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Cyber System

Hey, there! My name's Cyber System. My main focus for stories are rarely touched topics or just ideas that came to me. Not much to say other than that.


This story is a sequel to The Misfits

Equestria is faced with a new enemy, one that may destroy the peaceful land, even Celestia is faced with difficulty and seeks those who will save Equestria.

Are The Misfits destined to save Equestria? No... but that won't stop them from doing the best they can to help.

Polite criticism accepted. Not a self-insert.

Previous knowledge of The Misfits is not needed, but it is recommended to read the prequel to better understand characters and events.

In need of a cover art and an editor/proofreader.

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This is a collection of side stories that relate to The Misfits and its sequel, The Misfits: Reviving harmony, whether by origins, side events, or simply details that won't fit into The Misfits.

Previous knowledge of The Misfits not needed, but recommended.

(Cyber System is only a character and has no relation to me or my life.)

Polite criticism accepted.

(Notice: this story will not contain Laa-Mohr's origin, to see that, you can find it here.)

Currently in need of a cover art.

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Cyber System, a unicorn with no magic but lots of potential and a scientific mind, along with his friends, none of them fit in but all of them get along. They set off on a quest to find Canterlot so Princess Celestia may show all of Equestria that misfits can fit in as much as everypony else. Soon they come across Ponyville where they meet new friends, enemies, and misfits.

(Not a self-insert)

Polite criticism accepted. Cover art by DPJacksAniBrony

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