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Sequel to My Very Little Ponies

Edited by the awesome Tired Old Man, aka TOM . He is a great editor

*If you want your pony or gryphon OC in this story as a cameo (or possibly more than that) appearance, let me know via PM or comment :) . I already have some I am using, might use yours too! And the art is by Latiwings

After Micah being severely wounded by Chrysalis, the queen of the Changelings, he is brought to Equestria to heal his wounds. But being stuck there, away from home while there seems to be no way back to his family and lover, he has more than merely physical wounds.

On top of that, Sombra, a unicorn gone for many years, has returned and is swiftly moving through the north of Equestria, having already conquered the Crystal Empire during the absence of Princess Celestia and the Mane Six. As of this moment, he is moving his forces south, with the Equestrian military just holding the line against him.

With war happening, and the two princesses needing to lead the nation and defeat Sombra, along with the Mane Six needing to defend Equestria as well, Micah is on his own as he tries to find some way to return home. But one little nurse seems determined to help him through it all.

But as he tries to find a way home, learns how to fight so he can survive in this now violent land, and makes both friends and enemies, one must wonder what exactly might he sacrifice to return home?

*You do not have to read My Very Little Ponies to understand all that happens in this, but still, I recommend doing so. And to those that read it, know that this is going to be darker than My Very Little Ponies.*

*Also, this story is in first person but it switches between different character's perspectives, so you know.*

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Ahhhh yay part 2 of your story Micah... This is going into my favs, even before I read it.
Keep posting and I will keep reading...

And about an OC in a story.. i'd offer mine if you like.
Kindly IM me for details if you wish...

your friend...

ps. First... hehehehe :rainbowwild:

please message me for my oc details.

You said gryphons and ponies, but you didn't say diamond dogs. Hmph, racist. Message me for details.

4680749 details on my oc, sorry. You don't have to if ya dont wanna though.

I would like to see my OC in this story, preferably one or some of the misfits, as of now the current members are:

Cyber System, the techno unicorn with mechanical human arms

Dusty, the digging pegasus with a fear of heights

Fang, the carnivore

And finally Mixy, the pony-changeling hybrid.

Take your pick if you want, more info about them in my story starring the Misfits.

Love things so far :pinkiehappy:

Yay first of the rewrites... Well done Micah-san... :raritywink:

Hmm that redo is good. Some more detail made it a better read. Liking it so far. I think I asked if my OC could appear back when you offered the first time, but if you don't mind I'll throw it out there once more. If you have the time would you be willing to put my OC in your story? I will give you some info on him here and more details on him later if you desire.

name: Axel
gender: male
race: earth pony
coat color: medium dark red
mane and tail color: faded white
cutie mark: wagon
special talent: building and fixing wagons

Good good.
Less-angry-Micah is always good

Yaay Ponies with common sense, just goes to show that the navy isn't as bad as people say, well at least the pony version

I wonder what your plans could be for Dashie...

Is it bad that I liked the original to Return Home more? Because Micah is too mellowed out in the original he was rightfully mad at the Mane 6 and the 2 Sisters

5059237 To me, he was too upset. Irrationally upset. He will show his anger later. When I looked back at it, it was too big of a jump from the more rational, more polite and understanding Micah in MVLP.

You deleted the old chapters, have a fav and a like.

PS. Out of curiosity. What would've happened if Micah had never helped at all?

5059828 Never helped the ponies back on earth? Not sure.

I think I found something you may want to edit,

Unless something major happens he’s not likely to trust me enough to tell me that. What could that monster have done to him? I saw the wounds she gave her.

Shouldn't that be "him"?

5060551 Ah, thanks for that. I will edit :twilightsmile:


Why do you keep updating? I now have to wait even longer for him meet Celestia like he did before updates.

(Not complaining, the update is better)

5101362 I'd hope you like them. If you didn't you'd be upset each time I update it and Celestia's not in it.

Ah yes another update! Oh yeah awkward situation between Micah and Redheart...good thing Redheart is very profesional at what she does...

5103071 Indeed. Otherwise, she might have said something very inappropriate.

Also, what are your guesses from my recent blog entry?

5103155 My guess would probably be way off, here is a shot in the dark. The part of the green fire was absolutely epic. I can totally see Chrysalis using that as a weapon.

5103194 Very interesting guess, at the least.

5103995 And like I asked others, from the blog I did earlier, what do you think is likely to happen in this story?

5104262 ... I was more meaning the stuff that is hinted at in the vid I put in the blog :twilightsheepish:

5104361 War, blood, ruins, glazed-over eyes.
In short, everything that isn't MLP in MLP :twilightsmile:

5104804 Heh, well, thanks for your input.

Alright, finally managed to find the time to catch up! This went by surprisingly fast.
What can I say, while I had no real qualms with the original version that I can remember, I like this one more. You got rid of several characters being too angry (Micah himself and TT's dad), which is nice. And that ship captain isn't annoying anymore either. Although I suppose it all can change in the future, Micah might get angry when he gets to talk to Celestia, and the captain might get annoying again when Luna arrives? I don't remember exactly what triggered his slightly irritating stubbornness last time, something about his ship not being in condition to go into battle or something.
Aaaaanyway, this is cool and I'm eagerly waiting for more again, just like the old times.

Shouldn't Blueblood have been made aware of the purpose of the "defend only" orders? It's not really fair to say "Ooh I had this grand plan and you ruined it" when you don't share the plan with people vital to it's success.

5162428 The way I was thinking it, and should have put in, was that there was a communications blackout for a time. Don't know how I forgot that.

Sometimes in a war communications aren't possible.

5162473 Dunno, it feels like if he was able to receive that order, it shouldn't have been an issue. Really, the order should've said "Defend yourself only and don't scare the enemy from advancing past you because we have a trap for them". That simple. Luna seems a bit of a fool to not have done that.

5162509 There's also another reason for why she didn't say.... But I can't say.

5162526 Ooh! Well, we'll see then I suppose. Either way, it's true that Bluey didn't obey an order and he theoretically should've with or without knowing the underlying purposes (there is such a thing as a need to know basis after all), but I think in a dynamic situation like this when you can't control everything at once you should let your leutenants in on more details because they might have to make snap desicions. And if you don't trust their judgement, why put them in charge of important things.
But yeah, we'll see what you got for this :rainbowwild:

5162550 It's alright. You brought up valid points. But later we'll see if my reason was decent.


Who else skipped the entire venture POV?

5163918 Well, if you did, you're going to miss some important plot stuff later.




5164396 Wanted to let you know. I'm laying stuff for the very end as early as this chapter.



But why is the Venture one so booorinnngg?!?

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