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King Genesis

"It's only teenage wasteland..."

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  • 43 weeks

    This post is for all of the songs which are mentioned in both parts of Waters: Part 1 and Part 2. Most of the chapters, especially in the sequel, mention or talk about songs which maybe not well-Known for all, so I decided to put them all in this post like if this was a kind of list. By the way, this post will be updated because Waters: Part 2 is not completed yet.

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  • 114 weeks
    Waters Ep 5 Almost Ready!

    Yup, you heard it right.

    After a long time, finally I'm writing the last part of Waters' fifth chapter.

    It will be released soon.

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  • 120 weeks

    I published Ep. 2 of Waters unintentionally.
    It was a version with no edits.
    I'll upload it later, with a better writing.

    Thank you!!

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  • 122 weeks

    Ep. 2 of Spike, the Floydian is being written at the moment. I may release it tonight if I have time.

    For now, A Book is a little bit decayed, but don't worry! I'm still working with Ep. 3 and tonight I'll release the first chapter, rewritten and edited by The Graceful Articuno.

    And Ep.2 of Waters may be released on Friday or Saturday, or maybe thursday if I absorb Flash's powers! :twilightsheepish:

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  • 122 weeks

    I'll be rewriting Waters from Chapters 1 to 7 (I'm already making ch 8 so don't worry). I won't revoke the original story though, I'm going to make another one in first person and improved.

    Ep. 2 of Spike the Floydian will be released today or tomorrow.

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Welcome to King Genesis.

Hello, FIMFiction. I am King Genesis writing this awesome introduction of myself from my country Argentina.

I like writing realistic stories which involve serious or graphic topics such as profanity, narcotics and violence. I don't consider myself as a brony but I really like lots of characters from the show which, in my opinion, are pretty original and interesting, and I could say my favorite characters are Spike, Twilight Sparkle, Discord and Grandpa Gruff.

I originally created this account to publish a story I made in 2014, Waters: Equestrian Gangster, but then I decided to stay and write much more Genesis-esque, realistic stories I like. I'm always improving my writing skills and waiting for your comments, favourites and critics.

About the music:

I love listening to music, so you may find I like to mention theme songs on my chapters or even as a main theme on a story. Let me clarify that you don't have to listen to the songs while reading if you want, it's just my way to set the scene's background and make it more intense or funnier.

Do you like writing non-realistic stories?

Yes, I do like, sometimes. The Stone Chisel Way is an example of this.

Do you write clopfics?

No, I don't. My realistic stories usually have sex references or slight scenes, but not graphic scenes or a porno plot. It's not my kind.

What does my name mean?

It comes from two bands: King Crimson and Genesis.

Where does your profile photo come from?

It's a robot that appears in Dopádromo's album cover, the third album released by the Argentinian band (also one of my favourites) Babasónicos.

Current State: Busy.


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Awesome possum. 😎

Heyyyyy, no prob, friend! You deserve it! 😇💖

Now go get 'em! :rainbowkiss:

Thanks a lot! :twilightblush: I'm now really busy because I have just started my school term some days ago and I needed it a bit. Haha! :pinkiehappy: Appreciate it.

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