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You mean I can write anything here and it'll be my short bio?

<insert Shrek joke here>

What people have said.

"'All hail lord waffle."
-Kitty Pony

"Your awesomeness ranking is 0.56 inches long.
Have a nice waffleicious day! :3"
-Jake the Dog

"Lol, ur fat!"


"Thank you for the follow, ya beautiful stack of flapjacks:rainbow wild:"
-The Nightingale

"I am mildly upset by your ability to accumulate the same number of followers that I have by virtue of being a stack of waffles.
Oh, and also:

-Doom Trot

Fluffle Puff

"Yay, free advertisement on another's homepage!"

"for some reason I am very happy about your comment and I am unsure how to express my...appreciation? im gunna go eat something."

"Sweet Celestia's beard, A WAFFLE THAT CAN STALK PEOPLE!:pinkie gasp:"


"I'm so confused."

"I had heard legends... But never had I thought...
I am blessed by your Waffles.
I am not worthy.
Thank you!"
-Eve of the Wolves

"... Thank... you I guess?"
-DeWitt -Enterprises


Wow · 12:54am May 10th, 2015

Long time, huh?

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