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looking for voice actor(s) for Vinyl Scratch and Octavia · 7:05am Sep 8th, 2014

I have an amazing friend who is looking for voice actor(s) of Vinyl Scratch (Dj pon3) and Octavia so if any of you can do either, or both, of those voices or know someone who can, please send a message to UniqueSKD and specify the voice you, or other person, can do.

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basic rules

1. don't P.M me unless I know you on a very basic level or else strictly business
2. no spamming or you go on my hate list (empty at the moment don't want to be the first :)
3. you see any banana's on this page kill, with no mercy (sorry captain banana)


[X] reach 5 followers
[ ] reach 10 followers
[ ] reach 25 followers
[ ] reach 50 followers
[ ] reach 100 followers
[ ] make 100 followers celebration video for no reason
[ ] Finnish first story
[X] make my oc or have someone make her
[ ] achieve a legit wtf in my comments
[X] become bored



yep I wrote these

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wait, you're friends with uniqueSKD? (also don't worry, i rarely come by here too)

1329647 meh it means more "friends". Besides its not like I'm telling my emails or passwords an stuff

1328809 well my steam connection is 0.2 mbs soooo i guess thats not good then. and i'll add you on xbox live in a few days as i probably wont be on at least tomorrow, which will be busy. it also just occurred to me that these are the kinds of things people usually send over personal messages....:derpytongue2:

1327386 at least your internet isn't Equatorial Guinea level (0.6Mbps download, 0.4Mbps upload and no mobile internet. moment of silence for them :ajsleepy:) but hey you can always stick with the 360 for a while since they're apparently making games on it for the next 2 to 3 years, I still got mine and use I use it more than the Xbox one so its still pretty good. if you got Xbox live I'll happily add ya if you want. On a different note, I just realized I'm not using my updated OC (there is no shading on this one) and I'll probably fix that up later tonight.:derpytongue2:

Edit: my gamer tag is kengrol if you're interested

1327338 i have crappy internet (north korea level of crappy internet...apparently) and seeing as i'm an xbox fanboy...i'll just end up getting it anyway...eventually. i thought it was hilarious how sony announced at e3 this year which microsoft announced last year which gained a lot of hate, such as the whole tv thing. and the reason why halo was just another halo game rather thatn A FREAKIN HALO GAME BOOYAA was because it was made for this generation not the last generation of gamers (as in the little kids who rage in call of duty :twilightangry2:) a feature they should take out is sprinting. i understand how it makes you like 30% faster is good but halo never used to have it and it kind of set the game at a nice medium pace. and halo 2 is my favorite so i'm super excited :pinkiehappy:(still wish they would finish the 3 cut levels though) this is probably also one of my largest comments so i must end it with a stache as well :moustache:

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