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Have you ever wanted to present yourself to the masses and be asked any question by anybody and answer them all truthfully, or stupidly if that's your way of doing things?

Then this is the group for you.

You may:
Post an AMA (Ask Me Anything, for the uninformed)
Or, make the thread a question and have others answer it.

Alright, so, quick clarification, seeing as this group is somehow still active.

If someone has a particular request regarding the nature of the questions you ask them.
Honour that request. Be nice to them. If they're the sort of person who gets uncomfortable about sexual-type questions, and ask to keep them out, just leave them out. If they want sensible, non-loltehrandumbz questions, be sensible, if they don't want you prying into their personal life, be polite. In short, be nice to them. It's really simple. They're the ones that have to answer the questions, and not everyone is a super open, thick-skinned follower of IDGAF
I didn't think I'd need to explain something as simple as the concept of "Don't Be A Dick" but apparently I have to.
kthxbai. Gonna start monitoring this group now, seeing as it's still somehow not dead yet. So play nice, people. Mmkay?

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I have always thought of Celestia as the more powerful, but she may not be as talented at complicated spellcraft. Don't know who would win, but that's my input.

who is stronger Celestia or twilight?
So this has been a question I have been wondering for a while now and that is who would be stronger in a fight and the loser be banished to the moon for ever. Although Celestia is claimed to be the most greatest alicorn ever (leaving unicorns out for those Trixie wannabes) but it's is her destiny cutie mark that lets her move the sun.

As for Twilight Sparkle, well where to start. I guess with the positives. Twilight is gifted with magic, has the element of magic, and has the unbelievable power of friendship. Now, don't get me wrong but those are some good things and every good thing shall be cancelled with her negatives, this is a one on one battle, so no friends to back her up, making the elements of harmony useless in the battle. her gift of magic happened when she lost control of her magic, and since that ultimate, weird, I dunno what to call it, thing is uncontrollable and unpredictable it can not be used as it called hurt the spectators (this also means Celestia cant own her with the sun). Twilight is at times gullible and goes completely insane at the small things and is obsessed with getting tings done on time. She made a check list with a check that said make check list for Celestia's sake.

Uhh anyway Celestia has shown some positives as well such as the ability to troll be feared and have friends. yay negatives, uhhh can't do the usual call guards princess act, hmmm can't use the sun to obliterate twilight, and cant control twilight as her teacher.

I'm starting to run out of points right now but if I (or anyone else) come up with points, I will be sure to add them.

Rules of battle:
1. can't hurt spectators
2. you are allowed to trick your opponent
3. no sleep or paralysing spells (that's just plain unfair)

Let the battle begin

heyyy!! so I have a question about fimfiction. i tried to make another account but it said my email was bad or something!! whats that about??

Why did you join my group? My oc fanfictions group?

335507 Frick. Did not expect that sort of reaction, but thanks :) . Mustache for you :moustache:

Dude, this is beautiful! Keep doing whatever your doing because you've got it down!

335503 Well I already put up the first chapter but the gist of it is a pony on earth story involving the Mane Six. However the main difference is that they are all toy size.

Yo, I have a thing for understanding what the masses like in a story, how to go about it, and what to avoid when doing it. So if that idea is still running around, I'll see what I think of it.

I think I have finally found my home... :yay:

334826 Why not? I likey explosions.

Hello. I have an idea for a fanfic I want to run by others for an honest opinion. I am only starting to think about it so it is not extremely fleshed out yet. Again, I don't want a simple 'OMG yes write it it will be awesome' I want an honest opinion about this idea.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read that even if you don't respond.

One question and one Question only...


334810 Right.... You win a rock.

334808 I don't know? A pony?

334805 I know you are but what am I?


334804 Smart man.

Greetings, let me start with a question to all:
hbwcy jHkaq?

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