Its very self explanatory. Just don't do anything to buck me off and your good.

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anything inaprorite!

I made a group for oc writters called I'm proud ti be an equestrian So, If you see this and you are an oc writer or you know an oc writer. Please join or recommend this group.

Resilient Spirit my editor/beta-reader/ writing consulent/critic( which I'd perfer he'd be less of) can REALY get on my nerves sometimes!:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

285671 Cool, cool. Take your time man, nopony's rushin' you.:twilightsmile:

285579Tell you what. Theirs set ups for number 3 in number 1 so I'll do that first then #3

285565 I would honestly do number 3. Just my opinion though.:pinkiesmile:

283021>>283371 I have a question to ask y'all
Should my sequel be about...
1. Sirius and his adventures
2. Cobalt again
3. Cobalt's heir, or
4. Stop wrighting about Alicorns and do something else for a change

have I ever told you guys I HATE MY OLD COMPUTER!!!:twilightangry2:

283142>>283210>>283371 New chapter posted. Also I'd like to tell you about my chapter I'm working on. I call it Music Of The Night. A small summery of it would be,
after Octavia steps out of the pit and into the lime light she attracts an... unexpected admirer.

284031>>283785>>283301 newest chapters out also Resilient asked me tell you all there are some... discontinuity between his Reese and my Reese. If you ever read his story

282994>>283124>>283371 Hey guys I have a brilliant idea. So I've been trying to edit the first couple chapters. But I find myself away running out of time. So... I going to call you guys in. Some of the chapters have been imported so you can't edit those. Me and Reese can take care of them.
So if your interested contact me and I will send you the editing password by private message. Also if you have any comments or questions contact me.

I'd like to welcome Resilient Spirit to our little brotherhood. This is the same author that created the Resilient Spirit in my story

282988>>283100>>283377 My newest chapter is out. PREPARE FOR YOUR MIND TO BE BLOWN!!!:duck:

I've decied to make my next chapter TOTALLY BUCKED UP!!!

283798 This is why i posed the question. to see other peoples views on the issue.:scootangel:

283377>>283301>>283142 Big shipping chapter posted. the couple is :unsuresweetie:... controversial. When you read it... don't kill me.

I'd like to post a philosophical question to you all.
Could writing be considered blaspheme? You are creating a world with creatures inside, and then controlling their fates. Isn't that almost like playing god?

283371 love to. Names cobalt im the admin of this group and I would like to give you the new tradional welcome if tones of emoticones :duck::unsuresweetie::twistnerd::fluttercry::coolphoto::pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::heart: And asking you to read my story the forth alicorn


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