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A group focused on helping those new to Fimfiction, and to writing fanfiction in general, to make themselves at home on the site. For now, if you have any questions or need any help, please head on over to the General Questions forum thread, and ask away.

If you'd like more detailed feedback, please add your story to the "Detailed Feedback Requested" folder and include in the comments section information on what particular facet you would like feedback on. Once your story has received feedback and you have made revisions, please move the story to the "Stories That Have Received Feedback" folder so that everyone in the group can see your polished and improved work!

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This is Winterspell. I never usually write more than one-offs, and this is my first attempt at sort of "establishing a universe."

When I write for MLP I usually try and stray as far away from the actual show as possible, so this is set in pre-history and I go for a sort of Game of Thrones esque vibe in terms of scale and content.

Tear it apart.

I’m sick and tired of people who keep hitting dislikes on my story, and I need feedback. I wanted more likes than dislikes.

I was trying to make a joke about Project Horizons, but it didn't really work that well.

Got it. I don't hate popular things just for being popular, what I hate is when something is popular solely for being popular. Take that "It's popular because it's popular" away, and you're usually left with some really small and shallow reasons for its current popularity, like "It was one of the first" or "It is long and most FE stories aren't that long because their writers give up on them often" or "It shoehorned in the protagonist of the original story before that was declared a taboo by the fandom", or "It desperately tries to one-up everything that happened in the original story, logic be damned, without seeming to realize what made things in the original story work and what things didnt work at all. The original story had radiation? We've got DOUBLE-DIATION, and it's so deadly, even Alicorns can't touch the stuff! This is Micheal Bay's embarassing cousin's fanfic, full of explosions and sex and alcohol and suffering, because all of these equal quality!"

The only time I've got a disliking for people liking something because it's popular is with Roblox, CS: GO, and MLG.

The problem never had to do with writing in a personal way. An example of what I consider to be unconstructive criticism is "There are several grammar and spelling errors," like, without specifying the type of grammar errors.

The problem does not exist anymore. The story submission has been revoked for quite a while now. It's changing from something like this:
To something most comparable to this:

What happened? Did you get tired of the fandom that'll genuinely say with a straight face it thinks Project Horizons is the best FE fanfic just because it's the most popular, or name one of the other three popular fics if questioned? Or did the trolls that "Just can't, like, understand why" writers would choose to write what they want to write and not what they want writers to write get to you?

It doesn't exist anymore. :trixieshiftleft:

Comment posted by FrostingOrb1766 deleted Jun 20th, 2017

The proper term is Administrator, not Moderator.

I just added my story, The SS.

Please keep in mind that I'm a lil sensitive snowball. :fluttercry:

I could use some feedback on my first story: Bound to be errors, but please be a little gentle with the hate. :scootangel:

Hey, I would really apreciate feedback and commentary on my story, The Misfits and its sequel, The Misfits: Reviving Harmony I could really use it and I would like to know how it's coming along.

I'm looking for commentary on this and this, here.

Really I think this group will help the most. I need someone to give it a once-over.

I posted a few stories, but stopped short, before I filled the group.

E-Clipse and My, My - Little Pinkie Pie could use some feedback?

My work-in-progress Cygnus could use some feedback in the Detailed Feedback Requested folder. I'm looking for input related to pacing/dialogue, that sort of thing (and, on the side, grammar/spelling/punctuation, etc). Thanks!

I would like some feed back on my story Fallen From The Stars

Hey I just added my story "Crystal Magic" to the detailed feedback folder but I really just want general feedback on what I can improve on. Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Just added "Batmare Begins" to the "Detailed Feedback Requested" folder. I just want some general feedback; most of my readers seem to like my story, but not too many leave feedback, say what they especially like or dislike, or tell me what they think could be improved. Can't wait to see what ya'll have to say (that is, if ya'll kindly choose to take a look at my fic of course). :twilightsmile:

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