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Do you want a fan club? All right then! This is everyone's fan club! If you want a fan club, PM me, superpony55. I will give you a folder to do what you want with, and make you a contributor! You will also have a thread to see if people will join your fan club. Then, if you have at least 10 people say they would join, we will create and sticky a thread that's YOUR very own fan club! 20 people, and I'll make you an admin! Maybe you just came here because your a fan of someone? Have fun!

Well, either way, have fun.

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Geez, I forgot about this group.

hi Peoples join Peoples group !:pinkiehappy:

Join my Legion, and you'll have great power beyond relief. Anyone is needed :pinkiesmile:

Join me so I can have 10.



jon my fanclb bich

Protect Equestria! Go HERE!!!!

You are needed!

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