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    Damn my mind!

    In the middle of doing Chemical Processes homework, a story idea came to me. If you have heard of Kurtjmac and his "Far Lands or Bust" series, you know exactly where this idea is heading. Indeed!

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    Playing Cards Against Humanity if anyone's interested.

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    Candy canes fell out of the skies as Zeus made a battlefield for Discord and Flarp's gang by pelvic thrusting across South Africa. Discord then appeared.

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    the story

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Meanwhile, in Google Docs (behind the scenes #1) · 3:36am Mar 13th, 2013

So, I'm collaborating on a fic, and we got off-topic. This is the result. It is longer than the actual fic. There were originally several links in there, but I'm too lazy to put them back in right now. Just try and figure out who typed what: I DARE YOU!!!
P.S. how do you make a break code to show only a little bit of a blog on a userpage? It would be helpful for next time.
I like waffles. mmmmmmm...... That’s good, too. I wonder if root beer waffles would taste any good? Pickle barrel Kumquat! Chimicherrychanga! It’s Pinkie Pie; we just smile and nod. Because if we don’t, we go all Super Saiyan like Twilight did that one time with the Pinkie Sense. Trying to understand Pinkie Pie conveys the same level of anger and frustration, so it works too. Trollfic idea! Yes! Perhaps we should write this one first though.Yeah. I’ll save this idea STUPID BRAIN. for later. Pinkie Pie is the reason for the 1st Super Saiyan. Anyone who has ever heard of MLP or DBZ, so about 7Billion people. :trollestia: Anyone who downvotes it will be banished TO THE MOON! Please don’t lock me up, or banish me, or banish me and then lock me up in the place you banished me. now why would I do that? remember LUNA? ...Oh. She never did answer that question. How many people would read it? Everyone who’s cool, that’s who. And here I thought the requirements for going super saiyan were screaming at the ceiling for three days. Yes.. Smile and wave boys, just smile and wave. I don’t quite know how to respond to that.
If peanut butter and cheese can work, I don’t see why not. I like root beer) I just separated the important stuff from the random rambling. Yeah, we don’t want to post this stuff accidently, though it would be funny. Perhaps we could release two versions of this story: one with the ramblings and one serious one? Yep. I think it would draw some serious laughs. But would the rambling one be considered circlejerking/meta, and get deleted? Let me check the rules. Good lord, this is funny.
So, have you ever heard of Waking Nightmares? It’s a semi-dark fic with fangasms to be had all around for many different fandoms. I haven’t, is it on fimfiction? Yep, by knightmysterio. He’s going through a tough time right now though, might lose his house if he can’t find a job and/or find a buyer for his PS2 collection. So, sad times. That sucks man, I wish we could help him. But being on the internet and lacking funds of my own... Yeah... I’ve been trying to help him out by suggesting some auction sites or checking Amazon to see if he could list there and get a decent price, but even so, it stinks. Yeah, tough times all around, ya’ know. Economy still sucks even after the recession officially ended. Due to monthly trillion-dollar bailouts #sarcasm. Wait, before we go any further, let’s see who we support first before arguing. the intelligent politician, so none of ‘em. Alright, I can agree with that.
If only we could resurrect someone like Lincoln. Or Caesar. “If you fuck up the country, you die.” I guarantee that would lower crime instantly, and get businesses in line. Who knows, he may even legalize some stuff. Maybe. We don’t really know how Caesar would react to a modern-day nation though, might cause a culture shock.
Thought experiment: Nero, Hitler, Bin Laden and (insert various other shitty folk from history) are all at a cocktail party, swapping notes. Sounds like a rather murderous cocktail party. I think Stalin might just kill them all with his mustache alone. Though, with Hitler’s constant shouting of a certain number, it might drive Stalin to insanity (NINE NINE NINE NEIN NINE 9 9 9 9). Now add Trollestia into the party. No survivors. I don’t feel that bad over dictators getting slaughtered. Me neither, but its a tragedy about the staff. Those poor custodians never stood a chance. Bleach only goes so far.
Gaben vs Trollestia Trolling Match results: Gaben won. and crushed gamers’ spirits the world over by doing this: >>HL2E3 confirmed for release April 2013. *deletes all work on it* >>Hl2E3 cancelled forever. Dude, I think that might be listed as a crime against humanity. It’s a crime against sapient life everywhere, human, pony, robot, and superintelligent shades of the color blue.
Maybe we should just have the ramblings be in “deleted scenes” blog posts, with a warning tag of complete gibberish, bullcrap, and WTFASDF. Yeah, why not. It’s a nice way to include this stuff without feeling the wrath of the banhammer. As wielded by Knight and Wanderer D? Yes. Someone should make fanart of that. Time to blog spam people for a pic of that. EVERYONE, WE NEED FANART OF KNIGHTY & WANDERER D WIELDING BANHAMMERS. I think we’d get too many responses. We could start a subreddit for it, then.
Sorry for the delayed response, my internet randomly cuts out sometimes. Same here. Mine is really strange. Sometimes 2MB/s, other times 2KB/s. At least once, the Speedtest.net reading gave me the number in bits. Wow, I don’t think anyone’s seen 2kbs since the early 90s. That’s *cough at&t cough* for you. Who said that? Perhaps it was the ghost haunting our google doc. Is he related to... BEN? If you know what I mean. No, he’s just the same one who haunted my 8th grade history class. Huh, strange place to haunt. Well, we had this one girl who thought Naval Warfare was something that took place between belly buttons. SMH. Facepalm so hard I created a new dimension of freedom. I also met someone who legitimately didn’t know what year the War of 1812 started. Then there was the girl in my college U.S. History class who -no joke- asked the following questions legitimately: “If the Spanish got to Florida first, then why don’t they all speak Spanish?” “How many vampires did Abraham Lincoln kill?” My god, how do we survive with people like this. Muffin button. But I never installed a muffin button! Then where did I get this muffin? O.o? This is getting to be a ridiculously long paragraph of gibberish. Want me to break it up a bit? Might make it easier for the blog post. Yeah.
There, now it’s broken into paragraphs. Sorta. They’re easier to read than the other one. The wall of text of DOOM? Cue dramatic music and lightning. OK. So, littlekuriboh is banned again. Seriously, why do corporations have to be so touchy about their copyright? No one even watches the actual show any more. If anything, LK is keeping Yugioh alive and kicking with his abridged serieseseseses. Yeah. I remember trying to look up the other “Friendship is Witchcraft” vids and finding out they were taken down. They have a new site now, and I think that they host the videos on that site, so YouTube can’t bot-ban them. I know, but still. POOR RAINCLOUD. <Cutie mark... Aquisition program?> Not the trenches. I am Luna (spoken with ridiculous accent.)
And yes, Animus is very similar to an evil pony version of Ezio. I could tell. But why stab him in the leg? Wouldn’t going for the chest just accomplish it much more quickly? Yes. Yes it would. You have to remember though: this is a James Bond-style reality. Good point. The idea of “just shoot him” doesn’t apply here. We need an overly elaborate and easily escapable death trap. Oh. Sounds fun, actually. With sharks with Frikkin’ Lazer beams attached to their frikkin’ heads. Which story arc is this going in? Does it really matter? True.
I want a crotch laser. WAT. You know, the table with the laser slowly moving up to his... Oh, yeah! We could do that. Who should we strap in? DT as the example for how it works, then possibly some Bond Girl analogue for Silent Shot? Yes, I think the readers would enjoy seeing something like that happen to DT. I’ve actually seen only two fics where Diamond Tiara has any redeeming qualities, and in one it happened because she narrowly escaped a gruesome death. Well, you’ve seen more than I have. I’ve seen 0 like that. One is called Boss of Me. It involves epic music magic, featuring Vinyl, Octavia, Sweetie Bell, and DT. The other is Waking Nightmares, and only after the Cherilee’s Garden reference. I’ll take a look at these later. Fair warning: Waking Nightmares is rather long. How long? In excess of 200k words. If I can read “Executive Orders” by Tom Clancy in two days, I think I can handle it. Ok. Try Fo:E in 1.5 days. Impressive. It resulted in me seeing double in both eyes for a week, but I did it. And I got $50 for it. Nice, sounds like you read a lot then. Yeah. I read the Harry Potter books as soon as they came out in the states, so with the first one, I was like... 6? I think? When did it come out, anyways? I think the first one was sometime around...93? In the U.S? Oh, nvm. it was 97. I didn’t read THAT one when it came out, but every one after the 3rd one, yeah. Well, i was way off. I read the third one when I was like, 8. That’s still pretty good. I was referring to the release date, but thanks!
I baked you a pie! Was it pie flavored? Yes. Desmond the Moon Bear. How did he get there? Celestia: TO THE MOON! I always suspected it was her. Either that or DRUNK SCIENCE!!!!!!1!!one!!! Hey, if the US could research time travel in the Cold War, nothing surprises me at this point. Wow. But then again, this is the country that invented a nuclear rifle. And pistol. Yeah. And the combination spatula/rat trap. ? Not even kidding. It’s listed in the U.S. Patent office. Mm. That sounds like a recipe for success. Perhaps what we need now is the Knife/gun/spade/grill/Humvee/tablet. Yes. Or playing the Wii in your car. I tried that once. It was awful. You know, pepper spray tastes nothing like pepper. Yes it does. It’s just really concentrated. Like 10-15% Capsaicin. 100% has 16.5million SHUs. I’ve eaten a hot wing that I swear had to have at least 6% Capsaicin in the sauce. Wow. You know, my partner and I for a Spanish food project were planning on lacing our’s with Ghost Peppers. With waivers signed beforehand. My uncle once ate one straight. He didn’t feel anything for about 5 minutes, then it crept up on him. Ghost peppers are evil. They are the officially licensed chili of Hell. It’s on Wikipedia. That wouldn’t surprise me. I believe Hell already has its own book series. It’s called “Twilight.” Ba-dum TISH!! But it’s no lie. Well, “Fifty Shades of Gray” may have beaten it out by now. No, that’s the officially licensed one for Satan. Twilight gets Hell in general. Ah, I always mix those two up. I hear they’re making a movie based off “The Host” now too. That’ll go well #sarcasm. In a book with nearly no dialogue, where 80% of it is a character’s thought processes (from a pre-review of what the movie will probably be like), they are making a movie. -.- Anything to cash in on those Twilight fangirls. Favorite way to troll them: say you love Twilight, wait for them to start fangasming, then add “Sparkle.” I need to try this now. It had glorious results. You know what my favorite part of the whole series was? When Bella jumped off a cliff. They could have ended it right there, and it would have been perfect but no. My favorite was when Bella’s facial expression changed. Catch it? No? Me neither.
You know, Rapunzel’s parents had more character development in “Tangled,” and they never said a word the whole time. If it hasn’t been scientifically proven otherwise, I’d say that Twilight was worse than The Room and the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender movie. Never speak of that heresy against Avatar. I found a youtuber that scientifically showed how bad those three movies were. How did he do it? By listing their sins. I’ll link the ones in question. Just give me a sec. The Room. Twilight. Just the first one, though. Avatar: the Last Shitbender. They just released one of Battleship, apparently. My God, Battleship was awful. I saw it just for the Missouri. I had to reopen it because it was derping. So, one time Battleship was on TV when I got home, I looked at the TV, and the first thing to come to my mind was: So, is it a mASS Effect trailer, a Crysis trailer, or a really shitty straight-to-TV movie? Maybe they’ll make “Monopoly: The Movie” next. Or a grimdark horror movie: Don’t Wake Dad. Don’t give them any ideas: they take these seriously. Oh, God. DISREGARD THESE BOARD GAME MOVIE IDEAS!!!! Please sir, why can’t we delete these? Have you ever heard of Zzyzzyx Road? (not sure if spelled right). What? It is the lowest all-time grossing film in the U.S. $300k budget. $30.00 box office total. What was it about? No fucking clue. I didn’t think it was possible to make such a low amount of money on a movie. My little bro made more money off his half-assed lemonade stand. Ikr? Worldwide sales allowed them to cover the budget cost, but not the cost of distribution and publicity. Wow. Just, wow. BABS FUCKING SEED.
So am I the only one who was rooting for the humans in “Avatar?” No. One day, I watched it when really pissed off at someone, and I imagined that they were the home tree. It was a good day after that. I still don’t get how they lost with all those missiles. Magic-Why didn’t they just bomb the plane-MAGIC-t from orbit, then -IT’S MAGIC, WE DON’T GOTTA EXPLAIN SHIT!!!- take the metal? I played the videogame, just for fun, and the humans are ridiculously OP. No, They are realistic. True. I don’t think a bow and arrow is going to save you from automatic weapons that shoot .75cal rounds no matter how many animals you have on your side. Humans are very good at killing things. If we had a cutie mark as a race, it would be for killing, hell, we’ve made whole species go extinct just by existing on the same continent.
And now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! *cue knights of the round table song from Monty Python and the Holy Grail* So how do you feel on the whole “Twilight is an Alicorn” thing? I’m completely ignoring it for this fic, but considering how little choice in the matter the writers ended up having, and how little time they were given, they handled it very well. Very well indeed. I’m withholding judgement until the Season 4 opener, since it is supposed to continue where Season 3’s finale left off. We’ll see. It’ll take far more than a pair of wings and a tiara to make me start hating on Twilight Sparkle though. Same here. I’m just a little bit hesitant about OP-ness, since she could sustain -as of Boast Busters- a constant energy output of 54% Little Boy yield. Every second. For 45 seconds. And only being somewhat winded afterwards. She only grew in power since then, so by the time you add alicorn-ness, she could put Mary Sue HERSELF in her place. Perhaps. Maybe she didn’t really have that much farther to go in terms of power before she got turned into an Alicorn. Maybe it didn’t add quite as much power as we initially thought. So, in a way, she probably would have just spontaneously become one sooner or later from just standard training of magic kind of close? I can live with that. Maybe that’s why Celestia just decided to do it herself. Much safer if they’re guiding her into it rather than let her spontaneously transform in the middle of, say, a trip to the store? See “Not My Destiny” for more reasons why Celestia decided to just get it over with. I will. Just not tonight, it’s getting fairly late and I do have school tomorrow. I should probably leave soon. *looks at time* Yeah, me too. I was mentioning that fic mainly for the purposes of a blog, since it is the quintessential “Twilicorn kills everything” fic. Twily? A mass murderer? *heart attack*. Picture Super Saiyan!Twilicorn with serious Alicorn!angst, and being more powerful than Celestia. I don’t know if my heart can handle so much strain. For a remedy, picture the CMC milkshake gif. Or baby Applejack. So. MUCH. DIABEETUS!!! I remember when I first showed that to my sister. She almost fainted.
Whell, time to copypasta these ramblings into the first “behind the scenes” blogs.
This has been Bronze Statue, and lordvad3r95, See ya in the next post!

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This is... my life... but I do it live, in music collabs.

1158034Beautiful. there is a sequel to this, actually several. And all in the process of getting one chapter out.

1177166 Actually, writing for this thing was basically just like that.:rainbowwild:

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