found erring in this should be reported and will be suspended. I do not tolerate abuse of power.

A side-note that I find incredibly important. This is not a NSFW group, as such, no cursing or crude language is permitted. Just because you are comfortable with it does not mean everyone else is. Let’s be considerate of others and keep the threads everyone rated.

In the case of students disrespecting or bashing one another, I may make available an alternative to suspension if I feel the situation calls for it. Such exception will likely be in the form of a detention thread wherein said student will write an appropriate apology outlining exactly what they have done and why it was not acceptable behavior. I expect every student to act and treat one another like grown adults that deserve respect.

As far as stories are concerned, you may post stories in whichever the correct folders are applicable. OC-centered stories only! This academy is here to further your understanding of how to write original characters in the hopes that you will one day apply that knowledge to personal fiction down the road. Further rules are as follows. I really hope I don’t have to tell you folks this, but, no foalcon or non-consensual sexual acts. There are special interest groups for those types of stories if that’s your thing.

Important! As far as stories are concerned, ALL story artwork should have permission from the artist to use it as a cover and a CLEAR citation. Actual permission, not just you citing them. For threads, if you use ANY artwork in your threads or comments, you WILL cite the author and link to them. I have a zero tolerance policy where that is concerned. Artists put a lot of love, time, and effort into their work. Using it without citing them (and asking for permission with stories) is wrong.

Last but not least, you are here to learn. This is not a group to glorify your own prowess or bash on another’s. By joining this group you acknowledge and accept our terms of conduct and rules. You agree that no one person knows everything about characters and characterization and so each thread and comment is opinion. You also agree that you will do your best to learn and grow from what advice you are given even if you do not agree with it. I will uphold you to this promise in the future.

Thank you for reading and I welcome you to my academy. Have fun, follow the rules, and keep on trucking.

Your principal,

— Bluegrass Brooke

Faculty and Staff Directory

Principal: Bluegrass Brooke

Teacher: Azu aka The Puppet Master of Feels

Student Teacher: Miranda Laufeyson

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Azu #7 · Oct 2nd, 2015 · · ·

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I'm generally the first person to argue against censorship in writing, as I do not like to censor my work around to cater to others. However I can understand why some censorship exists in certain places, such as a learning environment.

I curse almost religiously with how much it comes out of my mouth (and in my casual conversations online.), so I often have to be mindful of what I say. However I look at it as I would if I were to present myself in a formal place and manner. We are here within this group to both learn and teach, not necessarily to express ourselves as individuals. Granted I can argue differently about the actual writing that people would present for review, however the actual subjects and conversations within the forum and discussions are a different story.

Also I recommend you be mindful in how you wield the term bias in your arguments and especially opinions. It is quite easy to come off as hypocritical declaring something bias, as you can be seen as being just as bias in your decoration if it is not structured soundly.

I think that asking people to be polite, in the context of a group whose purpose is to criticize and learn, is rather appropriate. No one's stopping them from criticizing, except criticizing the author/student/teacher directly. For a discussion to remain civil, asking the participants to respect one another and remain polite is pretty much rule one, because it is quite a rare person who does not react to an angry attack with an angry defense, causing either escalation or the point to be abandoned.

Not cursing is not a choice I care for, but I do not really mind as there are many SFW locations that I would expect to be held to the same standard, and as this is not a broad decree and only applies to the discussion in this forum, I expect it to rarely be significant.

This is not a NSFW group, as such, no cursing or crude language is permitted.

I expect every student to act and treat one another like grown adults that deserve respect.

Censorship is the highest form of offense and disrespect. Your bias that people who demand irrational censor of others are in the right, while those who use whatever language they feel like are in the wrong is simply appalling.

403243 Nothing at present. If you want a review, you're welcome to post a [peer-review] thread and request feedback. Mostly it's a library.

What happens to stories posted in these folders? Will a certified expert read them and give the writer advice? Will the other students critique them?


Well, seeing as I am all about characters and their interactions, this is certainly a place for me! :pinkiecrazy:

We're so fancy~:rainbowkiss:

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