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Who are you people!?? · 7:06pm Feb 1st, 2015

Whattup, guys? No earthly clue on my end as to where you're coming from, but I gotta thank you for making me feel all special n' shiz. Thanks for stalking me!...

Wow, never thought I'd ever say something like that. Anyway, there's a PS4 in the lounge, a box of pizza on the counter, and a giant ass spider in the basement. You're free to roam at your own risk.

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Who is this focken fagget? Brb gonna drink bleach.

2124819 It's like an adorable ball of happiness.

2041872 I'm on the greatest drug of all: Life. Philosophy is a close second in terms of favor for me, though.

2041857 Keep thinkin' forward fams, ya got a head on you. Try to keep it, don't do drugs, but if you do make sure it's some good shit. Don't waste ya life on some shit that's been stepped on alright.

2041540 The politically correct answer would be that I am horrified and offer my greatest condolences to the families of the victims of the bombings. The politically incorrect answer would be that something big was bound to happen when anti-Western terrorist groups such as ISIS are involved, and I find myself lacking any form of surprise whatsoever due to the inevitability of such an attack.

All I can say is it's a much more complicated matter than "bomb ISIS and send them back to the Stone Age". These people are brought up believing in some bloodthirsty god that is most certainly not the true Allah, and are brainwashed by their bitter ancestors and peers into thinking the West and all that it stands for is evil and an affront to that god.

You can kill a person, but you can't kill an idea, especially one as widespread as this, with conventional weapons. We can't stop terrorist attacks or warped ways of thinking by shooting back at what we identify as terrorists and religious extremists, but only by educating them (as imperialistic as that sounds) in an attempt to weaken those false and extreme ways of thinking. It would take a large amount of time to do so, however, decades most likely, and the moment there is a setback or incident that is caused by those very same extremists we are trying to put a stop to, people will want to take the easy way out: bombing everything. Still, that's how things work. Conflict takes years to rise and an even longer amount of time to resolve.

Ya know, I'm curious... What do ya think about what happened in France Yesterday?

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