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Shameless! · 2:21am Jan 25th, 2013

So, do you guys think I am pretty good? If you do, nominate me here. Of course, perhaps this should wait till I have more completed work... but I'll put this out here.

Nominate me here.

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We need more of your stories :ajbemused:

Did you get my response to your beta-read request? I've now tried to send it three times and I'm pretty sure the site ate every one of them (in between downtime and weird new redesign bugs). I'm hoping i can at least check that this gets through since it'll be posted to a public page. :facehoof:

Indeed I am. The messaging thing messed up, never told me. Send me another and we'll continue talking.

what your bi:rainbowhuh:
cool im bi :rainbowkiss:
wy did you stop pming me


You know, that put a nice smile on my face.:pinkiehappy: It's stressful to try and put something together. It's a big project, and I actually care. So thanks.

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