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I made a group for oc writters called I'm proud ti be an equestrian So, If you see this and you are an oc writer or you know an oc writer. Please join or recommend this group.

If there is any way I could be of assistance,Dante, name it.

47349 I thank you my friend for your kind words. Andromeda is already leading our country towards a brighter horizon, the likes of which i could have never foreseen. I may not be king anymore, but i still feel the need to protect the ponies of, what was once, my kingdom.

...My condolences,Dante, for your son. I hope Lord Andromedus Sparda the second will be a great ruler.

46596 The one who still lives. Andromeda. Lord Andromeda Sparda the second. My eldest child, Sirius, passed on a few nights ago and left the throne to his brother.

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