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A group dedicated to the best word in the English language.

Be sure to read the fucking rules, then post your story into the folder if it has the word "fuck" in it at least three times.

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411804 OK, dude. What the fuck?

Once I fucked several fucking spoons with a fucking fork and then said fuck my fucking fuck life of fuckiness. I also decided I would write stories about horsefucks fucking around because fucking around is fucking fun you fucktard. The word fuck is my fucking life, and also fuck you with a fucking metal fucking rod.

381823 I am going to have nightmares now.

Thanks a lot, you fuckface.

Comment posted by I NO LONGER EXIST deleted Jun 12th, 2015

Hell fucking yeah. My kind of group

I am now coining the term "whisper hole" as an obscene phrase. You're welcome.

My day could go a whole Fuck better, cause the mother Fucking day just isn't going the Fuck right. :ajbemused:

381740 deceased children's sperm

381733 Silly Psycho, why would he want to give you one of those? I was just talking about his special ice cream. I don't know what he puts in it, but it tastes real good! :scootangel:


and by that you mean give me his dick.

381729 Well if you're feeling like one, I guess you could got talk to a priest or something. Heh, if you're a little boy he might even give you a treat. xD

381684 *continues fapping to ponies* What was that about a Christian, m8?



This may sound weird but can you please take my story out of here.


This group is top kek.

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