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Current Writer Self-Challenge: Write a human in equestria story I can be proud of. Stigma be damned!

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I should be writing, guys · 4:36am Jun 13th, 2017

I'm just watching clips from Star Trek movies. I should be WRITING, but General Chang has such a magnetic personality.

I'M MOTIVATED, I SWEAR! *Searches optimal Antiproton build for my new Vorgon Carrier*

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Any status update?

2437732 HAHAHAHA no. Literary agents don't judge. They just give you an automated response saying no, and you'll be getting that a lot. Trust me. I've sent my book to around 50 agents and got refusals every time despite my book having found great success on a website I tested it on(And by that I mean it got around 1.8k reads and was second place in both the sci-fi and fantasy categories for three weeks straight).

2437701 I have heard such things... I am a long way off from that, but still kinda nervous. It's gonna get ripped apart, I trust


I saw that you had cancer, and beat it. This is good. If the disease does not serve, then it must be destroyed. I also saw that you're writing novels, just like me! If you try to get them accepted by an agent, be ready for hell.

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