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Okay, we already know that there is hundreds of story support groups. Where you post your story to get reviews, comments, ratings, etc, etc, etc. Now, with all these, why would we need another? Maybe it's because we can't get enough. Or it somehow is different for the rest. You might want to read awesome, unique, and new stories. It could even be that you might actually just want to socialize. Whatever the case, here is everything combined into one. it could be like all the others, could be different. Anyhow, that will be for you to decide. Now, moving right along.

Sick and tired of waiting for views, ratings, and comments on a story you worked really hard on? Would you like to promote it and have it rising the ranks in viewer satisfaction? In this group we look at each other stories, give help and advice if needed, and spread the word.


1. Be nice! No attacking each other.

2. No inappropriate stuff, and no mature.

3. Please put your story in the correct folders, and please make sure you put story in the correct rating folder.

4. Most of all, help each other, and have fun!

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I think I might have, but could you send me the link just in case?

Sure, I can help with leading your group:twilightsmile:. I've already founded a few groups of my own, so I'm more than happy to lend a helping hand:twilightsmile:.

so, i can make you an admin, you know, someone who helps to lead the group.

i noticed you joined a lot of my groups. welcome. question, could you become an admin on any of them

I have a story I'm sure many will love:twilightsmile:.

Hello. Mine is a crossover with Ben 10.

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