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Cyber System

Hey, there! My name's Cyber System. My main focus for stories are rarely touched topics or just ideas that came to me. Not much to say other than that.

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HAPPY NEW YEARS! IM STILL ALIVE! · 8:05am Jan 1st, 2016

After many months of absence, I return. Just in time for the new year that we all celebrate. In fact it is because of this that I tried to get myself out of that cursed land I found myself trapped in. As the year rises, I remember all the plans I've made and all the ones I didn't do... They're both one and the same. Mustering my strength I cross the border into the productive land, feeling excited but also anxious. Even though I left the land that many failed to overcome, I still feel the

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Hello it's me, well It is that you see the caracters lifes with their powers that intruig me so much and knowing everything is just fun to read when they do something.
And I wonder is Pixel Berry and Moonlight going to date anytime soon.
Sorry for my bad english but remember that I don't have english for my first hand languish.

2250036 That's ok, I was wondering. Just let me know when you feel up to it. I have different stories running in my head that I can't focus on Fire Stallion chapter.

2247768 hey, sorry for the long delay. I've been off and on with projects and haven't gotten around to it for a while, still got it but due to various sources I have been preoccupied.

Plus I just forgot.

Hey, Cyber. No time no write. I was still wondering if you are still up of rewriting my chapters for Mega Mare? It been a long time and just wanted to asked.

Comment posted by Grey Wolf deleted Jun 23rd, 2015
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