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One final thump · 11:03pm Aug 11th, 2019

Hey guys, once again I owe you all a huge apology for my lack of updates to my current story. A lot has happened these past years it's been neglected and I genuinely feel bad for letting things get this bad. I still love MLP: FiM as a show, and I still very much love writing stories based around that show, but unfortunately my negligence and the passing of some unfortunate events have seen my writing crawl almost to a halt and had even stopped me watching the show a while. And a thought came to

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She dose sleep alot, I think she could sleep on anything... :rainbowwild:

She thinks Company Master Ezbethial's battle pauldron is a pillow...silly pony :rainbowlaugh:

Your profile-pic makes me smile.... silly Rainbow Dash.

Thanks for the fav on my story, Fireteam Storm

2073794 I might do one for the Adeptus Mechanicus, but I do have plans to do weapon references for both Equestrian traditional firearms as well as Federation firearms. This is all just rough planning at the moment, but it's something I do have my eye on.

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