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That title says it all.

We can be mean, we can be kind, but in the end, you asked for it and if you don't ragequit, you can get some benefit from it.

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287650 Please feel free to chew my story apart as noone has done so yet, and I REALLY need to know how to improve my writing from detailed feedback, no matter how specific and drawn-out it may be.
Plus, I guess I'll do this too, seeing as the other guy did it. I'm a sucker for trends:

1- I wish. What I wouldn't give to be 8ft tall and buff :rainbowlaugh:
2- Not so far. Don't plan to any time soon :applejackunsure:
3- Dunno if 'Nailed it' or not. Definately no whining on humanities flaws though :ajsmug:
4- First encounter had RD punching the focus character at the time, so I guess I check out for this one :scootangel:
5- .....I don't get it :unsuresweetie:
6- Do vox comms count? :rainbowderp:
7-'s their JOB :fluttercry:
8- Yes and no. Yes, loves most of equestria and pony society. No, hates pretty much everything else. Multiple fly casualties :flutterrage:
9- This happens? :twilightoops:
10- All Space marines are mary sues, sorry :fluttershbad:
11- Derp, eh well :derpytongue2:
12- DOUBLE DERP! :derpyderp2:
13- I try to :fluttershysad:
14- Get off my back! Those Thunderhawks won't fly themselves!....Well, they will, but that's a different story! :twilightangry2:
15- What don't you get about 'Space Marine'?:rainbowhuh:
16- No worries there :pinkiehappy:
17- All clean :twilightsmile:
18- All good :pinkiesmile:
19- So far, so good :yay:
20- 'And we shall know no angst!' :rainbowdetermined2:
21- I'll do it when they least expect! And I'll make them WAAATCH! HAHAHA! :trollestia:
22- Ugh, I've tried, but somehow always fail. Please help! :raritydespair:
23- Dude...that's mean :fluttershyouch: (And no, by the way)
24- Do drop pods count?
25- Never forget, never forgive :coolphoto:
26- Okey dokey :moustache:
27- You'll have to catch me first! Seriously though, no MLD :ajbemused:


1. My humans are based on character I do not want to be around.
2. No manticores.
3. Haven't got to the part about discussing worlds yet. I don't intend my humans to deal with Equestria's bullshit.
4. My OCs are sadists the ponies are scared of.
5. No.
6. They have future technologies instead. My humans are smart enough not to let ponies touch.
7. My humans are lawful, not good.
8. My humans are the opposite. Spoilers, they have slaughtered a hydra, griffins and will have no trouble pulling the trigger on a pony if it comes down to it.
9. Not going to happen.
10. My humans are flawed and everypony hates them.
11,12,13: I am at the mercy of a my macbooks's messed up spellcheck.
14. They're sadistic yet intelligent counter terrorists.
15.They kind of have to.
16. They are all professional, but when left alone, will act obnoxious.
17. They will remain human and die human.
18. Haven't added them yet.
19. AJ tries to knock one out and fails. The only times the humans are knocked out is when the elements attack them due to their sadism and cynicism.
20. They are 24 and lethal soldiers.
21. My humans are somewhat trigger conscious, but I do not intend to kill off the Mane 6.
22. I don't skip a minute of what is going on.
23. Space ship. Used intentionally to go to Equestria.
24. Refer to 23.
25. No amnesia.
26. It's in the 26th century and there is no MLP.
27. Not going to happen.

I need some of that good ol' criticism for my story.

Just published my first multi-chapter fic, and it'd be great if somebody could tear it apart. I've got one chapter published and two more ready to go.

I honestly just need some harsh criticism and good advice.

I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing and I don't get a heck of a lot of feedback as it is so I'd appreciate anyone who takes the time to comment on my fics!

None of the downvoters will ever tell me what they don't like about my story. It's extremely frustrating.

Hey y'all, just wonderin' if I could get some thoughts on how the first four chapters of my story, Applejack's Ranger, is. (Be as harsh AS NEEDED, last time I asked for criticism, it ended with some disappointed readers that never got to see the end of my first fan-fic.)

Im probably setting myself up but why not? Have at the fic, I want to know if the 6 thousand or so words I've written so far are worth writhing the next fifty thousand.

Well, I just joined so why?
I think there’s honestly no better way to show you honestly enjoy something and want to see it succeed then to point out its failings. Not for the sake of spit but for the sake of improvement. I’m sure one of our favourite characters would agree that honesty is the best policy.

I like to think I’ve left a few good comments on stories. Sometimes it’s tempting to tear apart an idea just because you don’t like it. My revulsion for misanthropy knows few bounds but my tongue (and fingers) most certainly does. I do my best to reflect an unbiased opinion wherever I speak no matter the format and always sincerely wish writers the best of luck. There are too many on the internet who believe that because it gives them anonymity they are free to unapologetically bombard people with disgusting language and hurtful remarks. In the words of Tim Minchin “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can break hearts”. I strive to be above such things.

Now have some free awsome!

I just joined up so here is my introduction. The tag is Tsuguri and I have had my fic titled "Luna Nos Custodit," now with four chapters, up here for two months so far and have not gotten a single comment on it yet. So sad :(, but I am hoping this group can change that! A warning that it is a bit on the dark side to start though.

And just so you know, I am happy to receive criticism as long as it is constructive. Even a bad review can help me to improve as long as it explains why. I will even take harsh critics, but let us try to keep things civil at least.

Thanks in advance to anyone who stops on by!

I'm almost scared. Please, when my stories get criticized, especially with my timed challenge fics, remember that I write them very, very quickly.

Is there a reason to write human in equestra other than self-service? No for reals.


Wow, has more bad fics than I can chew. I mean really...

Ever since I joined under my old account, I saw a lot of bad fics cluttering the new fics and I was like.


Then I heard of Mr. Ignorable and I decided to join this group under my new account, the Naval Brony.

Also, I feel like that the bronies who critique people are "too nice" and many authors who write bad fics don't learn from that.

So we beat them with brutal honesty, wisecracks and insults. So that way, they will be crushed and learn what it really means to be a true fanfiction author.

Sorry about not being active. I have been very busy with work and such. I will be more active come late September.

On a side note, I added my friend's fic "Nightwatch" to the group. He would like the criticism.

Hey, I just joined the group and I guess its time to introduce myself. I've been a fanfiction writer on and off for years. Some popular among fandoms others not so popular. I became a pegasister earlier this year and I feel that I am still fairly new to this awesome fandom community. I have never see so much fan production for a show before with songs, videos, amazing fanfiction, and games.

As a writer, I am ALWAYS trying to improve. Stories is my only escape at a mind numbing job that has more than once had me consider Valium to contend with it.

Any criticism or comment I will respond to mature and positively as it is presented to me. I need feedback on how well or how bad am I doing. Something to let me know I am on the right track.

I am hesitant to give comments myself because I keep second guessing myself, but I when I do give reviews or comments, I try to point out the good points and the bad points of what I read and offer tips on how the writer can improve.

I guess I should introduce myself. Well, I'm Ken-Ken, and I tend to be a little sugarcoated with my critiques. Don't get me wrong, I'll clearly point out what needs improvement, but don't you think putting it in a positive way is important? I know I for one used to get sad and curse myself whenever someone pointed out something wrong with something I did, much more if they were harsh about it. Besides that, I make sure to explain everything I point out, and my critiques tend to be a bit long. I like receiving feedback as well, so feel free to say whatever. (But like I said, consider being optimistic?:heart:) I believe there's always room for improvement!:pinkiehappy:

Well I figure I will introduce myself.
I've had several collage level creative writing classes which were mostly sounding boards for us to bounce stories back and forth. They also showed people where they needed to work to improve there stories. That's why I joined this group, it seamed like a good group of folks and I feel my stories improve with others looking at them.

More personally by looking at All Americans post I can tell you I will have problems with 11 and 12. I have two major hurdles in that area, the Texas Public school system as applied by the Winnsboro school district and my dyslexia. I write to improve on that. On my work outside MLP, I have had one short story published in a small magazine and that was through the help of the creative writing class.


Good to have ya aboard. TheGriffonGeneral has requested help on the board. I kinda don't have the time right now to help him so maybe you can. Enjoy your stay.

Yeah, you contacted me a little while back Enamis. Sorry I didn't get a chance to respond till now, kinda got side-tracked. Welp, I'm here now. To wreck shit in the name of improvement.

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