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All of you already know about Laa-Mohr and how he joined 'The Misfits'. But have you ever wondered about his story, his background, and especially... his curse?! Let's find out right now as I narrate you this Saddle Arabian tale of the Son of Nopony.

Side Story of The Misfits by Cyber System

Special thanks to Cyber System for this opportunity!

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I am entertained, I await more chapters.


I may be am a fifteen-years old orphan

Just a possible word choice, but over all great! :pinkiehappy:

5105430 Great idea! May be is better used in that context! I'll fix it right away!

Alright, I don't see any spelling errors nor grammer, however a few questions:

It's clear that Laa-Mohr sneaks into the coliseum, but why keep it a secret until the end?

Also why is it that most prisoners/camels don't talk? There should really be an explanation somewhere

Finally, do you want me to put this in a few groups?

Other than that, I look forward to more chapters.


For Camels, they don't know Saddle Arabian, they are primitives so they only know their own native language (Spoilers: Kamal will only learn Saddle Arabian but NOT common Equestrian which means he will not understand anyone coming from Canterlot for example). As for the other prisoners (most prisoners not all), they are either silenced or have their tongues cut off. As for Laa-Mohr, it's for infiltration purposes. You'll see why in the next chapter. Also, yes, you can put this story in other groups!

Alright, sorry it took me so long to comment but I could not find an error in this, except this:

he said with a disorienting voice

I think the word you're looking for is distorted, disorient means confusing or losing sense of things.

Also the way you're wording this makes it sound like they're holding their weapons in their hooves, how does that work?

5404596 Well if Applejack can hold sticks and marshmallows with her hooves, it works here too! If it's running with 3 hooves, why not! It's a cartoon and I don't question it! Let's not forget that swordsmanship is part of Saddle Arabian martial arts and a noble one that is! A Saddle Arabian with no sword expertise is no Saddle Arabian for me!

5405044 touché, very well then, continue.

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