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Providing free helicopter rides demonstrates commitment bringing peace to man, one communist at a time.

Would You Like To Know More?

All Socialists Welcome for Free Helicopter Rides!

Give me your internet shekels, goy

All Leftists Shot on Sight!


"I am not your pet. My intense hatred of you is not enough to make me forget that you are little more than a particularly sadistic troll. If you hope to get any further rise out of me, you are mistaken."-Captain Hammer (I got further rise out of him)

"But whatever. This group is pure poison, you are all terrible people, and I hope you all die in utterly indescribable agony."-Captain Hammer

"You're just a bigot."-Squirrel Girl

"Go away! Begone! Thou person of hateful rhetoric. how darest thou to pass judgement on others, I say! Begone!"-Passions Cheshire Star

">Two-thousand and sixteen years after the death of the Lord
>Being this savage"-Crisp (topkek, fam)

"We all seriously doubt you HAVE any faith in humanity, and I am no exception. "-Jesse Coffey (Glad to see you speak for everyone on the site, Coffey)

"Evil and bigoted best describes folks like you."-Jesse Coffey (again)

"The disgusting amount of cruelty to other users (some of whom are among my followers) is bad enough. The lack of remorse, let alone regret, for this (especially the awful habit shown on your user page of laughing at the other users' misery over the various comments you have made) calls for a permanent ban of epic proportions."-Jesse Coffey (Do you know what the definition of insanity is?)

"People might have a tad more sympathy if you didn't speak as if you were the reincarnation of Shakespear himself, dude you are not and I am not just saying that because I happen to hate you."-Earthbendingprodigy (I AM THE REINCARNATION OF SHAKESPEARE, PEON, AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT)


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That doesn’t sound like friendship to me

>_> something happened here.

V for victoria

We need to do what all great people do when the want something. Whine in a high-pitched voice.

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