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Apology for the masses · 8:50am Jan 31st, 2015

So, hi again, everyone who is still here and who still cares. Have I got an update for you guys. Remember last time when I said that I lost my grandpa then soon after my great-grandma?

Let's add Great-aunt, OTHER grandfather, and childhood friend by suicide to that list. Five people in one year, gotta be a record for largest dump life has taken on me. But enough about my losses let's talk about my gains.

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It is incredibly well written, I gave that favorite on those grounds alone. The pacing is well done and the grammar is spot on (I'm a Nazi for that). The thumbs up came from me wanting to know more. What is golden arrow really, what's gonna happen next, I wanna see more cute bonding scenes between him and the main 7. You, my friend, have stoked my writing fire.

Hey, thanks for the fave on MLP EG Forever!

Thanks for following Fallout Equestria: Equalizer!

Brony on!

dat pic tho...

hey man, yeah sorry bout this long and stupid wait, i had some losses in my family (2 to be exact) and i got college and work and my mother is moving so i'm helping her... ARGH just been so much going on. and the chapter only has around 2,000 words in it so im trying to make it bigger as an apology for making you all wait so long. plus my writing style has been making things move along VERY fast and i dont want that so im trying to slow it down a little. it is hard though... if you have any suggestions i would be very open to them, TB helps me but its been a while since he and i have talked, which is a shame. so yeah if you got any ideas you want to brainstorm with let me know im sure i could make a few a reality~

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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