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I write POE's, and HIE's mostly. I hope you all enjoy my work.


Story · 9:50pm Oct 3rd, 2015

So sorry for the delays. I keep getting distracted by my novel which is almost at the 8th chapter. I'm not abandoning my fanfic, I just am having trouble still. Just letting you know.

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Are you Alive? are your Story alive?

Sorry about cutting out on Skype. It keeps crashing.

1336186 Sorry, I am revising the entire thing. The revised versions though will be put out as soon as they are done. The first revised one will be out by the end of the week most likely. Second chapter work has already started.

And, you can send me OC details, but can't guarantee when it will show up.

Glad you like it though :twilightsmile:

You're a mean person... :applecry:

I just finished your first story, and where it ends is horrible! Then I went to go read the sequel and saw that you're revising the first chapter. Does that mean I have to wait for you to revise most of them in able to read them? :fluttershysad:

Also, if you're still lookin' for OCs to use in the sequel, I have two that you could use. :twilightsmile:

But, besides that, I loved My Very Little Ponies! :pinkiehappy:

It's like the forums, except we don't have to worry about certain mods.

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